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message 1: by Corey (new)

Corey (coreyhuffman) This thread is just a place to shoot the breeze, what's going on in your every day life that you'd like to share. Funny stories, anecdotes, whatever, this is the place to be completely informal and just talk about anything. So give us something to talk about.

message 2: by Corey (new)

Corey (coreyhuffman) Anyone watching the Olympics? What do you think about the news stories of all the facilities breaking and being in poor maintenance? Any particular sport you're excited about?

Personally, I've never been much of a winter Olympic spectator, I prefer the summer Olympics. Though I did watch some of the figure skating last night and was pretty impressed.

message 3: by Doug, Co-moderator (new)

Doug Cornelius (dougcornelius) | 169 comments Mod
Love the winter Olympics, but Sochi seems to have its issues. Now that the reporters have some actual events to report on, there seems to be less focus on the shortcomings at the accommodations.

Snowboard Cross is my favorite. Six riders plunge downhill together through sharp turns and over jumps.

Curling is low on action, but fun to watch.

Sorry, but figure skating bores me to tears and I find the commentary to be grating.

message 4: by Corey (new)

Corey (coreyhuffman) I've watched curling before, and it is pretty interesting to watch, I may try to catch the finals when they come up. The bob sleigh teams are pretty cool to watch, but I don't really see the point of it most of the time if I'm honest. Luge seems pretty interesting too, but I've never cared to watch it either.

message 5: by Corey (new)

Corey (coreyhuffman) As finals are coming up for law students, and schools closing for the summer for those members who have school aged children, the question becomes, "What is everyone doing over the summer?"

Anything interesting? I currently have not yet made any plans, and being at a new job has me on probation so no available leave time that I can take, but I'm sure something will happen.

My favorite summer was the time I did a study abroad program that my law school offered that sent me to Oxford, and it was a great time.

Anyone care to discuss their summer plans or reminisce about old summer adventures?

message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

Hello! This summer I am looking to accomplish three things,

1. Sleep in
2. Make new friends everywhere
3. Try to not go insane

That is what I plan on doing this summer. Though I'm sure my folks will drag me out of the house and I'll do something outside. I have nothing against it but the heat. Because it gets so hot where I live in the summer one day last year it was 110 degrees and our cooler was broken! It was living hell. And I REALLY want to stay in touch with my friends. Because last year I didn't stay in touch and I was very close to going insane. Ooh! and one more thing I am going to law camp for two weeks AW YEAH! I am so pumped! So overall I think it's going to be pretty good.

message 7: by Corey (last edited Jul 08, 2014 11:28AM) (new)

Corey (coreyhuffman) I think that was most of the school breaks I had during law school looked like, and I am still sane, so I expect great results for you!

I've never heard of law camp, what does that entail?

message 8: by Brian (new)

Brian Verendus | 15 comments What I learned during law school is that your true friends will always be there when you need them. Even when you have been completely out of touch, they'll understand. I basically lost contact with everyone other than my immediate family and law school friends, but once I was done life found its way back to me.

I went straight through without summer breaks and managed to stay sane. If I can do it, I know you will too, Rachel. Also, to echo Corey, what is law camp?

message 9: by [deleted user] (new)


I'm not sure! My mom enrolled me and this is my first year and I'm not sure what to expect!

message 10: by Julie (new)

Julie Hendrix | 29 comments well i can't wait to hear about law camp. for the fourth of july i'm going to try to motivate myself up my first 14er - "easy" white mountain in eastern CA. in the meantime, trying to lay low and stay cool in the small town where i live. i used to be much more social and get involved in too many community causes, but as i age, i'm becoming more reserved with those activities.

message 11: by Corey (new)

Corey (coreyhuffman) I would love to go mountain climbing, I am sure you will do great! I hear you about the social life issues, I have not been feeling them lately, and I feel like I could use a break from all of my community involvement. I feel like even with a vacation I always have so much going on, I never really feel like I've taken time away from anything. I need a sabbatical! I probably wouldn't even know what to do if I did finally get away from it all, so I will keep on keeping on.

message 12: by Doug, Co-moderator (new)

Doug Cornelius (dougcornelius) | 169 comments Mod
I used to do some mountain climbing before I had kids. Mrs. Doug put the stop to that. She was willing to be a widow, but not a single mother. It didn't help that climbers died on Mt. Rainier while I was out there.

As a lawyer, life is complicated and the goals are not always clear. Mountain climbing gives you very simple goals. Get as close to the top as you can and get back down. Getting to the top is a bonus, getting back down is essential.

Here is me on Mt. Whitney in CA:

and on Mt. Rainier in WA:

message 13: by Julie (last edited Jul 09, 2014 10:36AM) (new)

Julie Hendrix | 29 comments moving from where you've spent your ENTIRE life (40 or so yrs) to a new state thousands of miles away where you initially stay at home with no job is definitely a great way for an "over-committer" to break the zealous volunteer tendencies. but then you find yourself in line at the grocery store and can't keep your mouth shut when the nice couple in front of you is lamenting about their nonprofit woes, and BOOM. before you know it you find yourself on a board chairing an event. again. after you swore you would NEVER AGAIN. sigh.

finishing my thoughts . . . so didn't summit white last weekend but that's a long story for another time. will give another try soon, hopefully. mt. whitney is literally in my backyard. i live with my boyfriend in the eastern sierras and i've only ever hiked to the first lake on the whitney trail, but one day hope to make the summit. there are lots of other great peaks right around whitney. the bf has done much more than me: i'm a fair weather 5.6 climber, just a beginner, but love to hike, camp, and trying to do yoga and stay in shape.

kudos to you, doug, for your ascents. yes, corey, you should try climbing sometime. for me, it's fun and relaxing. we have the sierras in the summer and death valley in the winter - we live halfway between both places. Death Valley is highly recommended to anyone who has never been there. If you go, make sure to take time to explore off the main roads.

p.s. i actually resisted opening my big mouth to that couple. it takes extreme restraint for me to control my "helper" desires that i've always seemed to have as a personality trait. but, not so long ago, i would not have been able to keep quiet.

message 14: by Julie (new)

Julie Hendrix | 29 comments If you could ask Gerry Spence just one question, what would it be? I'm going to be leaving an autograph request as a gift for my boss next week while through WY, and thought I might leave a personal note to Mr. Spence. I know I won't get to meet the guy personally, but was toying with the idea of asking one great question. May not get an answer, but thought I'd try. I haven't familiarized myself with all his famous cases yet. His office was super nice about taking my autograph request, btw.

message 15: by Ramsay (new)

Ramsay Wood (ramzwud) | 7 comments Thanks for your photos, Doug. I'm no mountaineer but a few pals are. Trekking is my limit, But hanging around them allows you to share something of the rare air of their dizzying achievements. One of them introduced me to my first (and so far, only) glacier 15 years ago in Pakistan, an experience of such intensity that I wrote a poem about it, exploring the incredible language of geology that was as fresh and new to me as an icicle. It's 4th on my website but a much better poem 'David' was introduced to me last year by Caroline, a work colleague from Canada who is the real "up there", ropes and all, McCoy:

But my real motivator in posting here is to mention Mountains of the Mind which I found an intense 5 star read earlier this year - a blend of mountaineering history, personal high-altitude adventure under extreme duress and a purity of prose (and poetry) that sometimes left me gasping for oxygen.

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