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Lisa (lesashoe) | 263 comments Mod
Has anyone read the book already? I've heard good things.

Priscilla Casalino (priscycas) I did... Almost left the book in the middle of it.

Lisa (lesashoe) | 263 comments Mod
Priscilla wrote: "I did... Almost left the book in the middle of it."

what didn't you like about it?

Priscilla Casalino (priscycas) Sorry I didn't elaborate before, I was busy. This is just my personal opinion, I didn' like the chemistry between Anna and St Clair, it was painful to read. I don' see how it has tons of good reviews! I was relieved when it ended, the book was so cliche.

St Clair won't break up with his current girlfriend, Ellie. Even though it's extremely obvious to everyone that he's no longer in love with her, he won't call it off. He would rather be miserable with her than initiate a change in his life, since it's stated in the book that he's afraid of change. The kiss came almost at the end of the book and I think it was while he was with his girlfriend!

For me it was not cute, intense, funny and dramatic, it was very predictable.

Mmm I would't recommend it.

Lisa (lesashoe) | 263 comments Mod
Well I am getting it from my library soon, so I'll come back and see if I found it predictable as well :)

Lisa (lesashoe) | 263 comments Mod
What are you're thoughts on the cover? I personally don't like covers with people's faces on them as I feel it diminishes my imagination for what the character looks like. What are your preferences?

Lisa (lesashoe) | 263 comments Mod
I started the book this weekend, and I've only been able to read a little bit so far, but I am finding myself grinning to myself a lot. I'm not completely sold on the book but it is definitely growing on me.

Priscilla Casalino (priscycas) Oh! Let us know what you think when you've finished it!

Alaina Thomas (alainathomas) | 2 comments Loved this book! It was super adorable, but I wish more would've happened! The end was sudden.

message 10: by Lisa (new) - rated it 4 stars

Lisa (lesashoe) | 263 comments Mod
I am finding it hard to get time to read, and so my reading of this is quite slow, but I will get there hopefully by the month ends!
Did it take you long to read? (to everyone)

Alaina Thomas (alainathomas) | 2 comments I read it in about a week

Priscilla Casalino (priscycas) Me too, like in a week.

message 13: by Lisa (new) - rated it 4 stars

Lisa (lesashoe) | 263 comments Mod
Finally finished it today!
I did like it, there were some parts I that turned me off the book (hence 4 stars) but it was a light read that was a good break from the recent stress I have been under. I will elaborate soon.

Priscilla Casalino (priscycas) My point, a light read. I don't understand all the fuss about this book.

message 15: by Lisa (new) - rated it 4 stars

Lisa (lesashoe) | 263 comments Mod
Let me elaborate. I agree with you both Priscilla and Taylor.

It definitely wiggled its way into my heart a little bit, but towards the end I kept getting frustrated with (view spoiler)

I really liked it as a light read as I said because I have been a bit stressed so it was a nice relaxing book I guess. I could understand what the hype was about and why you love it Taylor, but unfortunately it did not get to the love stage for me and this book.

message 16: by Lisa (new) - rated it 4 stars

Lisa (lesashoe) | 263 comments Mod
I am glad I finally got around to reading this though and that it was with the book group so I could discuss it.

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