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((This is where you will go to be apart of the hunger games. You have till Saturday to post here.))

ℱƪªɱҿ Ðཇʂརℛξ | 43 comments ((Rosie reporting for duty :D))

Val walked to the reapings with two peacekeeper escorting her there, the steal at the store was a bust. She had the ring but they the boy. She couldn't let him take the fall. She ran back in a told them she made him do it.

Val could only hope that she was picked in order for her to be free. She wanted to die there was nothing to live for in this hell hole...

ℱƪªɱҿ Ðཇʂརℛξ | 43 comments "I'm being escorted to the reaping what do you think. They can't trust a criminal to walk to a reaping." she said pointedly looking at the peacekeepers.
"I wanted to apologize for making you do that it was wrong of me. You should probably go back to your place." she said with eyes wide. She wanted to show that she really meant it.

ℱƪªɱҿ Ðཇʂརℛξ | 43 comments The hell! she screamed at him in her thoughts. You have no idea what you just did.
"He wants to help me that's why he's lying. I really did force him." she pleaded to the peacekeepers trying to save his mistake.
"We are not in charge to make decisions like that. We would have to ask out supervisor." one peacekeeper stated.
Val breathed a sigh of relief.

ℱƪªɱҿ Ðཇʂརℛξ | 43 comments ((You there?))

ℱƪªɱҿ Ðཇʂརℛξ | 43 comments "He obviously has a crush." she stated the obvious. She hoped it would help.
"You know what a crush does to people it makes them lie and do stupid things." she pleaded.
They didn't say anything

ℱƪªɱҿ Ðཇʂརℛξ | 43 comments "See." she raised her cuffed hands.
"We have a reaping to go to." she said walking to the the other girls.

ℱƪªɱҿ Ðཇʂརℛξ | 43 comments ((We don't have an escort do you wanna rp Him/Her.))

ℱƪªɱҿ Ðཇʂརℛξ | 43 comments Val watched the bowl, she prayed for it to be her. To see something other than this place.

ℱƪªɱҿ Ðཇʂརℛξ | 43 comments ((Valora Williford))

ℱƪªɱҿ Ðཇʂརℛξ | 43 comments Val smiled triumphantly, she started to walk towards the stage. Peacekeepers followed behind her.
When she got on stage she went to the mic and asked,"Can somebody get this cuffs of me know?" she asked.

ℱƪªɱҿ Ðཇʂརℛξ | 43 comments The smile that was on Vals face instantly dropped.
It could have been anyone, Anyone. But it had to be him. she crossed her arms and looked at him hatefully.

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ℱƪªɱҿ Ðཇʂརℛξ | 43 comments "Ya wipee." Val said sarcastically while looking at Peter.

ℱƪªɱҿ Ðཇʂརℛξ | 43 comments Val rolled her eyes and waited to say goodbye to her brother.

ℱƪªɱҿ Ðཇʂརℛξ | 43 comments ((Uh that can't actually happen remember they go to the separate rooms.)0

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