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sol | 273 comments • All characters need to be accepted by a moderator • 
• You are permitted to use your own formats as long as you have the following information • 

[ Full Name ]

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[ Birthday ]
[ Zodiac ]

[ Gender ]
[ Sexual Orientation ]
[ Relationship Status ]

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[ Power ]

[ Appearance ] Must have a description of at least 10 sentences. Realistic drawings are allowed, but no anime.

[ Dressing Style ] Description and photos if possible.

[ Personality ] At least 3 descriptive paragraphs.

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[ History ] At least 4 descriptive paragraphs.

[ Family ]

[ Other ]

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Me, Myself, and I | 285 comments { P a r t 1 }

. A . S . T . E . R . I . A .



"What've you got to be sad about, Danny? Smile okay, baby boy? Your dad would have wanted you to."
"What are you talkin' about, ma? I'm happy as a clam."


{ N a m e : } Daniel Tyson Croix
N i c k n a m e : Tyson, Ty. Danny, Danny-boy. Just, for the love of God, not Dan. No. Just no. Please. Something about that nickname just grates on his nerves: It's right up there with the name Bill or Bob. He may work for a living, yeah, but he's no hick.

{ A g e : } Nineteen, the youngest in a household full of older brothers -which is a chore in itself- who've teased him about carrying his own weight pretty much since he began talking. Which came relatively early, because this kiddie? Yeah, he was a talker.
B i r t h d a y : January 1st
Z o d i a c : ♑ Capricorn ♑


{ G e n d e r : } Masculine. Working on a field, as well as having those pesky brothers who insist on using each other as punching bags, has made sure of that.
S e x u a l . O r i en t a t i o n : Heterosexual
R e l a t i o n s h i p. S t a t u s: While it would probably make Mrs. Croix the happiest woman on earth to finally get rid of her son see him married off, Daniel's never really given relationships much thought. Sure, he's been with girls before, but never anything serious. Someone who has to constantly make sure the family's source of income is kept up doesn't really have much time for love or anything even in that proximity. What can he say, he's a momma's boy, and making sure she has food on the table will always be his top concern.


{ S o c i a l. S t a t u s : } There was a time there when the Croixs were piss poor, could barely afford food to keep the kids from gnawing on their own feet. But somehow, they managed. Maybe that had something to do with the farm they fought to keep in operating shape? But of course, when the crops struggle, so does the family, so it really all depends on whether or not the field decides to behave. But even when they're able to produce something worth selling at the market, Daniel's family isn't the most fortune or financially-advanced one around. They live on the shader side of town, something that's sort of shaped him into he is today: a snarky smartass who's only gotten away with it because this farmer knows how to defend himself, believe it or not.
{ P o w e r : }
Astral Project - This is the ability to enter and travel on astral plane by separating mentally from Danny's physical body. Of course, this leaves his physical body extremely vulnerable and he's yet to figure out how to exit. . . Gently, if you will. Meaning his body often times will simply collapse to the ground once his astral self leaves it, like deflated balloon. But on the bright side, he's able to phase through physical objects and occasionally interact with the things in his environment -and even people- should he be emotionally stable. Yeah, forgot to mention that, did I? It takes an intense amount of concentration to be able to touch things in his astral form and, often times, that's an impossibility when his emotions are running high. Because Danny's a relatively emotional person, you just have to know his tells to be able to notice it. Oh, and his astral form is invisible, by the way. score.


{ A p p e a r a n c e : }


(view spoiler)

