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§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments It was in the early 90s that the Trenton Psychiatric Hospital met it's match. The asylum itched with patients. The days were long and the nights were cold. Nuns and nurses scoped the halls, numbing their patients with pills and bizarre threatens. The Trenton Psychiatric Hospital, Dr. Henry Cotton, the director, of the hospital in 1907 and eventually instituted treatments based on his own theories of mental illness. Most commonly known for the off putting treatments, bestowed on many of the unlucky patients.
It was an nice day actually. The sun was out. The nuns were nice enough to open a few of the windows and let the cold air in. When, suddenly, a cab pulls up to the front. Walking up the steps in a stay jacket and muzzle, is a girl. A normal looking girl that, till she opens her eyes. A nun clutches her cross and gags seeing the girls gleaming red eyes. The girl keeps quiet as the police men walk her up the steps, but even some of the patients can sense the threatening events ahead. The Father of the small church in the hospital look at her then at the officer, "Just one?" he asked. The officer laughed, "Say maybe four or five."

Here you are. Hey, I gotta go do something real quick, so, be right back.

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Okay :)

§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments Mkay, I'm here. So what did you have in mind? :)

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are you implying that they're all demons?

§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments Well, I don't like to make other people's characters. I know I was going to have the girl possessed by the devil.

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Oh okay :) So how do you want it to go. The possessed girlXDoctor?

§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments ... girlXDoctors? lol Well, Once again I was thinking if you wanted to, you could be another patient, or a nurse. The doctors there were supposed to be pretty messed up from what I've read on the place.

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I'll be another patient.

§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments Ok, cool. Would you like to do a character profile or just jump in?

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Just start I want to see how well I do.

§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments Ok, one moment.

§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments What's your characters name real quick?

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Travis Mccoy

§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments Mkay, on it.

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§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments Sister Ruth, one of the head nuns, walked swiftly through the hall. Her heels made small clicks on the tile floor with every step. She stopped for a moment, opening a window, then continued walking. Trailing behind her, was Travis. She favored him enough to allow him to follow her. Sister Ruth wasn't what most would consider a saint, but she was a devoted nurse, and nun. She kept her floor strait with her pig whip that she carried around. If Travis dallied, she would whip the back of his ankles to have him hurry up. She did not hit him as hard as the other, nor did she punish him as often.
She kept a steady pace. Making her way to the front steps. Opening the front doors, she stepped into the sunlight and fixed her eyes on the seeming new recruit.
Standing on the steps before them was Father Miles. Standing to the side were a couple of nurses, ready to take down the patient if needed. And standing on the steps was a girl.
She looked to be maybe 16 or so. She was tall and bare foot. She was bundled tight in a stray jacket and muzzle. Her firry red eyes fixed on Travis and Sister Ruth. Her golden hair fell long in silky waves, The officers kept a firm grip on her arm, the place giving them the sheebies.

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(view spoiler)

Travis kept in step with Sister Ruth not wanting to make her angry with him after seeing that she was in a very good mood for some reason that he just couldn't comprehend. He ran his hand through his hair seeking to the fact she had waken him up without letting him prepare himself for the day. It was actually very nice outside and he wondered why out of all the patients he would be privelged enough to come outside. In the distance he could see a girl that looked younger than him wearing a straight jacket and a muzzle. "Who is that Father Miles?" He asked looking directly at the girl. Besides the red eyes he thought she was pretty normal.

§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments Father Miles looked over at Travis and nodded faintly, "Hello Travis. Hello Sister Ruth. This is our new patients... Luna. I think she said that's what her name was. Don't get to close."
"I don't bite." She piped up, her voice muffled through the muzzle. "Not unless yae' want me to. I can get into that sort a' 'ting." she gave then a swift wink.
Sister Ruth grimaced, "Where is she from?" she asked Father Miles.
"Scotland." he replied looked at Luna with a sigh then fixed his eyes back on Sister Ruth.
Sister Ruth grabbed Travis' arm, pulling him close, not wanting him near the girl. She covered his ears, even though he could hear everything. "Then why is she all the way here?" Sister Ruth gritted through her teeth.

