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4th Period- Choice Reading- Norma, Eric, Alex, Brody

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Mairah Teli Post:
A. Brief introduction to your choice reading book. Explain what your book is about, and the genre. Be detailed and specific, but do NOT give away any spoilers. Also include weather you like/dislike the book so far and explain why.

B. Discussion question that stems from your reading. Develop a question that your peers can grapple with even if they have not read the book. Think of themes and topics that are general enough for everyone to have an opinion and be able to respond.

C. Reply to your peer's discussion questions

message 2: by Brody (new)

Brody | 20 comments My book is about a football player from the university of Georgia and his progress from his college football days, to his days as a pro football player for the Cincinnati bengals.

message 3: by Mairah (new)

Mairah Teli Glad to hear you're reading about UGA players! Go dawgs! But where is your discussion question?

message 4: by Alex (new)

Alex | 21 comments Hey everyone! Sorry i'm a day late in posting, it won't happen again. The book i'm reading is called "A Series Of Unfortunate Events: The Hostile Hospital" (#8) it is about three orphans who's parents had mysteriously died in a fire- and now each of their family members they are being sent to live with are being killed off by a distant relative named Count Olaf. Olaf wants to kill off every last member of the Baudelaire family so he may inherit all the family's fortune for himself! This is a repeating thing in each of the stories in the series. I haven't gone that far into it yet, but if it's anything like the other books, i know i'll like it! As for my discussion question: how are you guys liking your books? Are there any text-to-text connections you guys can make from my book to yours?

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Norma | 47 comments my book is about a young boy who has an abusive mother. The boy gets separated from her because she went to prison for child abandon and is sent to live with his aunt. 4 years later his mother gets out of jail and returns to take him back to live with her and her boyfriend and her child

message 6: by Norma (new)

Norma | 47 comments Would you guys return to the hand of an abusive mother after all the bad things shes done to you?

message 7: by Alex (new)

Alex | 21 comments i'm not sure actually, a part of me would of course still love and care for her- but i think i'd be seriously scarred if i knew my mother didn't care about me enough to stay out of trouble. I'd probably be angry with her.

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Alex | 21 comments we really should post more on here guys

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Norma | 47 comments sorry guys I haven't posted in such a long time. So far in my book Darwin's favorite aunt who he used to live with died because she had a heart attack, so he is forced to live with his mother who has come back from jail and his step father. Well its not all that bad living with them because he has a little sister now, but there's a huge problem its not about his mother, but its his step father who abuses him his mother and sister. He trys to defend his little sister as much as possible. Soon Darwin finds out that his stepfather is sneaking into the girls room and touching her. His little sister is very afraid but she doesn't want Darwin to tell anybody because he said he would kill all of them he did. What would u guys do in a situation like that? Would u get help from someone or not for the safety of the family?

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Alex | 21 comments I personally feel people like that are cowardly, and i would not take his threats into serious consideration- i'd tell someone as soon as possible and i would probably lock my doors and windows before going to bed.. From what you have wrote it seems like the mother has also been abusive, and maybe she is scared of him so i don't think i would tell her. I'd probably tell someone else i can trust, or i'd at least encourage her to stick up for herself and tell someone.

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Norma | 47 comments I agree Alex he is a coward for doing g such horrible things to an innocent girl who has done nothing to him. all she wants is a loving father who is there for her.

message 12: by Alex (new)

Alex | 21 comments Hey everyone, the book i just finished is called witch and wizard. These two siblings, whit and wisteria allgood are running from the government, which is all controlled by one person called "The One" the one wants to completely control everyone and everything, he is one of the most powerful beings, but many people believe that whit and wisteria actually have the power to defeat him. The one kills their family and just about everyone they love and tries to take wisty to steal her power. In a section of the book, whit has to go to the underworld and bring his parents back from the dead- it is dangerous to leave wisty alone because the whole government is after her, but whit sets off. What would you guys do in a situation like that? If you had to choose between one family member do you think you'd be able to choose?

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