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Elias Zapple (elias_zapple) | 120 comments Mod
Rhyme by Natalie Finnigan

Elias has a moustache that’s called Mr Snazzy
And graphics that make his books look quite jazzy,
His dragon he decided to call Jellybean
And his slugs are the scariest ones ever seen.
They make all but the best hero’s quail
Like the one in our Mary’s search for the grail.
Othen's banana often brings some surprises
He likes lots of languages and shapes of all sizes
In that he is a bit like our Ann
Who tells stories in Spanish like no one else can.
Deb Zeb makes up fairy tales in her factory
Full of wonderful characters for all to see.
In Mary’s tale is a hedgehog called Poddy
But the treatment he gets from his friend is quite shoddy
Gareth has written about Brackenbelly,
An adventure that’s much, much better than telly.
Just as exciting are the Creatures from Chris
Another fun tale that’s too good to miss.
Author Tony Gilbert can rhyme with the best
With Hugo and Fred and all of the rest.
Karen's great book is simply called Switch
About all the mischief caused by a witch
In Jourden's book she says night to her pup
Who’s gorgeous brown eyes say “Just pick me up!”
And who could forget young PJ LaRue
With her fondness for children and love of cats too!
Paulus and Jason are both really new
But seem as though they will join in, those two!
As all good rhymes must come to an end,
I left the best to last, my own special friend,
Melinda with all of her monsters and toys
And rhymes to appeal to all girls and all boys.
So here’s the #funslugz, fantastic and true
I am truly lucky to have met all of you.

message 2: by Natalie (new)

Natalie Finnigan | 24 comments Thanks Elias. :-)

message 3: by Elias (new)

Elias Zapple (elias_zapple) | 120 comments Mod
You're welcome! Great rhyme!!

message 4: by Teddy O'Malley (new)

Teddy O'Malley | 82 comments Mod
Congratulations on the win, Natalie. :)

message 5: by Natalie (new)

Natalie Finnigan | 24 comments Thanks guys. Not rating my chances high with the flash fiction, though!!

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