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Travis made eye contact with Luna and couldn't help but to notice her beauty. "Sister!" He snapped shaking his head in attempts to get her hands off of him. There was something about the girl that made him not have his panic attacks. He hadn't had his medication in days and his panic attack would have happened in a moment such as this. "What's a matter with her?" He asked the father but looked at Luna as if he wanted to actually know what she had to say about this.

§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments Luna watched them curiously, finding this all quite a bother. She sang, letting the police men hold her by the stray jacket. They tightened the muzzle not wanting to let her talk.
Father Miles looked at Travis and sighed, "Her heart is black. She has been possessed. I don't want you near her Travis. Don't let her take God from your heart."
Luna shook her shoulders with rage, hearing the preachers blasphemy. She chomped her teeth at the muzzle, though this all didn't do much with the police putting a death grip on her when she began to move.
Sister Ruth did not remove her hands from Travis. "What swine." she hissed, pulling her eyes away from the girl and fixed then back on Father Miles. She sighed then nodded. "I'll take her from here. Thank you Father."

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Travis looked at the Father with narrowed eyes,You're just saying that because you're not any better. He thought angerly but didn't show it because he didn't want to encourage Luna more than he probably already has. (view spoiler) When they were heading back inside he looked down at his feet and tried not to make conversation.

§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments [That's where you can read minds right?]

Sister Ruth motioned her head, removing her hands from over Travis' ears. "Come along!" she urged. The nurses standing off to the side took Luna's arms. The offices headed off, back to their cab.
Sister Ruth lead them back inside, making sure Travis was close to her. The nurses seemed a bit nervous with Luna being a bit taller than them. She didn't run away though, or say anything. She just followed.
Sister Ruth took them to the bathing chamber and filled a tub full of water. The nurses looked at Luna with hesitation, thinking to take the stray jacket off, even though it seemed a bit risky.

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§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments [ ^~^ Ok, cool. Yeah, I can do that. I'm not sure how to factor it in at the moment their in. But I got it. ]

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Travis was in his own little happy go lucky world until suddenly a memory slipped up and made him attack Sister Ruth. This wasn't the first time he's had this freak out. It concerned everyone because he was such a nice boy and this has happened since he was a kid. He shook and scratched Ruth's face as his body shook uncontrollably and he started to cry.

§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments She fell back and guarded her face naturally. The nurses quickly left Luna to pull Travis off Sister Ruth. The two grabbed him tight, pulling him off of Sister Ruth. She huffed, getting back on her feet and fixed her attire. She gave Travis a stern glare. She then blinked peculiarly as she heard Luna began to laugh.
The girl laughed, the muzzle now a bit loose as a result of her chomping from earlier. "Give that boy some mittens or something. His han's are probably all 'icky now from the makeup yae' caked on this mor'ning."

§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments (I'm gonna hit the sack, it's pretty late. Night. :) )

§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments (I'm gonna hit the sack, it's pretty late. Night. :) )

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Travis looked at Sister Ruth appologetically because he didn't understand why he had those sudden panics.It was the father. The thought repeated over and over in his head. He was starting to remember when he was six years old. He just got to the institution and he felt like he was very normal until one night the father snuck into his room and touched him where he shouldn't have been touched. He felt very uncomfortable and asked to be excused.

§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments Sister Ruth tucked in her hair and nodded. "You may go Travis. I'd like you to get the soap from my office then come right back. Do you understand?" She asked collectively. She didn't take much to heart when it came to the patients acting up, especially Travis.
The nurses went to stripping down Luna. They took off the muzzle, showing her slightly blue lips. A scar creased deep across her cheek, from the corner of her lip, almost all the way to her ear. It was pretty deep for a scar that was already healed. Luna fell to her knees and held herself tight as the nurses cut off the stray jacket. One of the buckles had been snagged, so they didn't feel the need to save it.

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Travis nodded knowing that he should do what he was told. He walked into Sister Ruth's room to get the soap and smiled when he took a look at th dagger under her pillow. He pocketed it then grabbed the soap. Why did I steal the knife?

