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Chloe (thebluediamond) | 175 comments Mod
The royal castle with the gates now open ruled over by queen Elsa and her sister

message 2: by Arwen (new)

Arwen Anna wandered around, playing on the stair and walking around the huge empty rooms

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XXK Jack Frost sat perched behind one of the glass windows, watching the girl play by herself. Frost slowly gathered on the window as he leant forward a tad, somewhat curious.

message 4: by Arwen (new)

Arwen Anna glanced back, a boy was watching her his frost white hair, which reminded her of her sisters caught the light

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XXK Jack grinned at the girl waving slightly. He tapped the window with his staff, causing even more frost and gestured to the clasp locking it shut with his other hand.

message 6: by Arwen (new)

Arwen Anna ran to the window, and raised her eyebrow at the boy, "why?"

message 7: by XXK (new)

XXK He ran his finger over the window, frosting over certain places. The words "Why not?" appeared on the screen and Jack gestured at the lock again.

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Arwen She grinned at breathed on the glass, causing a cloudy patch to which to wrote "how do I now that you aren't dangerous, or freeze everyone again"

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XXK Jack Frost drew back, almost looking hurt, though there was a distance glimpse of amusement in his crystal eyes.

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Arwen Anna laughed, she breathed on the glass again "you get to meet Elsa soon" she clapped her hands together "you'll love her a promise"

She unlocked the window "so your a frosty?!"

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Elsa shifted slightly and opened the door to her sisters room." Anna?" She asked pushing the door open and catching Anna's eyes but then she saw a glimpse of grey an her eyes widened in shock as she looked at the man near her

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Chloe (thebluediamond) | 175 comments Mod
(Brb tea)

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Arwen "ELSA!!!" Anna ran up to her sister "this is…." she trailed off "astrangeboywhowasknockingonthewindowwhichionlymet10minutesago" she said in a rush

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XXK Jack stepped inside, towering over Anna. "A frosty? Hmmmm... Why yes, I guess that's appropriate." He ran his hand through his hair, brushing off a bit of snow that had landed their.

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XXK (Wait, forget what I just wrote, then)

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Arwen Anna sniggered before reaching up and snagging his staff "how does this thing work?"

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XXK Jack grinned, looking somewhat guilty, waving and rubbing his head with the other hand. "Ah... my bad. T'was a tad bored."

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XXK Jack wrapped his fingers around his staff and lifted out of her hands. "Whoa, there." He bonked her lightly on the head with it. "Careful with that. Do you know how hard it is to find one that matches my suit?'

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Arwen Anna sniffed, she grabbed it again and banged at agaist the floor accidentally freezing the statue next to her so that the head fell off "oops" she quickly handed it back

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(Guy next time please take it by turn if someone is missing wait for them)

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Chloe (thebluediamond) | 175 comments Mod
"Anna really?" She asked sighing and defrosting the statue with a flick of her hand. She looked back to the two and looked at the boy," now who are you?" She asked intrigued with his eyes that were as blue as her own

message 22: by Arwen (new)

Arwen (Sorry)

Anna looked at the boy smiling she nodded her head, for him to speak

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XXK Jack tsked, bending down to pickup his staff. "Frost," he said standing tall above them both again. "Jack Frost. And you, I presume, must be Queen Else and Princess Anna. 'Tis a pleasure."

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XXK (Sorry!)

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Elsa gave a small bow and smiled at him," Jack Frost. I used to read stories to Anna about such a man" she told him wondering if he was the same.

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Arwen (sorry i have to go to bed now, its like 11pm and school tomorrow. so ill see you when i reply)

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XXK "I saw," Jack Frost said, with a slight twinkle in his eye. "Yes, that is I, the one and only." He said doing a slight dance and bow, jokingly.

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She stopped and looked back to him after glancing at Anna," you saw?" She asked a little confused

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XXK Jack winked at them both. "Such chivalry matters." He leant on his staff a little. "So Elsa," he appeared beside her and leant towards her. "Wanna have some fun?" He whispered into her ear, his breath cool.

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She jumped slightly and turned her head to look at him as she shivered from his breath on her ear. "What kind of fun?" She asked him watching him with a smile

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XXK He leapt onto the window again, perched there and held his hand out towards her. "Why don't you come over here and find out?.

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She looked at him with a childish gleam in her eyes. She turned to Anna," krisoff was looking for you. I'll be back" she told her before walking over to him and slowly took his hand,

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XXK He turned back once more, winking at Anna. "Nice meeting you, don't worry, I'll return her safe." And with he leap out the window sending him and Elsa plummeting towards the snow. He whooped as they skyrocketed downwards and just at the last moment he veered them both upwards, sending them flying towards the mountains.

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Elsa eyes went wide as she was prepared to use her magic if something went wrong. She gripped onto him her eyes wide as she held his arm tight. When he moved back up," jack" she yelled at him out of breath as they went over the mountains.
(Move to where his taking her)

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Arwen Anna reached out a hand before contracting it, "but Kristoff is so busy this time of year, you get all the fun"

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Arwen Guys?" Anna said

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Arwen (ELSA….JACK??!!!!)

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(What's up sorry was shopping)

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Arwen (haha me 2!! i was looking for a prezzie for brother. he is turning 14)

(are we role playing together still?)

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(( as soon as watermeloonie gets back))

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Arwen (ok :D ))

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XXK ((I'm back. So sorry! TT_TT))

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Elsa rolled her eyes at him as the castle came back into view and they slipped back into the room. Her feet touched the window sill and she let go of him with a smile on her face.

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XXK He crouched there, shaking the frost out of his hair. "So, princess, this wasn't half bad. And, according to our agreed prize, I will see you at 7, tomorrow?"

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She laughed a little bit thinking how cute he looked right there. Walking over to get the last of the snow out of his hair." As promised " she told him wondering what they would do

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XXK He grabbed her hand, lingering by his hair and slowly kissed it. With a final wink he let go and fell back, disappearing into the cold air leaving only lingering frost on the window.

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She sucked in a breath and ran to the window when he fell out." Jack?" She yelled scared that he had fallen, but then she saw him in the wind. Her face blushed lightly as she watched him."wow" she said softly
(Where do we go from here I'm pretty sure arwen has been waiting for us)

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XXK ((Should we wait for Arwen?))

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(I don't know )

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Chloe (thebluediamond) | 175 comments Mod
(What shall we do?)

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