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Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 2154 comments So do you want to start?

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 2154 comments What is it? If you don't mind me asking?

§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments It was in the early 90s that the Trenton Psychiatric Hospital met it's match. The asylum itched with patients. The days were long and the nights were cold. Nuns and nurses scoped the halls, numbing their patients with pills and bizarre threatens. The Trenton Psychiatric Hospital, Dr. Henry Cotton, the director, of the hospital in 1907 and eventually instituted treatments based on his own theories of mental illness. Most commonly known for the off putting treatments, bestowed on many of the unlucky patients.
It was an nice day actually. The sun was out. The nuns were nice enough to open a few of the windows and let the cold air in. When, suddenly, a cab pulls up to the front. Walking up the steps in a stay jacket and muzzle, is a girl. A normal looking girl that, till she opens her eyes. A nun clutches her cross and gags seeing the girls gleaming red eyes. The girl keeps quiet as the police men walk her up the steps, but even some of the patients can sense the threatening events ahead. The Father of the small church in the hospital look at her then at the officer, "Just one?" he asked. The officer laughed, "Say maybe four or five."

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 2154 comments Sooo, which characters will we be playing and which role?

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 2154 comments I never done a rp like this, but is this realistic of fantasy? I think my main character will center around a boy (He may be sixteen or not)

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 2154 comments I guess my boy will be in a wheelchair and blind.

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 2154 comments I'm fine with the plot. I'm just better at fantasy base things(I need to get better use to realistic stuff). I do like your plot-there's sooo much room for potential. It will be some a bit new to me:) that's all.

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 2154 comments Hahaha, I welcome crazy all the time! If I don't understand something I will let you know:)

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 2154 comments (Sure. Profiles takes away from the story I think:))

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 2154 comments Hmm, I can make him, like he has a split personality and that part of him can walk verse the real him.

§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments Sister Ruth walked with Christopher down the hall. She held his hand, not wanting him to get away. It was in, in fact, a sunny warm day. As she walked down the hall, she stopped turning to one of the windows. Keeping a hold on Christopher's hand, she pushed a man in a wheel chair slightly out of the way of the window. Unhesitantly, she flung open the window, letting in the fresh cool breeze. She took his hand again and gave with a wrinkly smile, "Better?"
Sister Ruth was one of the head nuns. Today she was oddly in a very good mood. Though this could always change very quickly. She was a devoted nun and nurse, if any. Though she could be quite strict. She favored Christopher, and today, she allowed him to accompany here on her mid daily rounds about the floor.

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 2154 comments Christopher, a boy of Japanese origin, walked along the long white corridor of Trenton Psychiatric Asylum holding one of Sister Ruth hand. Actually, Sister Ruth was holding his hand. An blank stare covered his soft features, a look he always gets after he had taken his morning medicine. It was as if he barely registered anything outside of him. He came to a stop as the nurse did, and just stood there waiting, and barely watching, as she pushes an man in a wheel chair away from a window. Christopher's black eyes moved slightly toward the window as Ruth opened the window to let in the low fresh breeze of air to come into the closed-off hallway. He noticed a few blue birds flying by the window which caused him to take a single step toward the open entry. Christopher was, in fact, a patient of the hospital for very clear reasons, which shall come to light as the story unfolds.

(How's that? I'm a bit off I think)

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§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments Sister Ruth's lips tightened, seeing he wasn't all there at the moment. "Come." She said, taking his hand. Tugging him off, she walked down the hall quickly. Her heels making small clicks with ever step on the tiles floor. She pulled him to entrance of the asylum where a cab was pulled up. She flung open the front doors, stepping out, tugging Christopher along behind her. In front of then were the front steps. A couple of nurses stood off to the side, in case needed. And off to the other, stood Father Miles.
Standing on the steps were two police officers and a girl. She was bound tight in a stray jacket and a muzzled. The officers kept a firm grip on both of her arms. Her golden blonde hair fell down her back in silky waves. Her eyes gleamed a firry red.
"Morning Sister Ruth. Morning Christopher." Father Miles greeted.

