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Why does everybody hate Lauren Myracle's story?

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message 1: by Cristina (last edited Feb 04, 2014 02:07PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Cristina **SPOILERS**

I just don't get it. A lot of people told me about how weak Myracle's story was. Why was that weak? Only because the main character was selfish, cheated on her boyfriend, felt miserable of all the things she has done, tried to change her selfish behavior? That's what makes a story weak? Because I personally think it's what makes a story interesting. You get to see the way she is, the way she suffered because of her mistakes, the way she broke down.
I hate it how the top of the story in everybody's vision is the exact order of the stories in the book. Why was John Green's story better than Lauren Myracle's?
Everyone around me compared these two stories so I will compare them too, but from my point of view.
It took SIX CHAPTERS for John Green to describe how the main characters got their car stuck while driving to the Waffle House. Those six chapters bored me TO DEATH ( it only made me laugh when The Duke talked to Tobin's car, but that's all )
It took the same six chapters to Lauren to describe me how Addie's relationship with Jeb started, how Addie's expectation destroyed it, how she cheated on Jeb after a fight, how they broke up, how Addie's friends came to console her, how she and Dorrie argued, and how Tegan's obsession for pigs ended with her adopting a teacup pig. Let's just not mention the way Addie cut her hair and dyed it pink.
Also, a lot of people hated the story because of Addie's character. Oh, really? Do you remember last time when Tobin has a personality? Wait, it never happened. The only feelings that are described are his 'love' (well, mostly confusion ) for The Duke and that he's freezing.
But Addie felt guilty. She felt miserable. She felt sad, depressed. She was selfish. She lied she changed, but she didn't. She tried, though. She felt more human than John Green's Tobin. But still, Green's story was more appreciated.
I don't have a problem with him. I bought this book BECAUSE of him. But I just hate how his story is above a story who deserved more on the top, only because it's written by John Green.

So what's your opinion, guys? What do you think and what are your arguments? I'd really like to read them :)

message 2: by Kristina (new) - added it

Kristina For me it wasn't the main character, it was her friend. What really set me off was when her friend (I can't remember their names, but I'm sure you know which one I'm talking about) got onto her about her "selfish" behavior when she was at work, and missed her chance to pick up the pig. I mean, come on. What was she supposed to do? Leave her job while it was at it's busiest and risk losing it? Now that is selfish of her friend to expect that (don't even get me started on the events leading up to her accepting taking the pig). I didn't think the MC was selfish as much as everyone else was annoying and rude. But, that's just me.

But, it's all opinion. I enjoyed the first story (it was my favorite of the three), and I thought the second one was cute. The third just didn't do it for me. They can't all be winners.

message 3: by Tiffiny (new) - added it

Tiffiny Well I thought that all of the stories were great! I enjoyed Maureen Johnson and John Green's stories very much. My favorite story though, was Lauren Myracle's. I thought that it was well written and had just enough laughs and everything, I had no problem with it. I loved it!!

Anna I loved Maureen Johnson's story, hated John Green's story, and liked Lauren Myracle's. I didn't really think the main character was all that selfish. I mean she was a teenage girl. Did you really expect anything more from her?

message 5: by Cristina (last edited Feb 09, 2014 03:08PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Cristina She was selfish at some points. Maybe not that selfish for so many people to be rude to her, but she was a bit for me.
Kristina, maybe it wasn't your favorite, but you didn't hate it either ( I hope ). Personally, I prefer to be annoyed by a story than being bored of it :) Glad to see your point of view.
Rose, I'm so happy there's someone to love Lauren Myracle's story as much as it deserved, maybe even more.
Anna, just like you did, I loved Maureen Johnson's story, hated John Green's and liked Lauren Myracle's ( which I'm going to finish tomorrow ). It is exactly how I felt. I'm glad you're one of those people who don't appreciate John Green's stories only because they're written by him. This is how my friends act all around me and I'm getting sick of it. And as I said, I didn't expect her to be perfect. That's what makes a good story for me :)

message 6: by Kristina (new) - added it

Kristina Christie wrote: "She was selfish at some points. Maybe not that selfish for so many people to be rude to her, but she was a bit for me.
Kristina, maybe it wasn't your favorite, but you didn't hate it either ( I ho..."

If I hated it I wouldn't have finished it. If a story pulls any emotion out of me toward a character, I'd say it's doing its job.

The thing that I did like was that the MC of Lauren Myracle's story wasn't the typical "good person." She had flaws, and everyone was aware of them. A lot of YA MC's are self deprecating, and no one around them see their flaws. It was a bit refreshing, though I don't think she was as bad as everyone in the story made her out to be.

Laura The story had a very different mood than the other two in the set, but I did enjoy it. There is nothing I love more than character development!

Khristina Chess I agree with the comments about John Green's story. I picked up the book because I'm a fan of his, and then I was decidedly not enchanted by that one. My favorite was the first story, but in truth, I had trouble getting through the book because none of them held my attention as much as other recent novels I've read.

Molly I liked her story and agree about the John Green six chapters.

message 10: by Cayla (last edited Nov 29, 2014 12:21AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Cayla Ramos YES, the main character in Lauren Myracle's story in Let It Snow is completely annoying and very self-centered. Even I got annoyed with her but that's no reason to hate or skip Lauren's part in the book because what's important is the story and what's it about, and not mainly revolving around one particular character who has a not-so-great-personality. Lauren Myracle's part in Let It Snow is wonderfully added considering that even the main characters in John Green & Maureen Johnson's part all came together with the characters of the last story which is written by Laureen Myracle. I pity the people who read only John & Maureen's part because they didn't get to know the beautiful ending since they skipped Lauren's part. What I want to point out is that one should not hate on a book just because you find the main character annoying.

