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message 1: by dave (new)

dave (thebat37) | 202 comments Mod
tough choice, im a huge movie and tv nerd, lets see

bruce campbell
steve coogan
natalie portman
seth rogan
hellen mirren
simon pegg
amy poehler

just a few off the top of my head

message 2: by D.A. (new)

D.A. Latham | 2 comments Henry Cavill- I'd eat that man alive ;)

message 3: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Oh gosh. This is hard. I am a huge movie and tv series fan so just going to list some of them:

Harry Potter- all the actors and actresses
Ian Somerholder
Nina Dobrev
Joseph Morgan
Pretty Little Liars - all the actors and actresses
Skandar Keyenes
Georgie Henley
Jonny Depp
Robert Downey Jr.

soo many... i cant think of any right now :)

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