H a i r . C o l o r : While most people residing in the kingdom of Asteria have light colored hair, the Croix family has always been a rather prominent exception. Seeing as how his father had dirty blonde hair and his mother's had dark brown locks from the day she was born, you can probably guess that the whole family has relatively dark hair. Danny, along with all of this brothers except for Declan, have darker colored hair, taking after their mother. Just like with everything else, the resemblance between Daniel and his mother is rather uncanny.
E y e . C o l o r : Danny's eyes are a rather intense shade of green, the outside of his iris colored with a starburst that appears to be somewhere lost between a brown and a yellowish gold. All the Croix boys, along with their mother, have mirroring eyes, so it's not like his eyes are particularly anything special. Declan's the one Croix son whose eye color differs, the reason for the brothers constantly joking that Dec is a mutant, his blue eyes seemingly have came from no where.
B u i l d : I mean, Daniel works on a farm. He's constantly lugging around hay, heavy barrels, yanking crops from their deep roots in the earth, and carrying boxes full of whatever they've happened to harvest that season. Seeing as how he's really the only one who works the farm while his mother cares for the numerous animals, he's sort of had to develop quite a lot of muscle. Otherwise, he'd probably be tipped over by the weight of all the things he hoists in his arms. Farmers have it a lot harder than they're given credit for, the main reason he can take off his shirt and feel confident about what the world sees. As well as being a fit kid, to say the least, Danny stands at 5'10", an inch or so taller than the average male mentalist.
D i s t i n c t i v e . M a r k i n g s : He has a tattoo. A single one, the top of a stopwatch all that's visible up to the waistband of his pants. Meaning, unless you just so happen to catch him without bottoms on? You'll likely never know just how far down that particular ink goes. Or what it says under said stopwatch. Along with the tattoo, Danny boy also has burn marks –which have long since done their best to heal naturally, not that it necessarily did any good- on the inside of his forearm.
D r e s s i n g . S t y l e : Their family has never really had much time to be considered with things like style. Considering they have to struggle to pay for food, fancy clothing is the least of their concerns. Typically, Danny can be found in a simple pair of a nameless pair of jeans, no doubt mud splattered and torn. You know, the type of tears that clearly weren't intentional. As for shirts? Well, if he hasn't opted out of that option, wife beaters -as in, the sleeveless shirts and not the disgusting excuses for men who do things that make his fists curl- and short sleeves are about the only thing in his dresser. Seeing as how he has hot blood, it's rare for him to ever really get cold and the one jacket he owns is a plaid zip-up that used to be his fathers. Meaning if you touch it without his consent? He may just break your finger.


{ P e r s o n a l i t y : } At one point in his life, Daniel would have been the boy who gave anyone a chance. Who smiled at the smallest of things and found fun in doing something stupid like playing tug on his family’s farm. The brother quick to laugh and even quicker to help. At one point, Danny was even happy. I know, crazy right? But life forces you to grow out of that immaturity and face the reality of the world: That it’s a cold place. Money makes who you are and if you don’t have a lot of it, then you’re nothing special. Not worth a second glance. Because of where he lives, this is a notation that’s constantly being highlighted by every faintly disgusted look he gets from nobility. One of the many reasons for sarcasm and smartassery as his defense.

Don’t get me wrong: Danny’s lips still quirk up on occasion. He still laughs when the moment strikes him as fit to do so. But it no longer has the same innocent intent it used to. His smiles are more so smirks than anything else and his chuckles are one of mocking amusement. Instead of competitive games being the way of proving his worth, it’s now fistfights to verify that he is, in fact, capable to defending himself and his mother. That, if you want to test him, go ahead and try: he can play the game right back.

Daniel’s also extremely bold: if he thinks you’re using him, that you’re a shallow person, or just generally thinks you’re a waste of the oxygen you just breathed into your lunges, he will let you know exactly what he thinks. And no, he’s not blunt about it, either: he’s worse. He lets smart remarks and insulting comments do the talking for him and it’s only when you’re still not getting it will he straight up let you know that he. Doesn’t. Like. You. For whatever the reason, when Danny’s made up his mind about something or someone, it’s very unlikely for him to ever go back on it. He’s just that stubborn, refusing to give anyone that satisfaction of knowing he’s second-guessing how he originally pegged you. Ahaha, no.

He’d rather loose the possibility of you becoming one of his few friends than admit he was wrong. Concerned about his pride much? Yeah. Maybe just a little.

That’s not to say Daniel’s a completely horrible person. If nothing else, this boy is loyal. He is literally like that hound from The Odyssey, the one who waits all those years for his master Odysseus to come home before dying. Should you actually manage to mean something to him, he will go to the ends of the earth to insure that you’re taken care of. Like his mother and the fact that he’d given up any chance at having his own life to take care of the farm. When this boy cares, he cares a lot. Deeply, the type that would be impossible to uproot just because there is really no place where his love doesn’t touch. Yeah, the extent at which he cares is pretty massive. But it’s rarely something he just gives out, so don’t hold your breath for it.

{ S t r e n g t h s : }
Emotions- It's kind of something that's both a strength and weakness just because of the magnitude at which he feels things. When something hits Danny boy, it hits him hard. He's relatively skilled at hiding any hints of these emotions though, having a great poker face, but should you be one of the few people who knows him well enough? You become accustom to his tells. The twitching muscle in his jaw or tightened hands when his pissed. The way a single eyebrow raises when he's surprised. The sparkle in his eyes when he's pleasantly caught off guard. Knowing how to read all of this is a little like it’s own separate science.

