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Evelyn Evelyn Feb 02, 2014 08:10PM
So glad I no longer rush out to buy a James Patterson anymore. I wait to pick them up at thrift shops, estate sales or at the library. I HATE books that do not end, and this one has no ending. By the time he writes the ending to this one, I will have forgotten the story, forgotten I want to find out how it ends. Right now I am just disgusted and annoyed.

He is putting his name on too many books as co-author, sometimes the book is worth reading, sometimes not....but he no longer has me as a died in the wool fan.

I have yet to read this, and after these two comments i'm not too sure how i'm going to feel, but I do know that now I really want to read it just to see what the both of you mean about this book! Going to start it now, i'm not sure why I kept putting it off.

I have just finished catching up on the Alex Cross series...........and unlike most of you..........I liked it and look forward to the next one.

I have also started the Private series...............and its great as well!!

James Patterson books are smooth, easy to read and easy to follow. I look forward to many more!!

Jimmie (last edited Feb 12, 2014 05:51PM ) Feb 12, 2014 04:46PM   0 votes
I agree 100% with your observation. The word actually was used so many times in the book Toys, I cringe when I read actually in other books. But at least I had the Alex Cross novels to look forward to reading. I was upset after Mr. Patterson gave two accounts of how Alex Cross' first wife was killed in two separate Alex Cross. My second chance was given after the actually fiasco. But to leave us in the dark at the end of Cross My Heart, I finally give up. I will read the next Alex Cross book so I can have closure. But after I finish that story, I'm done reading another James Patterson novel.

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Evelyn I agree with you, the different accounts of how his wife died is just sloppy writing and editing. I ran across something like that in a Lisa Jackson b ...more
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I was very frustrated from the beginning of the story with the basic premise. I was also disapointed with the cliff hanger. I would rate all of his books at 4 stars but this one is just one!

I don't remember two different versions of his Maria's death. Please educate me.

I didn't mind the way the book ended. I would have liked some closure, but I like the cliff hanger effect as well, so to speak. It was kind of like an end season finale for a TV show - always keep them wanting more. It's like the story that carries over to the next book is the only story in the book, there are other story lines as well.

I liked this book and was sorry to discover another author decided to jump on the train and join the trend of leaving their book with a 'cliff-hanger ending'. As a fan, I will follow a writer because I continue to enjoy his/her work and reading brings me satisfaction. That author doesn't need to resort to a no-ending ending in order to sell me his next book. If one tries to Manipulate me that way I'm gone, and it itsn't likely I'll return. Ever.

There was a time when I rushed out and bought the new Patterson book. Not any more.
I began to think you could just substitute the title of the book as every story followed the same thing. Too much the same.

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