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message 1: by dave (new)

dave (thebat37) | 202 comments Mod
hi there, time for some fight action. this time its who would win in a fight, or win in a race, or just plain who would win. ill start it off and then hopefully you all will add some great possible matches. all right lets see here...

who would win, raidon the god of lightening from mortal kombat or a rabid pack of badgers covered in electricity absorbing rubber.

message 2: by dave (new)

dave (thebat37) | 202 comments Mod
tough one, due to the age difference i gotta go with voldemort, hes got the speed and the stamina to take on dumbledore.

who would win
batman or bruce lee

message 3: by Janet (new)

Janet (octoberbabye) Bruce Lee, he won in life.

message 4: by dave (new)

dave (thebat37) | 202 comments Mod
did he though? he had a pretty rough life, granted that rough life brought him his ass kicking talent, and it ended so soon and tragically. id say he could have won in life, but life beat him down. thankfully not until he made the best martial arts movies ever at least.

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