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Chloe (thebluediamond) | 175 comments Mod
This is where the Man in the moon first choose jack. It is always his place of home. Loacted right near the town and always iced over

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XXK Jack and Elsa both landed in the middle of the frozen lake and he immediately swept off, disappearing and leaving her. After a few seconds, he sent a snowball flying towards her.

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Chloe (thebluediamond) | 175 comments Mod
"Jack?" She called out to him standing on the lake looking around. The snowball took her off guard as she fell straight to the ground. She sat up and rubbed her head before looking around for him

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XXK "Come on, Elsa!" Jack whispered, seemingly next to her before sending another snowball towards her.

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Chloe (thebluediamond) | 175 comments Mod
She missed that one dodging past it before creating her own and sent it straight towards him but from the back hitting him in the back of the head.

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XXK "Whoa!" Jack laughed, rubbing the back of his head. "You sure do hit hard, princess." (I know Elsa's a queen, but could he call her that? Possibly? Meh.)
Suddenly another snowball hit her back. "But not hard enough!" He teased. He sent another one towards her.

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(Yer sure)

Elsa laughed at him smiling feeling happy for the first time in a while." You better watch out I'll get you for that" she told him sending another one back towards him followed by many more.

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XXK " Au contrare, princess." Jack sang sending another two her way. "At this rate, we won't be getting anywhere."

message 9: by Chloe (new)

Chloe (thebluediamond) | 175 comments Mod
She dodged them and sent a blizzard towards then turning there axe white of snow as she snuck up behind him and put one straight in his head laughing

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XXK He was sent back by the force of it. He laughed too sending a small snow bolt towards her, not too hard to to hurt. "That's more like it!"

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"Why don't you come and get me then?" She yelled picking up the edges of her dress and bolted from him laughing trying to run from the snow

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XXK "With pleasure, princess," he grinned sprinting towards her, snow spraying behind him. "Just try and outrun me!"

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She looked over at him and sent ice at him as she sprinted faster trying to get away from him before he could get her. "Slow poke" she teased

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XXK He boosted ahead, using his wind power and ran ahead of her. "You were saying?" He teased, facing towards her but still keeping his speed up. He wagged his finger at her.

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"You can't cheat" she yelled out to him send ice at his feet to stop him dead before she came to a cliff. She used the same tick she did to make her steps again. She ran up them smiling at him

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XXK Jack smugly floated along beside her, like that of a snowflake. "Who said anything about cheating?" He asked almost innocently. "I'm just using the natural powers I died with." His smile faded slightly before bouncing back up again.

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She stopped running and looked as he still was. The smile on her face was gone replaced with one of sorrow. She hadn't known he had died

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XXK Jack looked back at her. "Come one! What you stopping for? Do you really want me to beat you?" He grinned.

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She didn't love but did look to the ground," you died?" She asked him worried about him

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XXK He stopped, floating in the air. He paused at the look on her face and sighed. "It was a while back," he explained. "Me and my sister.... We were ice skating and the ice began cracking. My sister she was trapped, and well I managed to get her out but.... I didn't make it. Clumsy old me. Fell right to the bottom." Jack attempted a small smile and shrugged.

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She drew in a deep breath and ran over to him hugging him." Jack I'm so sorry" she said into his shoulder. She didn't like that he was trying to be strong when he should be sad

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XXK Jack stiffened, still unfamiliar to someone's touch but then relaxed finding surprising comfort in her touch. "Thanks," he said softly, closing his eyes briefly. "Anyway," he said stepping back but beaming and Elsa. "How about that race?"

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She sighed and looked back up at him. Before bolting ," come on" she yelled back laughing again but only part as happy before. She really didn't care about the race

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XXK "Who's the cheater now?" He yelled after her and jumped off her bridge trying to float faster towards her.

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"I didn't cheat I used my powers" she told him repeating what he had said to her before. She finally reached the mountain and stopped." I think I win" she told him

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XXK "Nup," he said sticking out his tongue, perched on a tree above. "I do. Na na na na. So what shall be my prize, I wonder?"

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She rolled her eyes and looked up at the tree holding him." What do you want?" She asked wondering why he won and not her. She liked him he was cheeky but nice.

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(You still here?)

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XXK ((Apologies. Was disrupted by sudden interruption of my mothers sudden and surprising arrival.)
Jack jumped down into the snow again, standing in front of Elsa. "You and me. Dinner. My choice of place. That's all."
(I'm really really sorry, but I have a four day camp now, so I can't roleplay during that time. Apologies! :()

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(sorry i went to sleep it was late. Aww good luck)

She chewed her lip and looked at him with a small smile, "thats it?" she asked weighing it out if it was safe. SHe nodded to him smiling, "WHy not it seams like fun" she told him

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XXK Jack winked, smiling. "Excellent. Now," he held out his hand again and gestured to the wind, "shall we go back now? I wouldn't want to worry your sister."

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(Hey your back early)

Elsa frowned not sure if she wanted to go back." Do we have to I was just starting to have some fun" she told him but taking his hand anyway just happy to be near him.

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(Ok maybe your not :( )

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Jack chuckled slightly as he lifted them both into the wind, towards the castle. "Frankly, as fun as this truly is I'd really rather not risk the wrath of your sister. I've seen what she can do."
(Move to castle?)

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(Mmm in a second and it's fine )

"Oh what have you seen my sister do exactly?" She asked she she held onto his arm again still a little bit scared of flying the way they were but she trusted him enough not to get her killed.

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XXK "Oh you know," he looked away slightly. "This and that."

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"Jack?" She asked confused on what he little sister could of done to make him scared of her wrath it just wasn't like Anna

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Chloe (thebluediamond) | 175 comments Mod
"Jack?" She asked confused on what he little sister could of done to make him scared of her wrath it just wasn't like Anna

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XXK Jack looked back and winked. "Don't worry. Nothing that bad but she..... She does have one hell of a fire."

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(I'll post back at the castle)

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