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Me, Myself, and I | 285 comments { P a r t 2 }

{ W e a k n e s s e s : }
Assuming- Danny has this really bad habit of jumping to conclusions about things. Most of the time, his assumptions are centered around people. Yup, he's a bit of a judgmental jerk at times. If you strike him as the type of person he wouldn't willingly hang out with? Welp. Good luck getting him to tolerate you, meaning being in your company for anything longer than five seconds maximum? Not likely. And it would be one thing if his snap judgments were right- but ninety-five percent of the time? He's so off base, it's rather pitiful. Daniel would have so many more friends if he didn't make assumptions about people, instantly writing them off.

{ H i s t o r y } Samantha Morgan and Nicklaus Croix were that couple you read about in books, the ones you see in movies and can’t help but smile at. Just because it’s so picture-perfect, it seems too good to be true. But, believe it or not, it was real. They met when Samantha was seventeen and Nicklaus was sixteen and, according to Nick, he knew from the moment he laid eyes on her that she was the one he would wind up marrying. Maybe it was because of his precognition ability, or just the fact that love at first sight really does exist. Either way, they wound up getting married a year later and, because of their young age, people made the mistake of labeling them a divorce in the making. Well, guess what? That never happened. In fact, Daniel’s parents were probably the happiest couple in all of Asteria, despite the fact that money came in short supply and the only way they could hope to make a living was from the inherited farm on Nicklaus’s side.

A year later, their first son was born. Vincent was their pride and joy and even five years later, after the birth of their second son Taylor, they were those rare parents who knew the perfect way to love both of them simultaneously, something all kids seem to worry about. Then, three years later, Declan was born, Seth and finally Daniel following. Despite the high possibility of them going hungry when the farm stuttered to supply what it should, Nicklaus always had an answer. He was always able to provide for his family even when eating seemed so unlikely because food seemed so far away. It was a talent, something Daniel had always admired about his father and something he secretly hopes he’ll be able to do one day for his own family. If, you know, he ever actually has one.

As for the brothers? Well, they did what brothers always do. Mess with each other, tease and push one another to always do better, be better than they were yesterday. And they made helping around the farm into a game, a challenge to see who could pull the most crops in one day or who could pull a set amount of corn husks off the fastest. It was Vincent, the oldest, who normally came up with the game and set the rules and the rest of the brothers went along with it, just happy to have something to do. It was during that time when Daniel met Renee. She wasn’t like most girls their age, the ones who played with dumb dolls and wore stuff all over their faces. Yeah, Danny to this day believes natural beauty is the way to go.

Renee wasn’t afraid to get muddy and she kept up with all the Croix boys and their competitive games. The fact that she beat him was ultimately what won his respect for her. And as they grew up together, riding horses bareback and having mud fights, Daniel came to realize something. The girl he called a best friend was actually really, really pretty, something that had never occurred to him before. Even with her pants torn from falling in the grass or dirt smeared on her rosy cheeks. Of course, she was still a girl and, at twelve, girls were. . . . Girls. But she was the prettiest he knew and the one and only who wasn’t afraid to get her hands a little dirty. In other words, the least of all evils.

But things change, don’t they? And it was a year later when she was suddenly gone and, at twenty three, so was his older brother. Vincent had moved out at the same time Daniel lost his best friend –for a reason he didn’t really understand until a few years later after his mother gently explained that they were able to make a better life for themselves- and Taylor, who was eighteen, no longer found playing with his youngest brother to be a priority. Seeing as how Declan was. . . Well Declan, that left Seth. Who discovered that girls weren’t quite as bad as he’d once thought. So that pretty much left Daniel alone. Instead of dwelling on all that he’d lost so suddenly, he instead focused on the farm. Focused on helping his dad harvest things, learning the tricks of the trade. And he quickly learned that farming, doing something that took so little thought and much more brute strength, was an easy way to forget about everything. To just focus on the burn of his muscles and be distracted from the world for a few hours.

And then his world completely blew up four years later, when Daniel was seventeen and had long since developed a sort of cynical view of anything and everyone who wasn’t his family. One moment, things were fine, he was focusing on pulling the tomatoes that had finally come in, and the next? The next, his father was one the ground, hand clutching his chest and making these awful gasping sounds. Danny had yelled for his mother after running to his dad’s side, but it was over much too quick for anyone to really do anything. His dad was dead at forty-six and Daniel’s whole life felt like a lie. How was it possible to be laughing and joking with someone and end that same very day by making funeral arrangements for that same person? Danny’s eyes had never really been open to death before but now it was sucker-punching him in the gut.

