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ash. Post you character that are under consecution in the thread. When finished please delete them off off this thread and put the either in the Female Characters thread or the Male Characters thread.

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awkward potato This Template is brought to you by Ashley and inspired by →ܫ←αωкωαr∂ ρστατσ {gryƒƒiท∂σr нσυsє}.© All Rights Reserved (view spoiler)

Ω { Maddison Alexis Maxwell--Alex } Ω

➫ /madd/eh/son/Maddison is an elaborate respelling of Madison. As a given name, Madison originated as the transferred use of a surname. The surname is derived from maternal ancestors and comes from the medieval female given name “Madde” which was a short form of Maud. Maud, in turn, is a colloquial form of Matilda (Latin) from the Germanic words “maht” (might) and “hild” (battle). Madison was taken up as a given name (for boys) in America apparently influenced by the 4th U.S. President, James Madison, who was one of the country’s Founding Fathers. As the name Madison became so popular in the United States, other English-speaking nations adopted this trendy name, and respellings begane to emerge – Maddison is an example of this.

➫ /uh/lex/ess/ Alexis started out as a masculine given name derived from the same root as Alexander, from the Greek “alexin” meaning “to defend, protect”. While the Greek Alexandros means more specifically “protector of mankind”, Alexis means more plainly “to protect” (ward off, defend, keep away). Like Alexander, Alexis (Ἄλεξις) is an ancient Greek name dating back many, many centuries Before Christ. It was a name borne by both a prominent ancient Greek poet as well as a sculptor; and the name appears in ancient Greek literature always depicted as a beautiful boy who is the object of another’s desire. Of course Alexander the Great is most often credited with the persistence of all these “Alex” names from the Classical Era into modern times. However, Alexis owes a large part of his success to an early 5th century saint first venerated within the Eastern Empire before being transplanted to Rome (see historical references below). This is one of the reasons why Alexis has seen so much success in both Eastern Europe as well as Western (in fact, Alexius was a name borne by five different emperors of the Byzantium Empire). The transference of Alexis into a female given name happened in the United States in the 1940s owing to the successful film career of Alexis Smith (b. Gladys).

➫/muh/axe/well/ This surname of Scottish origin is derived from a place near Melrose in the former county of Roxburgh. The placename originated when Maccus, son of Undewyn, a Saxon lord, in the reign of David 1, obtained a grant of land on the Tweed River before 1150 and from the salmon pool attached thereto called 'Maccus's Wiel'; the lands obtained their name. Maccus derives from the Old Norse given name 'Makkr' a form of 'Magnus' meaning 'great' plus the Old English pre 7th Century 'wael', 'well' or 'pool', hence 'the pool of Maccus'. The placename was recorded in 1144 as Mackeswell and the surname dates back to the late 12th Century.

Age: 17 years
Date of Birth: April 30
Zodiac Sign: Taurus (view spoiler)
Zodiac Animal: Bull(view spoiler)

Place of Birth: Kentucky
Ethnicity: Italian, Irish, and Russian
Species: Human

Gender: Female

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Stables: Country Hill

Horse(s): Winter's Valentine and Summer's Secret

Barn Occupation She works part-time as a stable hand


Face Claim: Lucy Hale

Alex is a small, petite young woman with a curvy figure. She is shorter than average, standing 5'2", and is a healthy weight of 117 pounds. Alex has a unique face, softened by her curls, but still with a prominent jaw. Her lips are usually a pale red shade, and glossy from extenisve use of lip-gloss--espiecially her mint chocolate gloss. Alex has long, dark borwn hair that falls in loose waves just past her shoulders. Her skin is slightly tanned ivory, and her eyes, framed by thick lashes, are a soft, dark green.


"I'm utterly broken on the inside. But you'll 
never know. You'll never be able to see."

