The Breakers Series #1-3 (Breakers #1-3) The Breakers Series #1-3 question

Do you like the ping-pong structure of the narrative?
Quartknee Quartknee Feb 03, 2014 04:15PM
By the third book I found the back-and-forth narratives a bit too much. In the 4th book it's down right frustrating!

I realize it's an effective trope to install cliff-hangers big and small but sometimes I wish the two strands would braid a bit better, especially if they don't converge for awhile.

I hope Edward plays around with tertiary perspectives so we're still following the same storyline before jumping to the other narrative. Had he done this with Breakers (#1) we could have seen Walt from the eyes of his dying girlfriend... or maybe experienced some of the fall of LA from someone who went to the grocery store while Raymond was there.

I guess what I mean is to have a little more back and forth with the timeline and narrative with one set of characters before throwing things over to the other set.

What do you think?

Some plot strands are stronger than others. I liked some of the book but found some of it utterly unbelievable.

I stuck with it but I don't want to read the next book.

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