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"Sometimes it is there, and sometimes it is not..."

The Room of Requirement is a magical room which can only be discovered by someone who is in need. It is called the Come and Go Room by the house-elves of Hogwarts. The Room is located on the seventh floor, opposite a tapestry showing Barnabas the Barmy trying to teach trolls to dance the ballet. To make the Room appear, a person has to walk past the section of blank wall three times concentrating hard on what is needed.

Dumbledore once happened upon the Room of Requirement early one morning when his bladder was especially full. When he found it, it was full of chamber pots.

Fred and George once needed a place to hide from Filch and the Room became a broom cupboard.

Filch sometimes finds an extra supply of cleaning products in the Room when he's running short.

Dobby brings Winky there to sleep it off after a particularly nasty bout of butterbeer; in those cases the room has held antidotes to butterbeer and a "nice elf-sized bed".

Harry found a room ready for teaching Defence Against the Dark Arts lessons. It contains bookcases, cushions, and even, when Harry suddenly realized he needed one, a whistle. Harry discovered, just before Christmas, that Dobby had decorated the room with Christmas ornaments bearing Harry's face and the words "Have a Very Harry Christmas!" The house-elf had also hung mistletoe in the middle of the room, and after the D.A. meeting, Harry had his first kiss under it.

Dobby reports to Harry that Draco has been using the room. Harry realizes that it has never appeared on the Marauder's Map, and Hermione surmises it is Unplottable. It is impossible for Dobby to follow Draco inside, or for Harry to get in without knowing what purpose the room is serving at the time.

Desperate for a place to hide the Half-Blood Prince's copy of Advanced Potion-Making, the Room became the size of a large cathedral, with high windows. It looked like "a city with towering walls", full of objects hidden by generations of Hogwarts inhabitants.

Harry hid the Book in a large cupboard that's surface seemed to be blistered by acid; behind a cage which held a skeleton of a creature with five legs. To mark the location where he hid the book, he placed a bust of an ugly old warlock on top of the cupboard, perched a dusty old wig and a tarnished tiara on the statue's head.

Sibyll Trelawney uses the Room of Requirement to hide her empty sherry bottles. On one of her visits she encountered the Room occupied by Draco Malfoy who had just successfully fixed the Vanishing cabinet. He used Peruvian Instant Darkness Powder and threw her out of the Room, where Harry was in the corridor.

The Room of Requirement, also known as the Come and Go Room, is a secret room within Hogwarts Castle, that only appears when a person is in great need of it. The room is thought to have some degree of sentience, because it transforms itself into whatever the witch or wizard needs it to be at that moment in time, although there are some limitations. For example, it cannot create food, as that is one of the five Principal Exceptions to Gamp's Law of Elemental Transfiguration. It is believed that the room is Unplottable, as it does not appear on the Marauder's Map, nor do its occupants, although this could simply be because James Potter, Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, and Peter Pettigrew never found the room.

The room is located on the seventh floor in the left corridor of the Hogwarts castle and has a hidden entrance opposite the tapestry depicting the attempt of Barnabas the Barmy to teach trolls ballet. The way to open the room is to walk past it three times thinking about what you need, and the door will appear.

"It's a proper hideout, as long as one of us stays in here, they can't get at us, the door won't open. It's all down to Neville. He really gets this room. You've got to ask it for exactly what you need—like, "I don't want any Carrow supporters to be able to get in—and it'll do it for you! You've just got to make sure you close the loopholes! Neville's the man!"
—Seamus explaining the Room of Requirement

It is advised that the users of this room be very specific about what they are looking for, as it has been shown that other people can enter the room and see what the occupant is doing if they know how the room is being used. The Inquisitorial Squad found the hideout of the D.A. in 1996 by knowing that the D.A. was in the room at the time. Neville Longbottom used this knowledge to create his hideout, as he specifically asked that the hideout be made unavailable to those who supported Alecto and Amycus Carrow.

The Room of Hidden Things may have had a special protection that prevented a Summoning Charm being used in it, meaning students had to physically find what it was they were looking for. This was the case when Hermione attempted to summon Rowena Ravenclaw's Diadem, but failed, although this may be because the diadem was a Horcrux. She, Ron and Harry had to go searching for it instead. However, this protection may have been placed by Voldemort specifically for the diadem, as he took similar precautions for his locket horcrux. Tom Riddle believes that he, and only he, is the only person that ever discovered the deepest secret in Hogwarts. He never expected Harry to discover this chamber. Additionally, even House-Elves cannot Apparate into the room, meaning they have to know what to ask the room to become into in order to access it.

As noted above, as long as the room was being used to maintain the passage to Hogwarts, the Room of Hidden Things couldn't be accessed. Harry, Hermione, and Ron cleared the room and accessed the Room of Hidden Things, where they were ambushed by Draco Malfoy, Vincent Crabbe and Gregory Goyle. Crabbe let loose cursed fire that destroyed the Horcrux and many other objects, killing himself in the process. The entire room was turned into a sea of flames, and Ron wondered if the Room of Hidden Things could be accessed again due to the possibility of it being destroyed.

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