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Scribblescribe This book has the word D in it, and the picture of a girl on the cover. She fixes boats. It's a part of a series that is at least 3 books long, These are thick-ish books. I remember them from my childhood. I am 25 years old. At least one of the books won an award.

I want to say it's D____ Song. I remember the kids going into a store, buying peanut butter and that's what they ate. They made money by helping people at the grocery store take their bags to their car.

I don't remember why they ran away from home.

The girl whose name is D takes care of them.

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Tab (tabbrown) | 5006 comments Dicey's Song is it.

It's from the Tillerman series.

I think Homecoming (the first in the series) may have had the shopping scenes in it.

I remember the first three being really popular on school required reading lists in the late 80s - 90s

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Scribblescribe Yeah That's it! :) Thank you!

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