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message 1: by Katelin (new)

Katelin Surge by Katelin LaMontagne
Hi, I'm a new author, and I just published my first book and I would love some feedback. It's a post-apocalyptic, new adult romance novel, with a touch of action/adventure and I'm not sure how you'd classify zombie-like creatures. Horror maybe? Like I said, I'm new to this stuff, but with that being said, I would love to hear what people think of it. It's currently free on Smashwords.

Quick Synopsis:
Creatures lurking at your door step, but are those what you should be afraid of, or is there a greater monster to fear? Jared Benson is a survivor, but that's all he's done is survive. He's about to meet a girl that's going to make him want more than the ability to breathe, but it comes with a price: follow your head, or your heart?

message 2: by S (new)

S (darquephoenix) | 13 comments Sounds interesting... unfortunately I (at this time) don't do e-books so I will have to wait it out and see if I can get my hands on it later. Good luck with feedback/reviews. =0)

message 3: by Katelin (new)

Katelin S wrote: "Sounds interesting... unfortunately I (at this time) don't do e-books so I will have to wait it out and see if I can get my hands on it later. Good luck with feedback/reviews. =0)"

That's okay, thanks anyway.

message 4: by S (new)

S (darquephoenix) | 13 comments If I find sometime I may check out this smashwords thing and look your book up. Hard to read on my phone and its basically the only "devic"e I have right now. That's why I don't do E-books :-)

message 5: by Katelin (new)

Katelin Definitely check out Smashwords. It's a great site that connects you to thousands of books of any genre. I've found dozens of books on there that were 5 star reads, that I've never even heard of before, and most of them were free. Some books even let you read them on your desktop, which I used a lot before I got my tablet and e-reader.

message 6: by Elyse (new)

Elyse  Walters (httpswwwairbnbcomrooms13491122) Golden State: A Novel Michelle's new novel hit the stores yesterday. I've read it. The entire book takes place in 'one' day. (in S.F.).

Its good!

message 7: by Maureen (new)

Maureen Gregory (wwwgoodreadscommaureengregory) | 15 comments Hi, my novel Beware the Seventh Wave is a new release. Available in e form & print. There is a short sample on Amazon & a longer one on my website - Comments/feedback would be really welcome.
In the novel deceit, obsessive love, betrayal and murder are threaded alongside the fabric of normal life.
Emma is convinced she has found the man of her dreams, until she suspects her lover may have a darker side.
Was he a cold, calculated killer or a victim in someone else’s deadly game?
Emma believes she will uncover the truth, but are some lies better left undiscovered?
Thanks for taking the time to read this.
Also, this is the promo/video (62 secs if you have a moment)

message 8: by Dervan (new)

Dervan Brown | 2 comments Give your spouse this awesome valentine gift!

Available for FREE download at on February 13 and February 14.

The story that led to John Steelburg aiming a point four five caliber Taurus magnum handgun against the temple of his head. What reason is there to live, when the one you devotedly loved, sacrificed everything for, left you with a shattered heart and otherwise destitute?

John Steelburg was the model tall, built and handsome twenty two years old, with a wonderful family, friends and a gleaming future. He had just arrived home from college to pass the usually dull and lonesome summer with his family in the country hills of Sawyers. However, little did he know that life would take on an entirely new direction when he meets the exceedingly gorgeous, Karla Steelburg.

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