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4th Period- Choice Reading- Jozie, Brandon, Daniela, Gabi

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message 1: by Mairah (new)

Mairah Teli Post:
A. Brief introduction to your choice reading book. Explain what your book is about, and the genre. Be detailed and specific, but do NOT give away any spoilers. Also include weather you like/dislike the book so far and explain why.

B. Discussion question that stems from your reading. Develop a question that your peers can grapple with even if they have not read the book. Think of themes and topics that are general enough for everyone to have an opinion and be able to respond.

C. Reply to your peer's discussion questions

message 2: by Gabi (new)

Gabi | 8 comments I am reading All The Lovely Bad Ones . This book is about a two grandchildren that go and vist there grandparent in a old haunted house , thats is said the be no longer haunted . The kids plan on making the house haunted again by making up stories to trick the guest .

Do you think the ghost will come back and haunt the kids ? do you believe it is okay ? Would you make up lies ?

message 3: by Daniela (new)

Daniela I am reading Someone like you by sarah dessen. This book is about two best friends who lost someone close to their hearts, michael sherwood. Halley was friends with him, but scarlet felt more. Soon they found out that scarlet is carrying his baby, but i havent gotten to there yet. I will keep you guys updated.

message 4: by Mairah (new)

Mairah Teli Daniela, I've also read Someone Like You. It's a great book!

message 5: by Daniela (new)

Daniela Yea it really is! Im really interested in finding out what happens to scarlet. This book kind of reminds me of the movie endless love because scarlet and michael had such a beautiful love and it literally felt endless!

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