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Feast for the Senses.

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Katie O'Brian-Robles “It was a blinding recognition of a universal connection.”
Two worlds collide in an explosion of primal sensuality and modern day intrigue as AR. Donenfeld-Vernoux invites her readers to sample and taste the heart-stopping beauty and spirituality of rugged Corsica.
Fall in love with Lenya and empathize with her heartache. Cheer her bravery and watch as she sets her course to survive a tragic and seemingly unfair circumstance bringing her to a trial of enlightenment and discovery.
This epic love story fills the heart and the soul with beauty, compassion, realization and understanding. The erotic love scenes are tenderly and brilliantly written as Ms. Donenfeld masterfully avoids lurid clichés and banalities leaving readers breathless and yearning for more.
Lenya and Aldo-impossible? You be the judge. Meet the colliding worlds head on. Enjoy the ‘Feast for the Senses,’ and try if you can, to savor rather than devour. Discover what Dia has in store for you.. for all her beings.

A.r. Donenfeld-vernoux "Cave Dreams" came about through my love of travel, exploration, food and wine. Sex isn't bad either. My goal in writing "Cave Dreams" was to explore a bi-cultural relationship. Not just bridging different ethnic groups, but having to bridge thousands of years of civilization as well. Food, drink and sex are human universals. And after all, what woman could resist a man who was brought up to believe god was a woman and the way to worship his god was to give pleasure to his woman. A.R.Donenfeld-Vernoux, author, "Cave Dreams"

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