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3rd Period- Choice Reading- Spencer, Nicole, Cheryl, Geraldine

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Mairah Teli Post:
A. Brief introduction to your choice reading book. Explain what your book is about, and the genre. Be detailed and specific, but do NOT give away any spoilers. Also include weather you like/dislike the book so far and explain why.

B. Discussion question that stems from your reading. Develop a question that your peers can grapple with even if they have not read the book. Think of themes and topics that are general enough for everyone to have an opinion and be able to respond.

C. Reply to your peer's discussion questions

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Geraldine | 21 comments A. My choice reading book is "Another little piece" by Kate Karyus Quinn. it's a mysterious/ suspenseful book. This book is about a girl who has no memory of her life but memory of the past 5 days. She's from New York, but she was found in Oklahoma.. She was missing for a year & in that year, she has no idea about what happened and she doesn't really know who she is. Every so often throughout the book, there are chapters where she remembers some of her old memories, and she tries to put those memories together to figure out who she really is. The big thing about this book is that the girl is trapped in a body that's not hers...- I really liked this book because it kept me wanting to read more. Throughout the book you figure out things that might be confusing but at the end they end up making sense. The way the author mixed in the memories really got me hooked because they're memories that are really shocking and surprising. Also the plot twist was incredibly amazing. This book is a MUST READ.

B. If you were in that situation: not knowing what happened or who you are, and only scary/ dark memories would come back to you, how would you react to the situation? Would you go back to your parents/home and believe what they say , or would you want to go dig up information about who you REALLY are?

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Geraldine | 21 comments A. My choice reading book is "Divergent" by Veronica Roth. This book is an adventurous book- like the hunger games. this book is about a girl who is divergent (meaning she shows different characteristics of different factions). the girl choses a faction she believes fits her best, which is difficult to do because she has many characteristics. while being in this faction, she has to work her on not bringing attention to herself due to the fact if they find out shes divergent, itd just be an ugly mess. the girl is taking risks, and do find out what happens to her you must read! - so far im liking the book because the girl has become so strong and strong minded. its so interesting to read the challenges they have to go through just to be in that faction. it's so risky but yet so exciting. this book foreal keeps you on the edge of your seat. hopefully while I continue reading, ill find out about what happens to her since shes divergent.
B. how would you react if you found out you were divergent? if you were divergent, how would you choose your faction? would it be difficult or easy? and since it has to be kept a secret, would you ever tell anyone? if so why or why not. h

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Nicole | 12 comments A. The book I'm reading is the fault in our stars. So far , I am absolutely falling in love with this book. It's captured me since the begging . The book is about two main characters that are gradually beginning to fall in love . The main character hazel does not want to start anything with Gus but still has feelings for him. Gus is a cancer survivor while hazel is battling cancer since age 13.
B. In the book , hazel almost died . She had to go to the hospital and was out for a couple of days . She said that her parents said that it was okay for her to let go , however she just couldn't . If you were stuck in that situation where you know you are dying , would you rather be living in misery when you can't do anything or die ?

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Nicole | 12 comments A. The fault in our stars - I've already did a summary at the top. ^ I have just recently finished this book like two days ago. It is probably one of the best books you will ever read so , read it ! It will make you sob and cry harder than ever . It's a book about two teenagers with cancer who fall in love .
B. so while I was reading this , I came across I very crazy part that happened . (Spoiler alert) so Gus , had been keeping the fact that he had caned again away from hazel . He didn't want to tell her but then finally decided to. So , when I read this I thought to myself "would I tell the person I love I have cancer ?" Think of it . Would you honestly ?

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Geraldine | 21 comments @ Nicole. Your book sounds REALLY GOOD. I want to read it. Maybe after I finish my book I will. Lol but yea. To your 1st question : I think I'd rather die than live in misery. Like why suffer when I know I'm dying. Might as well get it over with. People might say there's a chance of living and faith is involved and blah blah but I think dying is the perfect option. To your 2nd question : I would tell the person I love I have cancer because it's the right thing to do. That way they can be there with you through it all. They have the right to know. It would suck to be defeated by that cancer and then dying; leaving that person you love alone- unprepared. Also by knowing, they'll be prepared for anything. But that's just me.

A. I'm currently reading Catch by Will Leitch. Since I barely started this book I know a few things. Graduation just came around and it's time for the main characters to think about the future. They're excited to pursue their dreams- dreams they've been waiting for. The main character Tim Temples is a player; he goes with a girl after another, and so on.. He never stops.