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 2154 comments (You are doing well^.^)

Christopher held his hand out to Sister Ruth to take. He fell into steps behind her, taking long strides since she seemed to be hurrying along. Before long, the large brown door which was always locked came into view of Chris's sight. He conscious knew they were headed toward the front of the school, but why he had not known. They reached the front of the hospital in a matter of seconds, yet Christopher felt those few seconds had taken longer. He came to a stop once again as his eyes took in an most less than interest. Father Miles, an chubby tall man, whom wore this black-robe like dress that had a white cross going down the front of his dress. He had a semi-bald head and the most largest nose who had three brown spots on it. His voice was deep and rough unlike the soft firm voice of Sister Ruth. Christopher liked Father Miles the least despite fact that the man was nice to him.

The very next thing he noticed was two police officers dressed in blue. The thought of them sicken him to no end. Memories of his first day came to mind. Two police had brought him here to the hospital in handcups and a neck collar which had a chain attached to him as if he was a dog. He wanted to strike out at the police in revenge for holding him that very day. His black eyes shifted from them to the girl, the victim, they had captured.

He noticed that she too was striped in with unnecessary equipment just as he had been on his first day. He had fail to response to Father Mile when the man spoke to him as he was too busy staring at the girl whom stared at him back with scarlet eyes that reminded him of fire. He noticed her sun kissed hair which fell along the sides of her face as the muzzled had prevented the hair from falling to the front. For the time being he couldn't take his eyes from hers.

§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments "New patient?" Sister Ruth hooted looking over at the girl and raised an eyebrow. Her expectations not being met quite yet. The looked simply sick in Sister Ruth's eyes. Dark circles defined the girl's glowing eyes. Her skin had a grey fix to it. She was obviously already quite pail, her sickening tone only making it more indicating. Sister Ruth fixed her eyes back on Father Miles and flicked up her eye brows questioningly.
Father Miles nodded faintly, his fingers knitted together behind his back. "Indeed. This is Lola-"
"She looks sick." Sister Ruth interrupted. "Where is she from?"
"Scotland." He replied. His voice was gruff, not knowing much about the girl himself, only the basics. "She-"
Sister Ruth interrupted again, "What is she doing all the way over here?" she hissed venomously. She found this unexpected, seeing if the girl had come all the way from England it was going to be a long term stay. Though few came out no matter where they originally came from.
They all shot their eyes to the girl.
"It's Luna you impeccable s***." The girl said once again. Her voice was smooth though a bit muffled from the muzzle. Her eyes narrowed ever so faintly fixing her eyes from Father Miles to Chris, "What's wroo'ng with hem'?" She asked, noticing he hadn't said a word. Most crazy people she knew couldn't keep their mouths shut. He seemed different though.

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 2154 comments Christopher let go of Sister Ruth's hand, lowering his hand to his side. He barely heard the adults spoke over the basic questions concern any new residual. He ears heard Father Miles said what seemed to be the girl's name. He noticed that the girl had this look of annoyance of her face after Father Miles had said her name. Then she spoke.


Christopher took a step forward, than another. Before long he was standing in front of Luna. His head tilted to the side a little bit as he examined her fiery eyes through the muzzle. He stare lasted for several quiet minutes, and than as if something snapped. Christopher slaps Luna, well the muzzle that held her face, but the hit held enough force to cause her face to turn to the side.

§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments Luna's head snapped to the side.
Sister Ruth and Father both looked at Christopher with complete disbelieve. Neither had seen him act like this. Not while he was on his medication at least. Father clutched his bible and muttered under his breath, praying that the girl wouldn't lash back somehow. Sister Ruth was slightly taken aback, not thinking to get Christopher. The idea of getting near the girl was out of the question. She still needed time to figure out what was going on before she did anything.
Luna kept her head to the side for a moment, her hair a bit in her face now. She creaked her jaw a little, feeling the muffle had come a bit loose but not enough for the other to tell. She face her head forward again and looked at Christopher. She suddenly began to snicker, then full on laugh. "That's mae' name. Do it again, boy. I dare yoo'." she said, her voice now a bit more clear.

