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A Wizard of Earthsea (Earthsea Cycle, #1)
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Phil On The Hill (philonthehillexon) | 238 comments I read these books years ago and came away feeling a bit, well empty. I enjoyed them, but felt it was missing something. it was all quite shallow and lacking in story. A bit like Earthsea, the place, which felt very underpopulated. Guy Gavrial Kay's Fionovar books had the same feeling. Enjoyed them too, but the world felt unpopulated. Am I alone in this perception?

Louise (louiseh87) | 352 comments Re: the world. It may be because it's an island society. Even in the modern world, islands with agrarian societies are unpopulated (its the weather :P ). In my head, I have it as being a bit like the Outer Hebrides. But in comparison to the modern world, population density in any medieval society was fairly low, so that's probably the right impression to come away with world-wise.

The story is simple, plot-wise, like a folk story. But that's what it was aiming for, so, for me anyway, it works.

Nathan (tenebrous) | 377 comments The town that he learned wizardry in seemed to be fleshed out well population wise. Most of the rest of the book took place in rural areas or at sea, so, yeh those places would not have many people in them.

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