Vincent, Taylor, and Declan all came home within that week and the house was a whirlwind of activity. All except their mother, who had shut the door to her room and stayed there for a solid day. It was like she was trying to shut the world out because she didn’t know how to handle being without Nicklaus. Which was understandable, considering Daniel had always believed they were the true definition of soulmates. It wasn’t until Danny was boiling hot water in an attempt to make something edible for his mother, Vincent and Seth had started arguing and Vince wound up shoving Seth after a comment about how it was stress and their oldest brother should have been there helping him. Seth had fallen back against Danny at the stove and, one second he was trying to move the pot of water, and the next it was sloshing all over his arm. Now, Daniel’s not ashamed to say he cried. The water was hot enough to leave burn marks that he has to this very day, for Christ’s sake. He’s not immune to pain.

But the sound of her youngest baby screaming profanities through his tears was a wake-up call for their mother. She instantly jumped back into the game like she’d never left and, even though he wound up with a second degree burn, Danny wouldn’t have changed the events even if he could. Not knowing it’s what pulled his mom out of her tail-spinning. After that, it was decided that Daniel and Seth would be the ones to take care of the farm. After all, Vincent, Taylor, and Declan were all making names for themselves in the world, right? And even after Seth offered to stay home and help by the time it came for him to move out, Daniel let him go. Who was he to deny his brother the opportunity to make a life for himself?

Daniel took over the duty of the farm solo and has remained there since.

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Me, Myself, and I | 285 comments { P a r t 3 }

{ F a m i l y : }
Samantha Morgan Croix- At forty-nine, Sam has officially been dubbed the best mother any asshole could ever ask for. By Danny and the rest of her sons, the only people who really matter, of course. Seriously, Daniel knows that taking care of five boys is probably the most difficult task anyone could ask someone to do, but she's done it for all these years -and still does- with the utmost grace. Wearing a smile on her face the whole time, even as him and his brothers are the most obnoxious. As you can probably guess, Daniel is extremely protective of his mother and isn't afraid to knock anyone down a peg should they turn on her. Including his own brothers. Correction: especially his older brothers.
Nicklaus Croix - His father died two years ago, at age forty-six, doing what he loved: Farming. The loss of their father was something that hit the whole family hard, enough to leave even their mother momentarily frozen in time. Ultimately, it's the fact that the farm meant so much to his father that caused Danny to man up and decide he would take care of the farm. For his dad. Nicklaus had never, not once, given up on it, and shed blood, sweat, and tears in that farm to support his family. And Daniel is willing to do the same. Besides, if they were to sell the land? It would be like selling a part of their father's memory.
Vincent "Vince" Joseph Criox- Vince is the oldest of the Croix boys and, at twenty-nine, he's made a pretty good life for himself. He's married, -to a girl that, personally, Danny's never been a fan of, but to each his own- has a house of his own, a job, and is expecting a child in a few months. He visits every so often and a few times during harvest season to help Danny out with the family farm. Out of all his brothers, Vincent is probably the one Daniel clashes with the most. Why? Because there's always going to be this part of Danny that thinks that, as the oldest, Vince should have been willing to jump in to help with the farm too.
Taylor Rowan Croix- The newly wedded brother Taylor was the brother the whole family assumed would be the last to actually get married. Aside from Seth, of course, who’s still very much so living up to his title. Taylor, on the other hand, finally managed to settle down at twenty-five. He’s the jokester of the family, the one who always manages to find humor in everything. The comic relief when you need it most, the annoying one who won’t shut up when you don’t. Aside from Danny, Taylor was actually the son who took the death of their father the hardest and it’s something he still struggles with. That’s not to say it didn’t hit all the brothers hard, because it did. Depending on your family as much as the Croixs always have means they’re a lot closer than some families.
Declan "Dec" Jace Croix- Declan is somewhat of the black sheep of the family, both physically and mentally. He’s the brother with the lightest hair, the one with blue eyes in the midst of all green, and just overall the son who resembles his father the most. He was the brother who moved out of the as soon as possible: eighteen. Dec has always been the most distant of all the brothers, even at the little kiddie stage of things, and it’s because of this that Danny really doesn’t know that much about him. While the brothers would be out on the farm playing football or soccer or whatever else would occupy their time, Dec was the one who stayed inside, either helping his mom cook or practicing his abilities.
Seth Darkmyr Croix- Twenty years old, Seth is the brother most famous for being the playboy of the house. He also has it in his mind that he's some sort of appointed cupid and is constantly assuring his youngest brother he could hook him up with a nice girl to get their mother off his back. Yeah, like he trusts Seth with his love life. Riight, that'd be a smart idea. But despite their differences, Danny’s actually the closest with this brother. Maybe it has something to do with their close age, but Seth is the one who knows Daniel’s honest opinion on basically everything. In other words, if you ever needed dirt on Danny boy here? Seth would be the one to go to. You’d just have to get creative as to how you get him to spill.