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 2154 comments Christopher stares at Luna waiting for her to turn back to him. He watched the strange girl laughed in response to his hit. His eyes drifted to the lips to see them moving, as his ears picked up on what she was saying. He said nothing for the few seconds that passed between them after she dared him to hit her again. His reasons for hitting her was simple: She had done something wrong, so she needed the punishment. Thus a side of him didn't fear her, so he simply punished her. Frowning, he turned away from her.

§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments The officers pulled her back momentarily, though this didn't do much. The muffle slung off her face, showing the deep scar across her cheek. It was quite deep for a scar that had already been heeled, stretching from the corner of her lip, almost all the way to her ear.
"Christopher!" Sister Ruth screeched like a imitating parrot. She quickly grabbed his arm, pulling him away from the girl.
Luna gasped faintly for the fresh air. She laughed faintly, panting a little, her hair everyone. She jerked her head, whipping her hair out of her face then let her hair fall back. She laughed faintly, "Thank you, love."
Father Miles scowled at her with disgust. He looked at the nurses and motioned her head to the girl. "You can take her in now. I'm off." he turned, leaving his stern words, then went back inside.

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 2154 comments Christopher felt hands grabbing him, pulling him back from the strange girl known as Luna. He had glanced over his shoulder to see the long scar that stretched across the girl's face. He gave the girl a blank stare as he saw her reaching for him. He watched as the polices held her. He said nothing as she thanked him to which he barely proceeded. He felt Sister Ruth pulling him away as he kept his eyes on her until she disappeared from sight.

An young man, by the name of Henry Cotter, came from the inter hospital. He wore a long white coat and had a friendly smile. His short brown hair was comb back in his own special style. Setting his blue eyes, the color of ice, on the new patient. He walked down the stairs and over to Luna.

"Hello, daring" He smiled at Luna, who seemed amused. Shifting his cold glance up to the police, he spoke in a calm voice of authority. "I'll take her from you. Two other nursed were at his side already reaching for Luna. "Take her in to a room and I'll be in momentarily to chat with her"Returning his gaze to Luna. "We shall chat soon"

§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments Luna rolled her head across her shoulder, then back up right. Quieting down, she watched as Sister pulled the boy back inside. She allowed herself to sink in the jacket, letting the officers keep her up. She began to rock forward and back, boredly, watching as the others around her starred. Her eyes came into focus as a man approached her. She looked him up and down as he spoke to her. With a dark smile, she replied, "Looking forward to it."

Sister Ruth pulled Christopher along behind her. "Goodness, Christopher. What am I to do?" she gritted through her teeth, plenty of annoyance in her tone. She led him up the main staircase, thinking she'd let him roam in one of the lounging rooms with the other patients.

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 2154 comments The nurses took the Luna into the hospital. They got her set up in one of the rooms. They took her out the restraints and gave her a snack to eat before her appointment with the doctor.

Christopher allowed Sister Ruth to pull him along behind her. He could tell she was mad at he because her voice told her disapproval. He didn't really care. He did what he knew was right. As they came to a staircase, Christopher glanced up at Sister Ruth for a second before take steps up the staircase. "I had to punish her because she did something bad" Christopher spoke, his voice lacking in emotions, as they came close to the top of the stairs. "She needed to be punished"

The white door to the white room which held nothing but a bed and it's owner Luna. Doctor Henry walked into the room with a clipboard and pen in hand. An nurse came in behind him and closed the door. "Ah I see you are looking better already. Miss. Luna-" He glanced down at the clipboard which held Luna information.

§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments Sister Ruth sighed, glancing back at Christopher as he spoke. "She did something bad, you say?" She said, showing she'd been listening to what he said. She weaved in and out of patients in the hall, pulling Chris along behind her. "Well, what did she do?" She kept listening. Listening was a big motto of hers. She felt patients would get better quicker if they were spoken to and heard for what they had to say. She didn't always took what they said seriously, knowing they were there for a reason, but questions would keep them talking.

Luna sat on the bed, her feet dangled slightly, but her toes touched the floor. She looked over at him, gluing her eyes on him, memorizing his features. She wore a hospital gown that went a little above her knees. She was totally flat chested, slumped forward with her hands in her lap. She twisted her wrists that were bound in belts, keeping her too the bed. "Yae' don't look soo' bad yae'rself." She said with a stale tone.

