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Maggie K | 1202 comments Mod
Here is a thread for those who have finished this novel....

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Jon (jonmoss) | 706 comments I read this for Beyond Reality three years ago. Here's a link to my review. I don't plan to re-read this nor continue with the rest of the series, unless comments in the discussion peak my interest.

Bill Finished a few days ago and still can't figure out what I think of this book. I definitely enjoyed it but felt that the rival heirs could have used more character development. I also would have liked to learned more about the world. I guess in the end neither of these things really mattered as Yeine became more than either. I found the stories about the big three gods interesting but the secondary gods lacked depth as well.

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Karin Gastreich (karin_gastreich) | 3 comments Finished a short while ago. I was really enjoying it until the last third; something in the way the denouement was constructed just didn't sit right with me. I read some of the 1- and 2-star reviews on Amazon, and seeing what some readers REALLY did not like about the book put perspective on what didn't work for me. I still gave it 4 stars, though, and consider it very much worth reading. I liked Yeine as a character, and found the whole mythology behind the war of the gods very interesting.

Wish the finish had been more in line with the set-up, though. Makes me wonder if editing/marketing considerations forced the author to make it a "happy" ending? That happens sometimes.

Jaya | 1 comments I agree that there should have been a little more world-building. There was a lot of potential in Sky but I felt like she only gave glimpses of the world's background, and only when it was absolutely necessary for the story to progress. I heard the next book fleshes out things more and I'm looking forward to reading it.

Matthew (thorn969) | 34 comments I really enjoyed this book and came in with little to no expectations, plan to read the rest of the series. I hadn't heard of it, just decided to read it because I saw it picked here.

I do have to admit that reviewers are right when they call it sparse and almost mythological-style. There are maybe 10 characters mentioned and the world feels very small and empty. But I thought the Gods, especially the Big Three and Sieh were brilliantly constructed, human-like but eternal gods. I haven't been able to believe in anthropomorphic gods, but if they existed, they would have to be something like these three. They are sorta personifications of three parts of the universe, but also, it is obvious that they made humans in their image and the Aramari have become shockingly like them, in a rather revolting manner.

A short, simple pleasant read, I would give it 4.5ish stars.

Helen Well described Matthew. The Aramari are awful, well the powerful ones are. I finished this an hour after bedtime as I couldn't put it down. I thought the characters and gods that we met were quite well fleshed out. I thought it interesting that God 2 (Itempi?) Was hiding in Sky, did he miss his family? Also, I assumed that we weren't told much about the setting as Yeine didn't know much about it, it didn't bother me.

So pinching the chat in Furies, how are you all pronouncing her name - Yeine? I'm saying yein-ah, but don't especially like it.

DavidO (drgnangl) | 50 comments Just finished it. I enjoyed it but found the "romance" parts awkward to read and often repulsive (to me). I didn't see the attraction of having sex with a guy who'll probably kill you. But I never understood the attraction to vampires either.

Em Lost In Books (emlostinbooks) finished it last week. can't say that I loved it but I liked it enough to pick the second book.

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Eric Zawadzki | 46 comments I finished this last night and am still kind of ruminating on the details, but here are a few initial thoughts:

"Sparse" is a fair description, but the author also covers a lot of ground in a fairly short book. I therefore have a hard time objecting to the choice to keep the focus on "understanding Mom," "saving home," and allying with the enslaved gods. If she had split her attention beyond that - the details of overseeing Yeine's kingdoms, more interactions with characters not central to the story, etc. - it would have been a much longer book. I was actually fairly impressed with how *efficient* it was. Many apparent throwaway lines turned out to be important later on - such as the conversation about what happens to a mortal's soul when she dies, without which the twist would have been impossible.

It was very different from what I've been reading lately. I liked it a lot (4.5 stars) and am looking forward to the next book in the series.

ETA: A more detailed review at my blog

Serenity | 11 comments I read this a few years ago and had the same reaction as some of the others here. I, too, felt that the world-building and characterizations had interesting potential, but were underdeveloped. I also had reservations about the romance angle.

That said, however, I went on to read the rest of the trilogy and they turned out to be two of the best books I'd ever read. Everything I felt was missing in the first book was fleshed out in the other books - the writing style, the mythology, characterizations, relationships, everything. I would highly recommend trying the second book even if you didn't love the first one.

Here's my review.

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