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s•u•n•s•h•i•n•e «§KENZ§» | 600 comments The Great Hall: This is for teachers and where they will also make announcements to the school (which will also be posted in the topics for each table).

Vast chamber with an enchanted ceiling that mirrors the sky outside. Four long tables for the four houses. Closest to the doors from the Entrance Hall is Slytherin, then Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and next to the far wall, Gryffindor (this order may possibly be reversed, depending on how you orient the room to the entrance hall). The teachers sit at the High Table, a table on a raised platform at the front of the room.

A door behind the staff table allows a person to enter the Great Hall from outside without going through the main entrance; it isn't clear if this is the same door as the one leading into the antechamber.

There are windows into this room from the lawn outside.

During the climactic Battle of Hogwarts, the fighting ended up in the Great Hall. The last combatants were:
. Bellatrix fighting Hermione, Ginny, and Luna
. Voldemort fighting McGonagall, Slughorn, and Kingsley

Molly Weasley took over fighting Bellatrix with her famous battle cry "NOT MY DAUGHTER, YOU BITCH!" and killed her. When Voldemort saw this his anger blasted his three adversaries away, but Harry stepped out from under the Invisibility Cloak and took on Voldemort and defeated him.

The Great Hall acted as temporary morgue and triage station, with wounded fighters begin treated on the platform at the head of the Hall and the dead laid out on the main floor.

There is a smaller antechamber connected to the Great Hall, door behind the teachers' table, with a fireplace and many portraits (including that of the Fat Lady's friend Violet) off the Great Hall.

The Great Hall in Hogwarts Castle is the main gathering area in the school located off the Entrance Hall. Students eat their meals, receive daily owl post, and have certain special events here. The Great Hall is a large hall that can easily hold all of the school's students, staff, and guests. It has tall walls that reach up to the ceiling, which is covered with candles and enchanted to look like the sky above. At the front of the hall, is the staff table, also known as the High Table, which is designed to house the entire Hogwarts staff.

The highlight of the table is the throne-like chair in the centre of the table where the current Headmaster or Headmistress sits. The Great Hall, as well as serving as the area for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the students and staff, was also the place in which many important events took place, such as the traditional Sorting Ceremony each year and the defeat of Lord Voldemort, which signified the close of the Battle of Hogwarts and the climatic end of the Second Wizarding War. To the left of the table is a door which leads to a chamber with portraits.

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