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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments He pulled her toward the condo that sat only a few blocks away from Starbucks, a perfect spot really. There and back was exactly how much space you needed to walk a day to stay healthy. Much worth it too. He stopped at the front, looking back at her, "Would you like to come in my condo? Not to my condo, but in. Because if you were going to my condo you would just stand at the front door." He smiled wide.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments

Inside: (view spoiler)

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SageMe | 49 comments "I'd love to come in your condo." She laughed, noting that he was interesting with his grammar analysis. Reggie ran her hand through her fluffy brown hair, tilting it to the right as she did so. Drew was interesting, very interesting... The only thing that was questionable about him was whether or not there was love between them. There was a real connection, that was for sure.... But true love? True love in itself is a question. If it weren't for the digits on her arm, Reggie may not even believe in the whole 'love at first sight' idea, but alas, she may or may not have met the person she's meant to love for the rest of her life.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments Drew smiled brightly as he skipped into the building, unlocking the door and pushing it open. "I'm home!" He called out, his arms wide as if something was going to come out and hug him. But alas, nothing did. He lived alone in this spacious and amazing home. He looked around, sighing softly, "Well, that wasn't a nice welcoming." He muttered looking back at her. "I have a guest over. Don't flip out, it's a girl." He said as if someone was going to answer him. He talked to himself a lot because no one socialized with him much. It was just like a way to make him feel like he wasn't all alone. "Now to get you some shelves for your new books." He commented pulling her to the other room.

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SageMe | 49 comments A look of slight confusion dashed across her face as he began speaking to the condo, but she shook it away, realizing it was just Drew being Drew. Reggie followed him without hesitation, looking around the place as they went into the next room. "How many shelves do you have??" Her eyes grazed over the room in bewilderment and astonishment at all of the organized clutter. ((I'm assuming here; correct me if I'm wrong.)) She began laughing, realizing she should expect this from him.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments ((Mmmm well, in his study it's all organized besides his sitting area where there's a bunch of crap all around, but yes, organized. So it just depends on which room you're in.))

Drew looked back at her, "Seventy Two." He answered, "Or was it sixty five? Oh well." He shrugged getting a box that was randomly sitting in the corner. He started filling it with books, cleaning off a shelf at a time, books from random sections of it. He turned around, putting it into her hands. "Now for the shelf." He walked away from her, going into another room. He came out with an interesting looking black and white fedora. "Now we go into the storage area! Grab your adventuring hat!" he said motioning to the closet he walked into.

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SageMe | 49 comments "Adventuring hat?" Reggie ventured ((see what I did there?)) into the closet and looked around, noticing there wasn't a light. She couldn't see worth crap amd came back out. "Uhm..... Light." Her eyes widened a little bit, in a pleading and not knowing what to expect expression montage. "Before you tell me if you do or do not have a light switch though.... How many hats do you have?"

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments ((I see it!))

He gasped, "Sixty five!! That's where that number came from!" He cheered jumping up happily. "And pick randomly! It's no fun if you know what you're going to wear. No swichies." He shook his finger, "Then it's not an adventure." He smiled, skipping into his office.

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SageMe | 49 comments ((YAY))

She grinned, loving the excitement he pushed onto the easy activity. Reggie turned back to the closet and stepped inside again. Closing her eyes to pull off the random effect for herself, she reached out and waved her hand over where she figured the hats would be. Her fingers latched onto something that felt a bit velvety. Reggie pulled it off the shelf and came out of the closet. It was a maroon-velveted top hat with a gray and black feather coming up from the brim that was tied there with a black ribbon. Reggie put it on with a smile and traced his skips to the office room.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments He looked back at her, his face dropping for a second, it was his ex's favorite hat. And she looked stunning in it. It was the hat he bought and said, If someone will pick this one randomly, it will be the one that I'll be with forever. His ex hadn't ever picked it randomly but on purpose. She had seen it when the lights were on and knew what to search for.... No matter how many times he placed it different. He breathed out, blinking a few times as he examined her. "You picked it...." He sighed.

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SageMe | 49 comments ((OMF YOU JUST HAD TO DIDN'T YOU))

Her smile ditched her features, "Picked what..." Reggie thought she must've done something wrong. Was the hat some kind of test? What did she do that wasn't right... She reached up and took it off, looking down at it with wonder and a hint of sorrow.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments ((Yes. Because Drew is special enough to have one of those.))

Drew walked up to her slowly, taking the hat gently from her hands and putting it back on her head. He put his hand on the side of her face, his eyes shining with a foreign emotion that he didn't even know. Was this actual love? If so, it was something he didn't feel before. Not for his ex.... No.... this was stronger.... He bit his lip softly, breathing out gently. "You picked the hat."

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SageMe | 49 comments ((GODFRACKENDISH))

Her skin tingled where his skin touched her, sending chills down her spine. "The hat?" This didn't feel like some random act of his. This was real. This awful and glorious feeling that filled her to the brim with positive confusion. Her breath caught in her throat, the suspense of what his next actions would be grasping her senses.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments ((You love it because it does with hats. Admit it.))

His heart was beating faster than ever as he closed his eyes, his lips gently pressing against hers, but light enough for her to pull away if she wanted to. The hat. The hat I picked out for the love of my life all those years back.... I picked it up in Paris when my parents earned enough money to take our family. Of course, we had enough money to go on two of those trips, just to make sure we could afford it. I picked it up from the capital of love.... In hopes it would highlight who was the one.... And you picked it up. The girl with the one skate.

