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3rd Period- Choice Reading- Jacob, Mimi, Josh H., Tin

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message 1: by Mairah (new)

Mairah Teli Post:
A. Brief introduction to your choice reading book. Explain what your book is about, and the genre. Be detailed and specific, but do NOT give away any spoilers. Also include weather you like/dislike the book so far and explain why.

B. Discussion question that stems from your reading. Develop a question that your peers can grapple with even if they have not read the book. Think of themes and topics that are general enough for everyone to have an opinion and be able to respond.

C. Reply to your peer's discussion questions

message 2: by Tin (new)

Tin | 18 comments Okay my book is called Everyday by David Levithan. So basically it's this person(spirit?), I think 'its' a male so we are going to stick with he. Anyways, he moves from body to body, not necessarily whenever he wants to or not, forcefully. Every Morning he wakes up in a new body, personality, look, even gender. His life is miserable because he can't develop feelings or a relationship with anyone. "Everyday a different body. Everyday a different life. Everyday in love with the same girl." Now imagine being in love with someone and knowing that you may never see them again! Horrible right?! Check out what happens!

Okay what I think of the book? Umm...well I am not like "Ahhh this is so amazing!" but then again I am not "I hate it! It's boring!". I am kind of on the neutral, it's a good book and everything but then I just started and in general, books get interesting in the middle.

Now he is not supposed to go around and mess with anyone's life but he goes out the way for his infatuation with someone, keep in mind he is in another body, complete stranger. He meets the girl again then what happens? He tells her the truth? He lost interest? He loses her?

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Jacob | 30 comments My book is called "Amped". It is about life in the future where you can get an implant in your head and it helps fix any problems with your mind. For example if you were in a accident and had brain damage, your amp would do the job of the damaged part. There are also amps that replaces damaged limbs that serve the same purpose. Well in the story the people who don't have amps feel like the amps are stealing the jobs so it is kind of like segregation of amps from normal people. They lose all their rights and aren't treated as people. People also start killing off amps.

This leads to my discussion question, in the story some amps kill themselves. Do you think it is ok to take your own life in their situation?

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Tin | 18 comments Take my own life? No I don't think that's okay. Well, I wouldn't get Amps at all, I mean like you are who you are. And it seems like they become part robots right? It sounds like it could make you function perfectly normal like a normal person. But like...isn't a person unique because of who they are, their talents, and everything about them is taken away by the Amp right? They practically become like everyone. The book sounds interesting I might read it when I finish reading my book or after I read Allegiant.

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Jacob | 30 comments I'm reading a new book called "Swagger" it is about a basketball player that is trying to get a college scholarship. His dad works for a sand and gravel company and he gets fired from his job. Jonas (the main character) is faced with a decision to either study harder to get a scholarship or to get a job to support his family. If you were in his position what would you do, and why would you do it?

message 6: by Tin (new)

Tin | 18 comments I would try and do both but knowing me I would not be able to do it. But if I could do it I would do it because I want to help my family but I also can't let them stop me from getting an education.

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Tin | 18 comments Okay I'm still reading Everyday and he still meets up with Rhiannon(the girl) and she now knows he secret. But he seemed to have made a mistake in this little love spell, He was in Nathan's body at the time and decided to go visit her like he has been doing since he met her but Nathan seemed to partially see what A(the "spirit", main character) was seeing that night. And he announced to the world that he was possessed and so to speak about everyone think he's crazy. A accidentally left his email open on Nathan's computer so Nathan kept trying to make him admit he is the devil. But throughout this book, I see that A is put in so many situations of life. Poor,rich, pretty, ugly, despised, loved, and etc. he doesn't show any signs of feeling guilty of the person tomorrow or at all. I mean seeing through so many eyes the way they have been seeing it the whole time, was there not one thought that he could change that? If yo could see the world through so many perspectives, what would you do? Change it? Leave it alone? Why?

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Joshua | 25 comments My book is called far from from gringo land by edward myers. Based of what i read its about a boy who goes to a mexican barrio to learn spanish and helpout family who are friends with his. The family is poor and right now they are trying to build a all brick home.

message 9: by Mairah (new)

Mairah Teli That sounds like a really interesting book! Don't forget your discussion question :)

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Jacob | 30 comments My book is called Swagger and it is about a high school athlete who is trying to get a baketball scholarship to go to college. His family had to move to a different state and he had to adjust to a new life. He became friends with a kid named Levi. A few months go by and Jonas then finds out that their coach has raped Levi. Levi told Jonas not to tell anyone. What would you do in Jonas' situation?

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Joshua | 25 comments My book is called cheaters ts about a guy who cheats with 3 different girls and how he does it

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Tin | 18 comments My book is called Blind Spot. The story told from a girl who is placed in a SPED class and meets a girl named Tricia. Roswell, Roz, is a smart student but she has dyslexia which is why she was in there. This is all a flashback when a song came on a reminded Roz of Tricia. She is retelling the story to us. Tricia went missing after a party six months back and no one could find her. Then a truck took a risk and drove on this particular road to shorten his route then crashed into the water. When his friends and workers were trying to get him out, Tricia's body floated then floated to the surface. Roz has the ability to piece together pictures/memories in his head but his mind is failing him now. How can he prove he was not guilty? He was one of the last people with her that night. What would you do?

message 13: by Tin (new)

Tin | 18 comments Jacob: It sounds like a interesting book...
I would report the coach to the police or principal because thats not helping anyone keeping it a secret. And Levi probably was scared and is scarred for life I mean I would probably be angry that my friend had gotten hurt.

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