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This a Series?

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Liana I thought it was a stand alone novel. Will the other full length novels be about Nyx or other characters in their world?

AgCl oooh...i didn't know that i thought it was a stand alone too, i hope it'd be about other characters, it'd be too cheesy if it'll be about Nyx and Lux again.

Jennifer I think it is standalone but the author may write more in that type of fairytale world. Like this novella Gilded Ashes A Cruel Beauty Novella by Rosamund Hodge

Bipasha Its a confirmed series. Yay.

Jennifer But a companion series in the same world right? Like sadly there will not be anymore Nyx & Ignifex and I LOVED them!

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Liana I don't want a another book just about them but if we could hear something about what they are doing too that would be nice.

Clarissa i think its a stand alone and i agree with jennifer (message 3)

Katelyn it's a stand alone but there's a book that's only an ebook that is set in the same world but it's like a retelling of cinderella. it's like 175 pages

Jelly224 If this becomes a series, I'm going to read them all.

Nadia OH... I didn't know about the other book. It sounds interesting and if it's as good as Cruel beauty then I definitely want to read it.

Channah It's... not a stand-alone? Why? What more could happen?
What is with YA novels and their need to continue? The book ended. It's over. All the plot threads were (admittedly terribly) wrapped up. No need for a sequel.

Cynthia It's not really related or anything.. Gilded Ashes is kind of a cinderella story and Cruel Beauty is beauty and the beast. The only thing that they have in common is that it's set in the same country with the same evil ruler. Gilded Ashes is the first part though I think.

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