{ O t h e r : }


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sol | 273 comments I just read him over, and I love him, MMI :) Your template is amazing, too!!

He's Approved by me, but there's one teensy tiny thing that I noticed. It doesn't have much effect on Daniel as a character, but could you fix it when you have the chance?

In the description for Declan in the Family section you wrote: 'At twenty-one, he moved out of the house at the youngest age possible, eighteen.' This sentence didn't make sense to me, because Declan moved out of the house when he was twenty one, then eighteen?

Sorry if it seems like I'm nitpicking and stuff >.<
Other than that, he's amazing and approved :)

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DeepTiNkEr5 (goodreadscomCiel_Phantomhive) | 27 comments Name, Nickname: Aedwedian al Siheb (Ranger)
Age: 27
Birthday: August 3rd
Zodiac: Leo
Sex: Male
Sexual orientation: Straight
Relationship: He had many relationships, but currently Ranger is single

Social status: Aedwedian has moved throughout the lands for years as his own master. He has no true status in the Kingdom, although he is known for his brutality in combat. From time to time he may gain temporary power, but most of the time his is poor. He doesn't count himself as poor or a peasant,for he is a traveler. Aedwedian counts himself as a man of the sword, a warrior who fights for money.

Skills: Aedwedian is good with a sword, but most of all his mind. He can sense those around him without seeing them. His most prized and sought after trait is manipulation. He can manipulate his enemies to do what he wants them to do with the power of his mind!

Appearance: He is 6' with gray eyes and short dark hair and light olive color skin tone. He tends to wear big black boots and a black cloak over his fine Chain mail shirt and black trousers. He would wear a shiny helmet with a wolf's design on its face plate. A great sword hangs from his side on his leather belt. He Carries no shield and has a single hidden blade. He has a tattoo of a dragon on his back and wavy designs around his left eye in blue ink.

Fine mail shirt, black trousers, black belt with silver buckle. Thick black boots, a black worn cloak with deep hood. Has a wrist cuff around his left wrist with a blade underneath it.

Aedwedian is ruthless, and secretive. He is extroverted and loves a good party. Yet he will always stand with his back to the wall. Most of the time his trust is limited and he is hard headed. He will only take orders to those who pay him well.

He is good with a sword and his tong. Agile on his feet and he can "hack" into people's minds and find their weaknesses. He's good at hiding the truth from people.

Aedwedian has flashbacks of his mysterious past, leaving him zoned out and vulnerable. He also has a weakness for money and women.

Aedwedain was born to a Noble family in the southern part of the kingdom. His entire childhood was filled with being treated with a king. His father was a rich Lord of the Kingdom. But in time his Father became rebellious and disagreed with the King and soon rebelled.
Aedwedian watched his father take over half the kingdom and slaughter innocent people with his might. But in the end the King stopped his tyrant of a father and killed him in battle. He let litte Aedwedian go, but at a price. The king ordered the burning of his estate and the execution of his family and servants. Aedwedian wanted revenge for his mother's death, the King would die by his hands. But time would pass and Aedwedian traveled throughout the land. He spent the rest of his time killing bandits and slaying enemies who remained loyal to the king.

His anger passed and he forgot of the crimes both his father and the King had made against the kingdom and his family. For days would turn to months and months to years, soon he would forget. Aedwedian would soon serve the king as a "loyal" mercenary for a high sum of gold and silver.

But as time passed, "Ranger" would travel throughout the kingdoms. He would travel through the wild lands and fight many a weird and strange beast. His legend grew and his fabled name "Ranger" would be whispered throughout the taverns and Brothels of the Kingdoms. His adventures became myth, and as myth became legend he returned.

