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((This is where you will go to be apart of the hunger games. You have till Saturday to post here.))

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Adrian walked to the Reaping, he had no family by his side. He had said goodbye to his mother and step-father before he left assuring his mother that he would be back. He didn't want to be on the stage and look her in the eyes

♥ bomb ♥ υиøffı¢αł яøłeρłαч мeитøя (fantastic-bomb) Glory. Power. Fame. It's a bundle of riches and fame from the games, a fight to the death with blood and weapons. It makes things fun when there's hand to hand combat. Blood shed from a nosebleed or a broken bone. It's a gift from genesis himself after millenniums of creation. Wait, what the hell am i saying? Ah, anyways, The games are just about everything i can think about when i'm in bed at night. Excitement about breaking people's necks with sickening crunches and shoving swords threw people's hearts, the blood sprinkling on my face! Death is something that amuses me and i can't imagine the joy it will give me! Yes, i sound like a lunatic, a crazy, someone who needs to be locked up in an asylum. but i don't give a damn! I've been described as one of violence, one described as the kin of Death himself.

I am a killer..

I am Jenika...

Jenika lays the pen on the desk's counter as she closes the leather journal. The black ink seeping and drying on the paper as she sighs.

Today was the day, the one she had been waiting for for the last eighteen years. She wanted to gut people! swim in a river of blood! Sounds sick, right? Well, that's most likely what someone would speculate about Jenika at first sight. Cruel, Evil, Crazy. But there are many details that the people close to her understand, which makes her more understanding in many violent ways.

most people categorize her as "mildly insane".

Jenika stands from the desk's low seat as she walks over to the bed and gets dressed, only to look in disgust at the stupid dress her mother had laid out. White dress, flats, and makeup, MAKEUP! the idea disgusted her in every way. But she didn't have any time to sabatash it, she turned and stormed out of the house, past her mother and father, and out the door. Then, after stepping foot onto the cobblestone streets. She headed to where the beginning of everything out be taking place, the courtyard in front of the town hall...

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