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Lovejoie Here is to a productive 2014!

And...once again, my personal rating system!
Lovejoie's Star Rating System:

* - It's not even good enough to level my kitchen table.
** - I managed to finish it, but it was a struggle.
*** - Mildly entertaining and an enjoyable read.
**** - Extremely entertaining.
***** - Exceptional book. This was worth staying up all night to finish! Who needs sleep? Not I!

R = Recommended

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Lovejoie January 2014:

1. Hellbound on His Trail by Hampton Sides
Hellhound on His Trail The Stalking of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the International Hunt for His Assassin by Hampton Sides
--> Rating: ****

2. The Twelve by Justin Cronin
The Twelve (The Passage, #2) by Justin Cronin
--> Rating: ****
I can't wait for the third book in this trilogy. "All Eyes"

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Lovejoie February 2014:

3. RL's Dream by Walter Mosley
R L'S Dream by Walter Mosley
--> Rating: **
Walter Mosley is one of my favorite authors so I thought I would devour this book but I found it hard to finish. To sum it up, the book moved too slow for my taste. However, I am a great fan of Walter Mosley and I would recommend the following:
1. Futureland
2. The Man in My Basement

message 4: by Jodi (new)

Jodi (readinbooks) | 1912 comments I love your rating system. I look forward to seeing how the books you read measure up! Good luck with your goal.

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