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4th Period- Choice Reading- Anthony, Allyssa, Sade

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Mairah Teli Post:
A. Brief introduction to your choice reading book. Explain what your book is about, and the genre. Be detailed and specific, but do NOT give away any spoilers. Also include weather you like/dislike the book so far and explain why.

B. Discussion question that stems from your reading. Develop a question that your peers can grapple with even if they have not read the book. Think of themes and topics that are general enough for everyone to have an opinion and be able to respond.

C. Reply to your peer's discussion questions

message 2: by Sade (new)

Sade | 15 comments A. I just started reading a book called "Jerk" by Jonathan Friesen, and so far it's about a boy named Sam Carrier who has a disease called Tourette Syndrome which causes him to randomly twitch. He's been made fun of a lot at school because of his condition and home isn't much better.
B. if you were to have any type of disease, would you separate yourself from others or try to fit in with the crowd? Why or why not? Do you know anyone who is going through the same circumstances Sam is going through? How do they manage to cope with them? Explain.

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Allyssa | 17 comments I started reading grave mercy. It is about a 17 year old assassin in 1468. One day on one of her mission she runs into Duval. Now she sets out on another mission with him this time to spy for her country in hopes to save it.

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Allyssa | 17 comments I really like this book so far. There is a lot of sarcasm and cocky jokes, yet there is also intimate moments between friends and family.

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Allyssa | 17 comments One thing that occurs over and over is the lengths people will go to for their love, wether it is for the love of friends, Gods, love intrest, or family.

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Allyssa | 17 comments In response to Sade, I would most likely try to stand out and be my self, and yet then again I wouldn't want to just because it is in human nature to want to fit in.

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Sade | 15 comments For a text to text connection. In the book Romeo and Juliet, they both were so in love they would do anything and go anywhere just to be together

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Sade | 15 comments I also strongly agree with you Alyssa. I both would and wouldn't want be myself in society if I had a disorder like Sam. I know I would be afraid people would not accept me for who I am and possibly judge me. It would be very difficult for me to know that I am different from my peers in a negative manner.

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Anthony | 9 comments I've started to read the book The Maze Runner and it's about some kids that have their memory wiped and are put into a huge maze that changes everyday. The book is an amazing action and strategy book that I think is probably my favorite book so far. I just wanted to say how mad and frustrated i would be if i were in their situation and how stressed I would be. How would you guys cope?

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Sade | 15 comments - I just began reading a new book I bought called Burned Alive. It's a realistic fiction book as well as a true story. This book is about a young Iranian woman named Souad who lives in a small village. In her village she says people don't care about women and it's even a burden to give birth to females. Souad does not have any education whatsoever and is forced by her father to work on a farm. If she disrespects the family her dad punishes her by cutting her hair off and beating her with a whip or even threatening to kill her. She is treated worse than an animal at home and there is nothing she can do about it. So far I'm really enjoying this book. It has greatly caught my interest and I cannot stop reading it

-What if you all were taken.. away from your family and basically enslaved to do whatever you were told. Would you? Why or why not?

-If somebody were to place me in a maze that changed everyday I would most likely try to think things through logically and strategize so that I could make it through

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