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 2154 comments (K)
"Thank you. I try to eat health just like you will" Doctor Henry looked up from the clipboard. Placing the clipboard on his lap, he set his eyes on Luna. "Tell me, do you know why you are here? And do you understand that you are here for a very long time, my child?" He was already planning out Luna's schedule while she stayed here. I think I will put her on type A feeding and start her on D4S today. Maybe after I see how she does with those, I'll move her up to P%S.

Christopher shifted his eyes to the different patients they passed by after Sister Ruth asked him the question. He had stayed quiet for several long minutes,until they came in view of the cafeteria and one of the lounging areas. He assumed she was taking him to the play area where the other children were. After the long silent period, Chris spoke again. His voice holding a small bit of amusement. "She did something that you wouldn't want to know. It's in her eyes. Did you see it? I did. She was proud of it" He chuckled a little. His morning medicine was wearing off.

§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments A smirk slowly crept across the girl's blue, cold, dead lips. "Oh, I've been a very bad girl, Mr. Henry. I guess I'm here because people don't like me." Her voice smoothed to a seductive sort of tone. She tilted her head slightly like a confused puppy, "I don't know why they don't like me so much. I guess it's because they were scared of me. People don't like the truth. Even when they're staring it in the eye." She didn't break eye contact with him for a moment. She twisted her wrists, now getting a bit sidetracked, "When will they let me walk around?" She wiggled her toes. They'd forgotten to take off her toe rings.

Sister Ruth glanced back at him. "I guess you better keep it to yourself then." She said quietly. She led him into one of the lounging rooms for the more calm patients. She walked in with him, closing the door behind her. Music played from an old record player. It was a simple song, sang in German that few understood. The song was only tolerable because they'd heard it so many times, it was quite easy to tune out. Sister Ruth walked Chris over to an overstuffed chair. She set him down carefully, and with a small nod, walked right back out, closing the door behind her.

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 2154 comments Doctor Henry listened to the young girl as she spoke to him. Being use to seen numerous nut cases, the doctor didn't seemed bothered by the girl eerie behavior.He was staring into her eyes without blinking as well. For a minute, he thought he saw something there in those eyes of hers, but he dismisses the thought. He took the clipboard back into his hands so that he could write out some of the comments she said. He also wrote down some of her behaviors, such as her twisting his wrists, and that she seemed eager to explore her new home. Standing up and holding the clipboard at his side, he walks pass Luna heading to the door. 'You can follow me and I'll take you to the children lounge area, Ms. Luna" He opened the door and waited for her to join him.

Christopher followed the nun into the room. He wasn't happy at hearing that horrible music. In fact, he thought about slamming the CD on top of the person who put the music on several times. Allowing Sister Ruth to led him to a cushioned chair, he let her picked him up and placed him into the chair. Watching her leave out, Chris turned his head to he side to gaze at a blank wall as he waited for the day to end.

§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments Luna twisted her wrists more in the belt that held her to the bed. "I'd love to. You mind...?" She twisted he wrists more to the point that they began to bleed a little. Her hands clutched into tight fists. Her eyes nor facial expressions allowed him to hear or see anything that she didn't want to, keeping herself guarded carefully. Her eagerness seemed to be getting the better of her though as she twisted her wrists and tensed up her muscles.

Sister Ruth went back to her duties, gather together her other head nun. They spoke quietly of the new patient and of the incident with Christopher. They both found it a bit off, though it wasn't too unexpected.

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 2154 comments Doctor Henry made an 'ah' sound with his mouth. Walking back over to the small girl, he bend down, with bended knees, and started to untie her wrists. "That's a pretty ring on your toe. Did you get it from your parents?" He spoke with a softness in his voice. He had untied her hands and returned his eyes to the little girl's eyes. I believe she would be one of the better experiments. I'll have to wait and see.

Christopher mind went back to the girl. He wondered if he would see her around here. An nurse came along and placed an standing table in front of him. She placed an tray of food which consisted of some sort of sandwich, a piece of fruit, a cup of jello, and a cup of juice. She also placed a small cup of pill, five pills near the juice. Turning his head, he gazed down at the tray. The pills he knew had were all sugar except for one, the green one in the cup. Christoper knew that pill was the cause of his dullness. He picked up the fruit to eat as the nurse moved to the next patient.

