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awkward potato 10+ acres of crisp green fields, covered here and there with tall oak trees, and full of soft rolling hills. A natural bed of water, as well as a handful of water troughs stand about the pasture, and a multiple shelters are erected throughout the fields.

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Ariella walked out into the pastures. A small lake of water was off to the distance and there were tall trees towering over any creature that dare to walk up to it. She sat down on a grassy hill looking down at the Academy and its beauty. Off to the side the stables were full of horses where she had left her own horse. She breathed in the fresh air glad to be away from society for a while.

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Tracy walked Chloe along the field and up a hill. He fed her a sugar cube and watched her eat it instantly. He led her to one of the oak trees. Chloe saw a girl and immediately ran over to her.

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Ariella - believing that no one else was here began to sing softly to herself. Tears began to form within her eyes as she clutched her necklace with all her might. Soon she curled up against a tree and softly began crying. After a few moments she gasped for breath trying to calm herself. It was then that she looked up and saw a horse. "Hello love." she said stroking her mane.

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Tracy walked over to the girl and Chloe. He smiled at the girl and waved. Chloe neighed and stepped closer to Tracy. " Come here girl. " He said to Chloe. He looked at the girl quickly then turned to face the girl. " Sorry about that. Chloe here... " He said pointing at Chloe. " She has a strange obsession with meeting girls. Chloe perked her ears and nudged Tracy's shoulder. Tracy took out Chloe's brush and started brushing her mane as he waited for a response from the girl.

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"No its fine. I like horses. I wouldn't be here otherwise." she said with a relatively small smile. She rubbed her face hoping that she didn't look like she was just crying. Ariella wasn't in the mood to be bombarded with questions of concern - if anything it was the last and final thing she wanted. Besides the poor girl wouldn't get anything out of her except a very angry retort.

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" So where's your horse? " He asked. Chloe sat down. Tracy say next to the girl on the tree. " What's your name? " He asked. Even though being here for two years couldn't memorize everyone's name. He smiled as Chloe moved and licked the girls hand.

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"Down at the stables." she answered his first question. "I'm Ariella, Aria for short or I suppose Ariel." she shrugged. She looked at Chloe suddenly wishing that she had her own horse at the moment. She communicated with animals easier they were just more...simple to understand. And they never judged her either.

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" Hey maybe, you could get your horse, and we could race. " He said. Chloe looked up when she heard race. She immediately neighed in approval.

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Ariella smiled. "I'd love to. But she just went for a run and I decided to give her a break." she admitted. She treated her horse like her friend. Because frankly thats what she was. Horses are people to. At least according to that book she had read as a child. Ariella looked up at Chloe wanting to ride her horse even though she couldn't. She sighed and shook her head.

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" Maybe later before curfew? " He really wanted to see her horse. Tracy took to apples from his bag and looked at Ariel. " Apple? "

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"Sure. I could get her in thirty minuets or so." she said estimating the time. Her horse usually needed just an hours rest during the daytime so she could go and get her soon. Ariella glanced up to see the apple and shrugged. "Sure why not?" she asked and took the apple from his hand. Apples weren't bad but for some reason they brought back memories of her mother. She blinked back furiously and then took a bite out of her new apple.

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Tracy watched as Chloe laid on her side. Tracy bit into the apple. He was watching the beautiful scenery of the Academy. It felt warm. He quickly finished his Apple and stood up. He looked up and started climbing the tree he was sitting under. He grabbed a small branch. It was going to break soon, but he didn't care. He got to the branch above it just as the smaller branch broke off. He climbed higher until he reached a bigger branch. It was nice and sturdy. Also it had a better veiw.

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Ariella moved swiftly just as the smaller branch broke off making sure that she didn't get hit with it. She went onto the other side of the tree fairly certain that Tracy had yet to come onto this side of the tree. Every few seconds she would look up as if to make sure that another branch wasn't about to fall onto her. She returned to eating her apple again absorbed in her own thoughts.

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Tracy got to the top of the tree. He popped his head out. His hair was covered in the lush green leaves. He smiled as he watched the sun set. He ducked down and got to the ground. He realized Ariel was still there. He smiled at her then gave Chloe a rub. Chloe got up quickly. Tracy got on.Chole, " Want a ride? " He asked her.

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Ariella looked up in surprise. She usually wasn't offered to get rides from other horses. "Sure." she agreed. It may be fun she thought to herself as she got up. Her apple was also finished as well, so she didn't have to worry about that. She looked down at Chloe and petted her implusivly.