Seemingly spunky, bubbly, and charismatic, Alex has a knack for attracting people to her side. She constantly wears her smile, brighter than the summer sun, and dances, and laughs--she is a happy and confident teenager, just as she is supposed to be. After all, she comes from a good, rich family. Doesn't that mean she can never be sad? Wrong. While Alex looks vivacious on the outside, on the side, she is nothing but glass and thorns, each threatening to tear her apart. Alex, so kind and generous, suffers a hatred for herself. She never feels good enough to belong, and knows that she is worthless. Something so easily replaced. She doesn't know who she is, really. She claims she is nothing more than broken dreams, but no one, not even her closest friends know this. Alex is a reserved girl, a girl full of lies and secrets hidden behind a fake smile. Her tears are easily hidden by the pillow, and cut marks can be placed where no-one shall see. Alex has moments where she'd rather give up, but then she remembers her beloved beauties--her Summer and her Winter. They are sometimes the very beings that keep her sane. Alex is very outdoorsy as well. Being insides makes it easier for the monsters to creep in, but being free... Well, that makes it easy for her to leave them lost in her dust.

Drawing is also how she keeps the bad dreams away. Letting her emotions out on paper helps her feel better, calmer in some ways. Art is somewhat of a depression-reliever--it helps her to get her bearings. Drawing is her other escape, when the rain pounds to hard for the comfort of hay and hooves. Intelligent is another word to describe Alex. Her intelligence keeps her out of the way of her parents wrath--they are both cold and cynical people whom Alex would not rather anger, and also pays for her college. Her parents purchased her horses, but if she wanted to keep pursuing school, she'd have to figure it out herself. And lastly, Alex is a sucker for romance, one of the many things that crushed even harder than before. Alex is easily enticed by the idea of love, and often finds herself wishing it would befall her. This only makes the depression worse at times--what does it mean that no-one loves her? Yes, she has a dramatic side as well, but it's just the way her mind works. Overall, Alex is a girl that seems carefree and happy, but one should never judge a book by it's cover...

Continuation Below

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awkward potato


"I came into the world just as my mother left it.

Rain splattered on the hospital roof the night Maddison Alexis Maxwell took her first breaths, and her mother, Ellie, took her last. She was born, but was on the verge of death. Something didn't quite go right during the C-Section, and Maddison was losing oxygen. Barely breathing, the doctors began to operate, her father, Jacob, sitting, stunned in his now dead wife's room. Jacob had already lost his first love; was he really about to lose his baby girl, too. Luckily, the doctors restored little Maddison's health, and she went home, her father grief-stricken with the hugest responsibility resting on his shoulders... Fast-forward to childhood. Maddison, who had adopted the name "Alex" by this point, was the apple of her father's eye. She became his whole world, and with money to spare, he spoiled his darling, desiring to giver her everything. The best clothes, toys, bedroom--she named it, and it was hers. But she never realized this time as being daddy's girl was limited. As she approached 8, her father found a new love interest, Kim, who was strict and cold towards Alex, but made her father laugh in way she couldn't... Alex was a bit devastated by this--how could father turn his back for some blond in a blazer? As she grew, she would find out that he was lonely, and was looking for someone to be his yet again. What rubbish.

As Alex entered middle-school, life only went down from there. She was bullied for her braces, her bit of blubber around the middle, and because she was so much shorter than everybody else; people wouldn't befriend her because they thought with her being rich, she was snotty. But all she wanted was someone to make her feel welcomed. This was about the time her eating disorder sprang forth. She began blaming herself for the things people said about her, and inside, she felt as though she were screaming... Teenage-hood came with some benefits--namely, she blossomed into a beautiful young woman. Alex became the girl people crushed on and became friends with. She was a bit of an "it" girl, but she still felt the anxiety and darkness that middle-school left on her. By this point, her father had re-married, leaving Alex more alone than ever, yet surrounded by people that wanted to be near her. She felt lost, and still does, but then came the gift of a lifetime that helped her out of her personal hell and into a nice gray area: her horses. Summer and Winter became the loves of her life, and she cherished having them near. The next day, she discovered Country Hills Stables, and ever since, it has been more of a home than her house could ever be.


Crush: None...yet

Girlfriend/ Boyfriend: N/A
Wife/ Husband: N/A
Pets: Her horses, Winter and Summer

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