B.The thing is, is that if he's willing to change his ways and move on into his adult self? My question is: would you change your ways and a lot of things about yourself to get something you want such as dreams and goals or anything else?

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Nicole | 12 comments It's so good ! You should read it ! But yeah I agree with both things you said .

-if I were in the guys situation, I would absolutely change in order to move onto adulthood , especially since he's a player . Also tying into my life , I believe I would change some aspects of myself to make that slow move into that new phase of my life . I would need a lot if nurturing to do so however .

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Cheryl | 15 comments Nicole, I read The Fault in Our Stars a couple weeks ago ,and it is definitely on my top 25 books I've ever read. Answering your first question, I agree with Geral. I'd rather die in peace than live in suffering. To your second question, I don't think I'd tell my loved ones. I would want my last day to be like any of the other days I spent in my life. I couldn't bear for my last image to see my parents or loved ones in grief over me. I'd want us not to mourn, but to celebrate and with death hanging over head there isn't a lot to celebrate about.

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Cheryl | 15 comments My book is called, The Sweet Terrible Glorious Year I truly completely Lost it. I know it sounds weird, but I've never read a book that makes me rethink my take on judging people so much. The main character is a sweet, softspoken girl Named Gemma who vomits at the thought of speaking in public, but tries out for a play to get closer to her crush. She turns out to be a natural and befriends a boy named Raven Dehead after he mysteriously quotes Shakesperan plays to her. His family is notorious because his father blew up a statue, but there is more to them than it seems.

- Gemma was over at the DeHeads home eating dinner when Raven's father and drunken brother get into a huge fight over who's a moocher and a drunk and a bum. They actually got physical and the is blood everywhere. raven's father left and the rest of the family cleaned up and acted as if nothing had ever happened even going to laugh and play a board game. Do you think this reaction is normal? Do people who live in and situations become immune to them? What do y'all think?

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Geraldine | 21 comments Yea I agree with you Nicole & Cheryl! Good answers.but Cheryl your boom sounds really good. That's really weird how they reacted like that.. Like my reaction would be really different
-that reaction is not normal. What so everrr. But I do believe that people that have to live in an environment like that everyday are going to become immune to that lifestyle. I believe that because they soon learn how to behave in those situations. They adapt to them in a way tbh.

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Cheryl | 15 comments Good point. Sometimes your so used to bad things you don't even know what good looks like.

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Spencer | 16 comments My book isint so good it's about a guy that comes to a small town city and is a son of god, and the story is about how he bring hope to the people and how he helps the people there believe. It's a good story behind it but as I said it is very slow and not a lot of action. Not really my kind of book though

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Spencer | 16 comments @ Nicole Taylor read that book and she doesn't read much and she said it was the best book she has EVER read and she's really excited to see the movie when it comes out. She said it was a great mixture of sad and romantic at the same time I hope you enjoy it

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Geraldine | 21 comments A. I'm reading Crash by Lisa McMann. This book is about the narrator having visions about a crash. She keeps seeing these visions, she doesn't know what to do about it. She believes she's going insane because she literally sees the crash everywhere. The crazy thing is that the crash is about they guy she likes along with the customers in his restaurant. This book is mysterious and it just makes you want to keep reading. I like this book so far because it has kept me hooked, and it has made me want to keep reading to see what happens. Like will the vision actually occur?! Excited to find out.

B. So the narrator is having visions and she doesn't know what she should do about it... If you were in her position, how would you react? Would you tell the guy you like to warn him? Would you just forget about it, and move on with life? Etc.

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Nicole | 12 comments A. The book I am reading is called Invisibility . It's about a guy who was born invisible . He was cursed . His parents couldn't even see him, yet only feel him when he would concentrate in being felt . This girl moves to New York City and moves in right next to him in their apartment complex. She is the only person who is able to see him and he is surprised as to why. Throughout the book he tells her and figure out why.
B. @spencer - yes !! I'm so excited ! It comes out 8 days before my birthday , eee , so happy !!
@geraldine- I would tell him, but then I wouldn't . I would be in the middle . I would want to tell him to warn him and to be prepared but I wouldn't want to so they aren't worried you know ? It's a pretty difficult decision to make .

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Spencer | 16 comments The book I am reading is called runner, it's about a boy named chance who his parents got separated and his dad sold his house to buy a sail boat to live on with chance. So the story's about how his dad's a alcoholic and how he try's to get away from it and later on in chance gets a new job to help get money for his dad and the job is illegal. It's a great book and has a lot of plot twists.

@nicole. So is the boy in your book physically invisible or just figuratively

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