Amanda Chong Lauren Myracle's story shows of a young teenage girl who has made mistakes and I agree that her friends may be a little harsh about it but if it were your friend making the same mistake, wouldn't you feel the same? I'm not saying her friends are right but the protagonist was trying hard to change who she is. Give the story a chance, just because the main character sounds like a whiner, who knows? Maybe there's a good ending for her.

Clarissa I didn't necessarily find Lauren Myracle's story "weak" but to me the other stories had a bit more happening in them and i found the characters a bit more interesting. I picked up the book because of John Green too but my favorite was Maureen Johnson's story. It set up the whole story and I just think it raised the bar a lot for the other writers. I loved the book overall even Lauren's part but I feel like there could have been more happening in that last part: for example, when all the characters from the different stories are together I would have liked if each author had written the specific lines that talked about the characters they created because it didn't feel like it was them because they weren't HER characters. But overall i LOVED the book and would not skip Lauren Myracle's story.

message 13: by Kasia (last edited Dec 28, 2014 02:18PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Kasia Clarissa wrote: "...I would have liked if each author had written the specific lines that talked about the characters they created because it didn't feel like it was them because they weren't HER characters."

I fully agree :) Maybe they should have written the ending together?
Personally I thought that Lauren's story was weak until I got to the point when Addie's friend pointed out her flaws and from there Addie started questioning her bahaviour. Before that it was just boring and the writing was a bit generic and awful. But her character seemed real. And I suppose in YA books your main aim is to make the story relatable to young people, and it is!
If any of these stories can be applied to real life and teach young people who read them anything, it's Lauren's story featuring development of this young self-absorbed girl raised on romantic comedies. Aaand Maureen Johnson's too (which is way more fun to read tbh). But John Green's? I knew how it would end the moment the characters were introduced. I'm sorry, John, but this time you didn't cut it for me.
So, no, Addie wasn't boring. Her story was though. ;)

Jumana Hiasat I didn't hate it. I just loved the first one and kinda liked the second and third.

Stella I loved all, but Lauren Myracles was my fav. Sure, her friend told her she was selfish and other stuff, but the end was really good! Like the part where they al meet??!

message 16: by Zeke (last edited Jan 10, 2015 04:13AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Zeke I like Lauren's story more than John Green's simply because for me its lacked the "holiday romance" feel which (i think) should be one of the important points of the stories but nevertheless they were all written superbly.

Nikita Menon I loved Maureen Johnsons story the best. John Green`s was okay, the only thing I found sweet in it was the ending. Lauren`s story... well, Addie is pretty self obsessed just as the story hints. It ain`t bad. If people hate it because the protagonist is selfish, they should ask themselves this: Dont selfish people have the right to fall in love with someone?

Also, its not like she adamantly stays self obsessed till the end. At least she tries to change.

message 18: by The Book Crusader (last edited Feb 06, 2015 11:00PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

The Book Crusader I definitely thought that John Green's story would be the best—not only because I am an avid fan of Looking for Alaska, but also because he received top billing, despite his story being second chronologically.

Now I believe it is safe to say that he received top billing solely because of his New York Times status; just like Patterson always getting top billing in whatever book he's signed his name to, despite the other person doing almost all the work.

In fact, I believe the order the stories presented is the proper order. Though they all had their flaws and were all predictable as hell with cliches galore, I would definitely put the order of Johnson, Green, Myracle.

As for Addie—I could barely tolerate her character. For one: she spent a good chunk of the beginning sitting around moping like it was the end of the world because she broke up with her boyfriend...even though it was entirely her fault that they broke up:

her unrealistic expectations for the relationship;
how she wanted him to do some stupid over the top romantic gesture;
how she cheated on him and then got angry...at him for not being upset at her.

As for the "calling out of the flaws," I find it difficult to swallow that Addie has presumably been self absorbed and selfish for a good while, what with everyone and their uncle telling her so, yet it was not until the events of the story that she started to get called out for it.

And if you want to talk about lack of personality—the closest Jeb came to having one, to me, was in Johnson's story; in Green's he only had a line or two, so I can mostly forgive it; yet in Myryacle's, where he is one of the key players, he comes off as nothing more than the pretty boy archetype.

Sure you learn that he is gorgeous, what with all the praise he gets for his looks and being able to get the attention of an entire Waffle House full of cheerleaders. But, other than that, what is there to him? And on that same note, Myracle failed to sell me the two as a believable couple; nor did she sell me that Addie has truly changed just because she picked up a pig for a friend...whom was not Jeb, mind you.

And since it was never addressed outside of the first and only conversation concerning it, it makes me wonder if Myracle, like Addie, believes that the man is the only one that should change and that big (and idiotic) romantic gestures should only ever be attempted by men.

message 19: by lily (new) - rated it 2 stars

lily I did not like John Green's story. At. All. It was just like ALL his others books and I was SUPER dissipointed with it. I lobed the other ones, but really didn't like Green's. :(

Cassie Paynter I personally loved all the story's, but my least favourite would have to be Lauren's because I found it quite boring because most of the story was about her friends being bitches not accepting who she was.

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