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SageMe | 49 comments ((......maybe.......))

As soon as his lips touched hers, she pressed him closer, placing her hands on his chest to steady herself. The hat. She didn't do anything wrong. In fact, everything was perfect. The number of zeros on her arm wasn't wrong, the hat wasn't wrong, and he certainly wasn't wrong. This boy that couldn't remember pens or people yet could remember how many hats he owned was perfect. Reggie could feel the beat of his heart through his shirt and it made her step back and look at him. Just look.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments Drew couldn't help but giggle as she pressed closer to him. He was definitely giddy right then. He found her. The hat was right! The hat was right! "I'm going to take you to Paris." He said tapping on her nose when she broke away and was looking at him. He had to bring her to the spot he'd only take one person. Even his ex didn't get to go because she wouldn't pick the right hat.

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SageMe | 49 comments She laughed, "Paris? Uhmm.. Well, okay..." Reggie scrunched up her nose a little, then summed up her courage and asked him. "Uhm, I'm not sure of this is the right question, but... What's special about this hat?" Reggie bit her lip, now wishing her curiosity hadn't overpowered her. There were extremely vivid lines in life, and she'd been taught not to cross them. She was afraid of crossing them.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments He picked her up easily and put her in a chair, him sitting on the desk. "Well, when I was with my parents still, they took my entire family of seven brothers to Paris. I found that hat." he pointed to it, "And I told myself that whomever picks it out randomly out of that closet would be the one I was going to be with the rest of my life." He explained. "You're the only person that's done it...."

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SageMe | 49 comments Her cheeks turned pink. "Oh. Well, that was an easy answer, and now I understand Paris. And okay. Simple explanation." Reggie ran the words through her head. "Rest of your life?" she asked Drew, grinning a bit at the prospect of it.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments Drew looked down and away, "Like many people, you probably think I'm insane." he said moving his finger around his head looking up at her. This time, he was completely serious. This was the one topic he took serious, relationships and love. "If you do not believe in that, it is alright."

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SageMe | 49 comments "No..." She couldn't stop an absolute teeth-showing genuine smile from erupting, "No, I think it sounds absolutely perfect."

((I can't write anymore! HAPPINESS IS CONSUMING ME))

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments ((Ahahahahahaha!))

He smiled over at her, pulling her up and kissing her lips softly. "That's absolutely fantastic." he said in a British accent. "Now we must search by storage room. And sadly, it is not bigger on the inside." He sighed pulling her along, his hand in hers now.

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"Sounds like a plan, Doctor." Reggie matched his dialect with ease. He was entirely different from anybody she had ever met. It was awesome! Her fingers fit perfectly with his as they walked along. She was almost worried about what could possibly be found in his storage room, judging by what she has seen from his personality.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments ((BAHAHAHAHAHA! Yay! I win!))

When they reached the room he sighed, straightening his hat on his head. "Now we just have to run if there's boulders rolling towards us." He pushed open the gate, smiling up at his junk then stopped turning around to her. "What were we down here for again?" He asked raising his eyebrow.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments ((Does that mean we're done rping for the night?))

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SageMe | 49 comments "Shelves." She nodded, narrowing her eyes and trying to remember if that was correct. Reggie eye past Drew at his stuff, still trying to regain a mental picture of him. Sure, he was perfect already, but it could certainly help to know more about him. Reggie took a deep breath, awaiting his next move.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments Drew stood there staring at the things and without hesitation or warning he jumped into the storage space in the dark letting out a loud noise as if he just landed on a cat. He laughed, "Hello Mr. Whiskers!" He threw back a plush cat, it hitting her foot. He started searching around for the shelves. He found them cheering. "Seventy three!" He pushed out the shelf, leaning on a cabinet looking up at her, sighing. "You wanna join me? You never know what you can find. I bet my Tardis is somewhere in here."

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SageMe | 49 comments ((I'M SORRY))

"You have a Tardis? What?" She picked up the stuffed kitty and followed him into the space. "Okay, so, how many coffee makers do you think you have?" She laughed, raising her eyebrows. Reggie began scratching her arm. It didn't feel right with the tape off of it.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments "I don't think, I know. I have four." He answered walking deeper in the area, it getting darker with every step. "And yes I have a Tardis, it's not big and glorious though." He sighed. He tripped over something, going down in a matter of seconds. He looked back to find a box sticking to his foot. He rolled over and started pulling from his foot. "Stupid random doll box...." He cussed. He got back up though. "Speaking of dolls, where'd that beauty go?" He questioned looking through things without actually seeing things. He knew exactly what was in each box. He didn't know how he did it, but he did. "Found her." He said putting her into Reggie's hand. He walked farther back, turning on a light switch but it only turned on a small light ontop of a blue box. "It's not bigger on the inside...." He sighed pushing open the door and falling inside. "Why hello Tardis Key.... I'm glad I didn't lock you." He said It was a life sized Tardis box, but it wasn't bigger, which sucked the big one. "Follow me Rose!"

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SageMe | 49 comments ((I'm confused as to what just happened))

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 536 comments ((He didn't lie. He has a Tardis built into a wall. Let's just say one reason they didn't let him have internet all the time is he was an ebay hobo.... o.o And in reality, the Tardis outside isn't that big so it'd be able to fit into a storage space with ease and only take up 1/4 of the spot. And he just handed her a random doll.))

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