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Nathan "N.R." Gaddis (nathannrgaddis) | 95 comments chapter 15 page 227

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Jonathan (nathandjoe) | 44 comments Vera's 14th birthday. Waves breaking. Disturbances. "What if everything should be false and nothing true…then all false things should be true…Where was the truth which should not fail?"

Miss MacIntosh and her rules, her sayings and proverbs - "the plain wisdom of that of Ecclesiastes and of Exodus and of the Farmer's Almanac, what did she know of life as it might be lived"?

Critiquing the Myth as puberty kicks in – rebelling against the coldness of Miss Mac.

"Death, like our mother and our father, she had always said, her ivory-boned knitting needles clicking, is an old harpoonist who will capture the swimmer in narrow streams."

The sea sweeping through all, bringing with it wonders.

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