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Poem of the Day > 175 Laughing Song - William Blake

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message 1: by Hilary (new)

Hilary | 2082 comments When the green woods laugh with the voice of joy,
And the dimpling stream runs laughing by;
When the air does laugh with our merry wit,
And the green hill laughs with the noise of it;

when the meadows laugh with lively green,
And the grasshopper laughs in the merry scene,
When Mary and Susan and Emily
With their sweet round mouths sing 'Ha, ha he!'

When the painted birds laugh in the shade,
Where our table with cherries and nuts is spread:
Come live, and be merry, and join with me,
To sing the sweet chorus of 'Ha, ha, he!'

message 2: by Hilary (new)

Hilary | 2082 comments Story for the late post. A combination of workmen turning up and dental appointments have had me running around like a mad woman this morning. A merry little poem to start of a cold and dismal week, here at least!

message 3: by Lee (new)

Lee I like this - though I don't think I'm going to be doing too much Ha Ha He-ing today. Maybe when we get to Thursday and the weekend is in sight.
Hope your workmen are paragons of skill and tidiness and the dentist was happy with your teeth :0)

message 4: by Hilary (new)

Hilary | 2082 comments Thank goodness the dentist was happy, the jury is still out on the workmen!

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