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4th Period- Choice Reading- Jeremiah, Keily, Kristen

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Mairah Teli Post:
A. Brief introduction to your choice reading book. Explain what your book is about, and the genre. Be detailed and specific, but do NOT give away any spoilers. Also include weather you like/dislike the book so far and explain why.

B. Discussion question that stems from your reading. Develop a question that your peers can grapple with even if they have not read the book. Think of themes and topics that are general enough for everyone to have an opinion and be able to respond.

C. Reply to your peer's discussion questions

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Kristen | 17 comments I recently just finished a book, The Fault In out stars. It was mainly about a girl, Hazel Grace, and she had cancer. Anyways, it goes throughout just talking about her life, her struggles, her love. I don't know how a lot of these strong fighters have cancer and just live normally with it. I feel like I couldn't do it.

Do you guys think you could ever live with cancer, just like your daily, regular lifestyle?

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