§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments Luna looked to be 16 or 17, maybe even little older. She as tall for her age but seemingly didn't grow evenly. Her chest was flat and her skin was smooth, though there was a certain dulling of grey to her skin. "No." she replied to his question. "I found them." She stud up, keeping her hands by her sides. She reached into her gown, trough the neck of the gown, then pulled out a black ribbon. She began to tie her hair back, "I don't wish t be with children Doctor Henry. Honestly, do I really seem like a child to you?" She smirked ever so faintly. he scar on he cheek creased deep a little and emphasized that corner of her mouth.

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 2154 comments (My view of how I was seeing them, lol)

"Well, I'm afraid that all our patients here under the age of eighteen are considered to be children." Doctor Henry stood up and walked with Luna to the door. "You are now under the hands of Trenton Psychiatric Hospital" Upon walking out of Luna's room, he handed the clipboard with her information off to a nurse who was walking by. "Luna, while you stay here, you will be expected to take all of your medicine" He walked with the young girl toward the lounge, labeled children. All young adults were placed under children here at the hospital, because they were minors and thus they were controllable as far as what they held a say in.

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§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments "Is that so?" Luna looked down at the clipboard. Most of everything was blank. Even her middle and last name weren't there. From the time she spent in the many orphanage, legally, no one knew much about her. She looked down to where it said:
Date Of Birth
She looked at him wit a murderous look. "My last name is Promise. I'm 18 years, old today. My documents are right here. The orphanage has emancipated me already, and without my records, I'm not legally 'here' yet." She plucked the pen from his front pocket then leaned against the wall. She began to fill out the documents herself. "I am no child, Doctor Henry." She handed the filled out clip board back to him. "You may call me Ms. Promise. I'd say you take that to Father Miles now, before I change a few more things."

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 2154 comments (Blah, this took me longer than I first thought)

Doctor Henry watched the young girl took the clipboard from the nurse. Ah, so she is fast. She could be very useful for the AI4-experiment. I may have found the four one, the last one. He watched her wrote her information on the piece of paper. She's a bit of a wild spirit. The process could kill her too like the other spirited bunch...I'll will have to test her and find out. Returning his attention to her, he smiled a small smile. "Yes, dear. I will call you Luna until Luna learns to behave like an adult"

Artificial Intellectual beings. I'm suppose to be this person who was spiecal because my body tolerated it.Yet, it tolerated it because of the blackness that covers my heart. That's what the doc said Christoper moved to drinking the juice. He picked up the pills and swallowed them down as if they were water.

Just than, an larger young boy, by the name of Jacob Millhouse came towards Christopher. Jacob stood several inches taller than Christopher. He had red hair and he had the body build of an football player, although Jacob had not always been that big. In fact, Jacob was a weak thin body with cuts running from his face to his feet when he was admitted to the hospital. His expression was usually mean all the time to show that he was tough. He told Christopher that he was here in the hospital because he purposely kept cutting himself. Jacob was known, by Christopher as the second AI4 or AI-2.

"Hey,I see you are not hungry" Jacob scooped up Christopher's sandwich. He took a large bit out of it. Christopher had not cared about the food, but he did care about being bullied. He had chosen to keep his temper and not wasted his energy on fighting some airhead, muscle case. Dropping his head to the side, he returned to staring at the white wall.

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§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments Luna returned him a chilling stare. Her eyes made the nurses squirm uncomfortably, making their skin crawl. Luna held the clipboard back out to Doctor Henry, "Come now." She said slyly, "I feel you underestimate me, Henry. If I was to be treated like a child, why don't you just let me roam blindly like the rest of them? I'm obviously weak. I am sure to die soon. Look at the grey in my skin?" She smiled ever so faintly, "I'm obviously not staying anywhere for very long. So why don't you just let me have my way?" Her words were mind numbing, getting the nurses to tense, wanting Doctor Henry to hurry.

