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Tretupaz had been sitting in the lounge for a while. Tretupaz loved to have parties but she also loved to read and relax. She had her hair up in a pony tail. In her book the suspenseful part started so her hair started to turn black.

She sat by the fire her feet prompted up. She was so focus on her book she didn't see the guy walk in.

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(You there?)

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((That's fine.))
"Hu?" she said tearing her eyes away from her book.
"Oh. You mean my hair," she ran her fingers through her hair." It's part of my power, my hair changes with mood." She suddenly felt very awkward. she got up and extended her hand.
"I'm Tretupaz but you can call me Topaz."

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"It's okay." she shrugged."It's a pain in the ass when i'm trying to hide my feelings." She sat her book down.

Topaz had been wearing her fuzzy pants and a black camisole.

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"Well you look very attractive." she teased. "I'm an Angel. At least I think I am." she frowned.

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"I can do things angels can't, bad things." she looked down she never really understood what she could do but she knew it wasn't normal.

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"Well, I can do normal Angel things like, dream walk which is cool not everyone can. Um, I can" She changed her voice to his."Well I could talk like you." she flipped back to her voice and giggled." I could read your soul. Those are the normal Angel things but..." she fumbled at her words in her head," I can do this." she snapped and broke a table." and I could also kill you." she whispered.

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"Ya." she frowned looking at the table. She hated what she could and what she was." I think the hair is part of that. I'm not supposed to have this." she pointed to her hair, It kept getting Darker and Darker.

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"Well black somewhat represents depression or hate or suspens. Red is anger. Blonde means happy or normal, and purple means feelings for loved ones. Mine never really turns purple." but does not mean it hadn't either.

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"Ha ya. You could say that." she smiled. Her hair slowly turning back to normal.
"I better go it's getting late."

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"Nice meeting you." she yelled as she went to her dorm and smiled.

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