§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments Luna snarled and arched her back as they buckled her wrists to the side of the tub.Sister Ruth looked at the black ribbon that tied back the girl's hair. "Don't touch it." Luna gritted through her teeth. Her eyes gleamed red as she craned her head, watching the nurses carefully.
Sister Ruth narrowed her eyes faintly at Luna, though she held her tongue. She gently let the girl's hair down and tied the ribbon around her neck. She then continued to gill the tub with water.

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"Here you are Sister." He said handing her the soap. "May I go to my chambers now?" He asked wanting to see if he could get out easily.

§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments (You're new profile pic is really pretty btw. ^~^ )
"No." Sister Ruth replied. "I want you here." She knelt down on her knees, pulling back her sleeves and held out her hand. "I wish for the soap." she said blandly. She didn't want him off alone anymore without with medication. She wasn't wanting the other patients to be frightened or anxious while picking up his vibes.
Luna kept her eyes down. Her stomach twisted with dread, feeling completely exposed. But then she honestly was. Her cloths were torn on the floor. A pair of patchwork pants, her undergarments, the stray jacket and the muzzle.

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((Thanks That's actually me))
He hands her the soap and walks over to the far wall. "Don't worry yourself Luna I'm not a given pervert." He said as he looked down at his feet. For the first time in a very long time he wanted to hurt somebody but kept his urges to himself.

§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments "That's good ta' hear, love." Luna hooted. She groaned softly with displeasure as Sister Ruth started scrubbing her with the bar of soap. Luna watched Travis, unable to stop staring at him. Her eyes narrowed ever so faintly, thinking he was up to something. And not a surprise party sort of something, or even killed your goldfish sort of something. A bad sort of something.

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He looked up for slight second as the fire alarm started to go off making all the nurses but Sister Ruth in the room with him and Luna. Happy to see Ruth so preoccupied with what she was doing to clean luna up. He took the dagger out without a noise and stabbed directly to the womans heart from her back.

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§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments ( •-• oh... Sorry. My bad. One sec.)

§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments Sister Ruth huffed and blinked looking back at Travis. He'd hit her pretty hard in the back, but his fist punched her in a sort of weird angle. She took his wrist and held it tight, taking in a deep breath. He had still knocked the air out of her lungs pretty well. "Time for your medication." She said blandly then led him out. "Posts!!!" She bellowed to the other nuns. They went back to where they had once been, putting the fire out in the kitchen. A toaster had just malfunctioned and set on fire.
Luna watched, not saying a word as Sister Ruth pulled the delirious boy off.

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((He stabbed her not punched))

§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments ( ;~; B-but, she was gonna be important.)

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((Maybe he misses then))

§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments (Nah, one sec.)

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§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments Sister Ruth gagged as the dagger plunged into her heart. She didn't have time to look back before falling forward. Her arms now in the water, a little a over her elbows. Her hands grazed Luna's thigh lifelessly, her chin resting on the edge of the tub.
Luna looked at Sister Ruth with round eyes. She then began to twist her wrists violently in the belts that held her to the tub. She looked at Travis and huffed faintly, her voice a bit shaky, "B-be carful with that. Y-you don't want to hurt anyone else with that right?" She said quickly, watching him and the dagger. Her eyes slowly became less hollow as flecks of different collies began to sparkle in her eyes. She looked truly terrified. Her eyes beginning to swell with tears.

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Travis looked at her and for some reason she calmed him down,"Don't cry. Please don't cry I'll help you out of the wrist thingies." He said and shoved Sister Ruth's body over and worked at the buckles on her wrists. "I didn't like seeing them treating you like you're a monster or something." He admitted looking at her.

§†êl͓̽l͓̽åꝈนຖå (fallaciousgod) | 2565 comments Luna twisted her wrists so much with panic that they began to bleed. She watched him, shaking a little, wanting to run. Her eyes now dazzled like kaleidoscopes. She slipped a soft sob, "What are we goin' too' do??" She asked urgently. She pushed her heels against the bottom of the pub, splashing the water a little.

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"I don't know I just know that I got to get you out of here." He said unlatching the buckles for her. "I'm not going to hurt you I promise." He promised her once he got her out of there.

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