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 2154 comments Doctor Henry gazed back at Luna. He had handed the clipboard back to the nurse, waving a hand to excused them. "I'm fine with us being on first term names, Luna. Whether I underestimate you or not shall be decided over the next few days my daring. As for your health, well that would change very soon. Now if you walk straight ahead, you're see a door that leads to a lounge. You should head that way, and I'll be by later with your medicine" He smiles friendly.

§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments Luna slowly returned a friendly smile, "See you then." She turned, walking down the hall. Her hair swooshed back and forth, the black ribbon holding it back messily. Her hair was a crazy mess of sun kissed, wavy mess. It stood out a bit; most of the patients having their hair cut short because if lice or hair pulling. She focused her eyes on the doors. None of the doors were labelled, besides the patients rooms that had numbers on them. She opened the doors and walked in, stopping in her tracks and inspected the area.

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Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 2154 comments Christopher could hear Jacob eating the rest of his food that was on the tray. He signs again not wanting the guy to be near him, but he didn't want to start anything with the older young male as he had not the required material to 'do' something. Hearing the door clicked opened, Christopher turned his head to see Luna standing in the doorway. His eyes widen slightly but than he quickly turned away from her sight. Jacob, who was eating Christopher's pears, turned toward the door. "Looks like we got a new one. Shame huh"

§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments Luna fixed her eyes on Jacob, hearing him speak. "Quite." she replied, beginning to walk towards him. Se plucked a pack of cigarettes from one of the patients, standing and shaking, obviously not needing them at he moment. She took out a cigarette, stopping in font of Jacob and popped one in her mouth. "Need one?" she offered, a bit muffled with the stick between her teeth. She then reached in the neck of her gown, pulling out a lighter and lit her cigarette then look a long fine drag.

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 2154 comments Raising both his eyebrows, Jacob finishes off the fruit. His eyes ran over Luna in a quick flash. Unlike Christopher who could sense the darkness in the eerie girl, Jacob was clueless to that insight. "O why do you say that?" His eyes danced with amusement when he seen her grabbing some cigarettes from some older patient as if she was use to the habit. As she came to a stop in front of Jacob and offered him a cigarette, Jacob reached for one and popped the stick right into his mouth. "I haven't had a smoke in a long while"

"You both should stop. For one thing, it turns your teeth yellow and for a lack of better words: it isn't lady like" Christopher placed emphases on the last part. He had not turned his head to look at them nor did he care what they were doing, but he had wanted to insult the two of them for a small amusement, maybe even an excuse to cause trouble.

"Calling me a girl-Aaa" Turning his head to look at the nonchalant boy, Jacob frowned. He could never understand the guy. "How about I knock you out of that chair or break your arm"

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§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments Luna watched them as the two bickered for a moment. She glanced around after lighting Jacobs cigarette, looking for where the music was coming from. She listened for a moment as it started over, the sound become more and more familiar. She purposefully blocked the other two out as the music played. She pulled the cigarette from her lips.

Quelqu'un a chanté votre nom aujourd'hui
Et un étranger m'a vu crumble
transporter mon
Le coeur brisé et la coquille loin
Mendicité, enterrez-moi près de vous

Le diable a sauté autour d'aujourd'hui
La vente des promesses et des potions
qui pourrait
Prenez une mémoire loin
Aidez oublier que je n'avais jamais rencontré vous

Pouvez-vous s'il vous plaît pas
Veuillez enlever la misère?
La douzaine de boulanger s'il vous plaît
Enveloppez-moi de s'en aller

The words escaped her lips quietly. Jacob and Chis able to hear her but only when they were quiet.

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 2154 comments (Nope:))

"Do it and I'll devour you" Christoper had not turned his head to catch the threatening stare on Jacob's face. He was wishing they all would go some were else to talk and leave him along. He wanted to be by himself to enjoy the quiet before he was taken back to his room or to the lab for more tests, both painful and mentally straining.

After Luna had light his cigarette, Jacob inhaled deeply to taste the iron taste. He blew out a disformed ring of smoke once he exhale. "We can test that out" He walked over to the boy and grabbed a fist full of his shirt. "Let's see what you got" Jacob reached into his body to feel the small tingling feeling rising to his fist.