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Sugarcube walked into th pasture. It was a nice, sunny April morning and she wanted to take a walk. She just was moved into Blue Bridge and wanted to take a look around. Earlier that morning, she has seen everything but, th pasture and her stables. So, now she was at the pasture and saw what it looked like. It was beautiful. 10 ancers of fresh green grass,trees, and pretty flowers. Sugarcube walked over to a big Apple tree with fresh red apples-her favorite. She easily picket a Apple and started eating it. It was very good. The juice from the Apple stoped down her muzzle, which was now very sticky. Sugarcube grunted. Urghhhhh... why does this always happen to me? Sugarcube trotted over to a little stream to put her muzzle in. Luckily for her, the water wasn't too cold, and it was clean and clear. Cautiously, she took a sip of refreshing water. She hoped she could do this more often.

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Latrisha led Neo into the pasture. She tossed her mane at the sight of the green grass. Latrisha made sure the saddle was tight on Neo's back before climbing on Neo's back.

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Sugarcube looked at the two. Who were they? She glanced at them once more before identifying them as Latrisha and Neo. They looked happy an She decided not to interrupt them. Walking over to the stables, Sugarcube striped on a tree branch and fell. Unable to get up because her hoof was stuck under it, she needed help. She knew that if she stayed on her side long enough, her lungs would She would suffocate. Sugarcube didn't know what to do. Help... help.. help! she kept neighing while trying to get kick off the root

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Latrisha noticed a horse lying on it's side. With a gasp she dismounted Neo, running to the horse.
"Shhh, honey, it'll be ok" she said. The horses hoof was stuck under a tree branch. Latrisha lifted the branch, tossing it to the side. She bit her lip. What should she do now? She tried to think of what her teacher always said. 'Keep the horse calm, and call for help'.

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Sugarcube was scared. She kept kicking the thick tree root trying to get it of til She noticed someone. The rider had dismounted and was running towards her. Sugarcube was shrieking for help until that person said those few words. Ahhh, honey, it will be ok. She wasn't scared anymore. The Person was trying to help her not hurt her. Looking into the person's eyes she said something with only her eyes. Thnk you

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"It's ok. Your ok" Latrisha whispered over and over, reaching for her phone. She stroked the horses flanks. She dialed the school office, unsure of who else to call. She held the phone to her ear with her shoulder waiting for a response.
"Helps coming. It'll be ok" she reassured the horse.

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Sugarcube looked at her, she was saying more words. What were they?Those word we're it's ok, it's ok, it's ok.But, then she took out something else. It looks like a big rock thingy. What's it called? What did it do? Now She was talking into it. She shrieked as a horse. What was She doing???? SUAGRCUBE, o e again kicked the tree root, this time kicking herself free. She got up to her feet and tried to run But she couldn't. She only got about 30 yards when she fell into the stream, and couldn't get up. She realized her leg was broken.

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Latrisha backed away as the horse kicked and bucked. It moved free, and fell into the stream. Latrisha ran after it, knowing it had broken her leg. The school office still hadn't picked up yet. She bit her lip. She wasn't entirely sire how to treat a horses broken leg. Did you brace it, like a humans? Pick up the phone she thought desperately. She reached the horse, making sure its head was above water.

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(No one has made any nurses, but I am making a vet helper, so just brace her until I finish my character)

Suagrcube choked. Her head was Unde water an She desperately needed air. But, someone took care of that, Latrisha picked her head up, giving her air. She gasped, then inhaling lot of air. With her eye She said thank you an then turned and looked away, fearing for the worst. She knew she needed medical help. She limped loved to ; or going into her sack and pulling out some gauge and picking up a stick for a makeshift brace. For letting her do that, she gave Leo an Apple by placing it in front of him.

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Latrisha held the horses head above water. Reaching into her bag, she tried to brace the horses leg with a stick. Ironically, the only stick available was the one that got them in this situation. Latrisha pulled some duct tape from her riding bag. She got to work, Neo standing over her. Lateisha wondered if Neo was communicating with the other horse.
"Good girl, Neo. Good girl"

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Sugarcube looked at Neo then looks at the rider. Am I going to be ok? she asked Neo. Looking back at the rider she ate a Apple from the tree. If only she could just have some rest.

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Neo nudged the horse. She was so careful. Latrisha finished bracing the leg, and leaned bak on her heels. The call with the office had timed out. Sighing, she decided to dial her instructor. She watched Neo lay in the river, tossing her mane, Neo style.

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Suagrcube got up and walked back to the barns. I She could only find a vet. She walks through th pasture for about a hour then coming back the Latrisha to guide her to the vet. Thanks for helping me!I feel so much better now.

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Latrisha guided the horse to a vet. The vet was waiting outside the pastures for them. Neo nuzzled the other horses flank encouragingly, urging her to go forward. With a nervous neigh the horse trotted to the vet. Latrisha mounted Neo, accompanying them.

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