City of Bones (Harry Bosch, #8; Harry Bosch Universe, #10) City of Bones question

Do Michael Connelly Fans know there is a pilot coming?
Jo Ann Jo Ann Feb 03, 2014 10:20AM
In case any of fans don't know a compilation of Michael Connelly's "City of Bones" & "The Concrete Blonde" has been made into a pilot to be shown for free on Amazon "instant video" sometime this month. Check out Michael's website at to learn more.

If you have read a lot of Connolly's books, the pilot turned out to be clichés spun off of his franchise. a)ongoing management conflict, b) 2 issues worked at the same time, c) partner issues. In fact, these are clichés of the last century, Harry Callahan seed.

IT IS LIVE!! Titus Welliver stars as relentless Detective Harry Bosch in this adaptation of Michael Connelly's best-selling novels. Be sure to rate it! Viewers will help decide whether more episodes get made.
Here's the Amazon link:
Here's the LOVEFiLM link for those in the UK. Please watch, rate & share!

Yes and seen it on Amazon prime its very good based on the city of bones book.

This is great News - Amazon will have a 2nd season of Bosch

Scott, Connelly said the show is taken from Concrete Blonde City of Bones and Echo Park. The rest of the first season (hopefully more then one season) will air sometime in early 2015 with 9 new episodes.

Heres the source

I watched it and thought it was quite good. I'm looking forward to more episodes. It seems to be, at least for the first episodes or season, to be based on City of Bones.

Connelly explained prior to the release of, "Bosch" that he collaborated with Amazon to make some changes in Bosch's character/history to make it more TV-friendly. I thought it was quite clear that the story lines would be based on the books, that this wasn't going to be a series cut wholly from new cloth and that's fine with me. I'm not sure where the word clichés come in.

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