Christopher in response turned to Jacob, also feeling the same tingeing feeling. Rising over their fighting like a calming wave, both boys turned to Luna when she started to sing. Then watched her as her voice matched the steady melodies of the music playing. Christopher steps back from Jacob. "What are you singing?"

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§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments Luna looked over at them, her face slowly twisting with concern to see Jacob with a fist full of Chis. "The song they have playing." she replied, giving her bud a flick. "I boy at the orphanage sang this song to me when I left." She bushed it off with a small shrug, taking another drag on her cigarette. She looked over them, raising an eyebrow. "Jacob." She said flatly. No one could be sure how she already knew his name. "Let go of him. They'll only increase your medication with you doing that." she gave her bud another flick.

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 2154 comments Startled about his name coming out of her mouth, Jacob drops Christopher, whom took a step back from him. "How'd you know my name, girl?" He took the cigarette out of his mouth and took a step toward her. He smirks confidently "Let them up mu medication-it can't do much" Walking closer to her, he leans over toward Luna and whispered into her left ear. "Most of them are sugar pills anyway" Leaning back he popped the white stick back into his mouth and walk off toward a tv.

Once he was let go, Christopher took a step back. He saw her lips twisted in some odd way, but he couldn't fit that out. Turning his head away from the two, he went back and took a seat. Staring at the wall, he listened to what Jacob had told her. Once he was gone, Christopher inwardly struggled with whether to speak or not. "He's wrong you know"

§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments Luna didn't move away, but simply moved her cigarette away, not to burn him, as Jacob came close. "They're not sugar pills." Luna replied as he began to walk away. 'The outside coating is a little sweet. But they aren't sugar pills." She said defiantly, though not willing to really argue with him when she knew she was right. "The penguins can do whatever they want with us. And the penguins will do whatever Doctor Henry wants them to." She took another pull on the cigarette listening to Christopher as he spoke. She fixed her eyes on him, getting a weird sort of different feeling as she stared at him. "Thank you for getting that muzzle off me earlier, love. I appreciated it," she said sincerely.

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 2154 comments Listening to the girl spoke of the nurses that followed behind Doctor Henry, he wondered just what had landed someone like her into this place.Sure she was off, but she looked like someone who was sane. Christopher glanced over at Luna. He frowned at her for a moment than looked away from her. "I didn't help you. I slapped you because I felt like it" She saw through it then. I thought so. begin to tap his right index finger against the chair arm. This was a nervous habit of his.

§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments Luna smirked faintly looked over at the curious boy. She walked around the chair pulling her hand through his hair for a moment. "I guess I should start thinking of ways to get you back then." She laughed faintly, "Though, I'd slap me two if I knew about all the havoc I've caused." She stood on the other side of his chair, now crossing her arms, she took a long drag on her cigarette.

Iesha (In east shade house at...) (emberblue) | 2154 comments Christopher shifted his eyes to Luna when he saw her moving out the side of his eye. His eyes followed the girl until she disappeared behind his chair. The next thing he knew was that he felt her hand running through his hair. Turning his head to the side of the chair where she stood, he frowned at her comment. Standing up, he approach her allowing a space between them. "What are you here for" He glanced at the cigarette than back to her eyes. Raising his hand, he crushed the tip of the bud with his fingers and kept his fingers there. "I hate smoke"

§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments Luna narrowed her eyes slowly at his as her pinched out her bud. She blew out a lung full of smoke in his face slowly. "Why am I hear?" she echoed after he remarked her smoking. "I couldn't tell you exactly." She said flatly, "I think it may be because the nuns at the orphanage didn't like me." She looked him over for a moment, "You look decently sane. Why are you here?" She asked, thinking she may get him off the subject of herself.

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Turning his head, Christopher coughed a few times as he lowered his hand from the bud. Once he was finished coughing, he looks back at her with a small annoyed look in his eyes. "I'm here because I'm mentally unbalanced, why else would I be here for?" He turned away from her to reclaim his seat. "You lived at an orphanage-how gruesome" He looks over to see Jacob had turned the tv to a wrestling show.

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