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Where the king and queen still rein over but now they have their daughter and her boyfriend. The castle is elegant and every year it is the first with its lanterns in the air

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Natalie Maximus was watching the younger soldiers train under the command of their superiors. After Rapunzel had been reunited with her parents, Max had been in charge of the army in the Corona kingdom and so far he enjoyed this life.

Unfortunately, he was getting really bored with this repetitive life. He would sometimes play with Pascal and get into trouble for it. That was fun once in a while but they couldn't do it every day.

Max was craving companionship. No romance. Just a simple friend who wouldn't mind being around him at all. He sat down and sulked as he decided on what to do with his dilemma.

Maybe he'd go on a journey. Yeah, what he probably needs is to go to a different location and find a new friend. That would be best. Maybe he'd take a vacation and take Pascal with him. That is, if Pascal wanted to come with him.

He nodded to himself as he watched the trainee soldiers head to their quarters for their break. He happily trotted over towards the palace, hoping to find Pascal and Rapunzel who might allow him this journey.

MOVED - CHECK BIO (izzylightfleur) ((Heyo! Rapunzel is currently in Corona's forest. :) ))

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Natalie (Sweet. Do you know if someone has Pascal?)

MOVED - CHECK BIO (izzylightfleur) ((Not currently, I don't think. He has yet to be claimed.))

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Natalie (Ok, that's cool. I'll go to the Corona forest thread.)

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