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"Sophia Finestone!" her mother yelled as she had been getting ready for the reapings her hair a complete friz so she let it hang down. She would normally care but not today. If anything she wanted to look horibly but her mother forbid it.

"We're all going to be late." her mother yelled once more.
"Here let me." her brother Matt stepped into Sophia's room not caring what state she was in and picked her up and carried her out the door.

"Matt!" she screamed."Put me down!" she pounded her fists on his back. It was muscular from all the years he had practiced fighting with her. Training if she ever had to defend herself.

"You brought this on yourself." he said carrying her to the reaping.
"I can walk! I'm fine." she stated as he set her down.
She almost wanted to laugh but not today. She had to get through today and she could laugh about it tomorrow.

She had got her finger pricked so she could stand near the back with the other girls. She watched Matt stand with the rest of the 18 year olds.

Sophia was ready for this to be over and done with...

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