Aedwedian al Shiheb returned to his homeland after hearing than an heir was born and the King was weak. He promised that in the king's sickness he would get his revenge. For months he has been claiming his "Right to rule" and he had been raising a small army to take the kingdom by force. His army was slowly growing and the King's health was slowly failing... war was on the horizon!

He had five brothers, three sisters, a mother, and a father. All of them dead.


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ραят ι
вrσught tσ чσu вч : sαrαstαr prσductíσns

People are equal and fucking amazing so I try to absorb what I can from everyone I’m fortunate to encounter. . .and you should too!

† nαmє † Laurence Anselm Lucas
‡ nícknαmє ‡ While Laurence is his first name, he goes by Anselm. In fact he introduces himself as Anselm to save himself from mean nicknames and so on.

† αgє † Twenty Five
‡ dαtє σf вírth ‡ January 12th
‡ zσdíαc ‡ ♑ Capricorn

† gєndєr † Male
‡ sєхuαl σríєntαtíσn ‡ Heterosexual
‡ rєlαtíσnshíp stαtus ‡ Taken. Sshhh it's a secret. Unfortunately. Anselm is in love with a girl; the cutest, most perfect girl in the world. And he loves her with all his heart. But as it's been stated, it's a secret. So seriously ssshhhhhhh.

† ѕocιal ѕтaтυѕ † Head of the Guard of Asteria

† pσwєrѕ †

Memory Manipulation
Anselm can control the memories of others, allowing him to modify, fabricate, suppress, influence, repair, restore, erase, detect, and view them. He doesn't do it often, but when it comes to keeping the royal family safe he will do whatever is necessary. He can also change memories to confuse, wipe away certain memories to cause amnesia, discern and provoke nostalgia, and pull the person into a psychic vision, replaying their memory. While he has gotten quite good at this power, he uses it sparingly. Only when he has to.

Illusion Manipulation
Anselm can create and manipulate illusions, causing people to see, hear, touch, smell and/or taste things which do not actually exist or cause them to perceive things differently from what they truly are. He can also create complex and detailed worlds, though it drains him of a lot of energy and gives him headaches, so Anselm doesn't use it very often. Being the Head of the Guards, he practices his powers often so that the side effects wouldn't affect him like that anymore. He wants to be strong to defend the family and to train other guards to be strong enough to protect the family.

Emotion Manipulation
While it's one of his least favorite powers, Anselm can cause his targets to feel uptight, scared, happy or relaxed. You see, he doesn't like this because he wants people to feel however they wish at any given moment. He wants to see their true reaction to anything he says or does, which is why it annoys him when people use this power for the wrong reasons. He's never used it to his advantage for personal gain, but only to keep the royal family safe.

† αppєαrαncє †
This boy is huge to say the least. He stands at an even 6' and weighs a healthy 185 lbs., all of it lean muscles. While he doesn't have to exercise to obtain this sort of body, Anselm feels as if he should be ready to defend himself from physical attacks even if he has quite a few good powers under his belt. Moreover his size and strength definitely helps him to intimidate the younger guards from acting out. It certainly has it's perks.

Along with being big, Anselm also has a nice strong jawline, which works well with him since it makes him appear stern, though it greatly contrasts with those warm brown eyes of his and that adorable dimple on his left cheek. Yes left cheek, not on both his cheeks, just the left one. Well it's more prominent on his left cheek. And it detracts from his whole 'tough guy' image but it can only be seen when he's smiling, and there's only one reason he would ever smile these days.

With being tall, muscled, and broad shouldered, you'd think the guy would have fangirls trailing behind him. After all, just look at him. He's almost like a Greek God. Sure he's a bit pale, but not in a deathly ghost sort of a way that it made him look ill. Was there such a thing as being pale in a healthy way? Well it was true for Anselm because he certainly wasn't tan, there was more of a pinkish yellow tint to his body that kept him from appearing white as snow. Thankfully.

(view spoiler)

‡ dístínguíshíng mαrks ‡ If it wasn't obvious by now, it's the dimple on his left cheek. It can only be seen when he smiles, and he only smiles around a few people, otherwise he acts rather distant and uncaring, hardly ever cracking a smile. Lately only one person has been able to make him smile, almost as if he's been reserving those smiles solely for her.

‡ drєssíng stчlє ‡ Hmm. Now this is sort of hard to explain. Anselm sort of has a strange variety of clothing in his clothes; it ranges from the finest formal wear he can afford, to casual wear, finally to the stuff that should never ever see the light of day. Seriously. His fashion sense is sort of all over the place. While he appears to be collected and sophisticated because of his attitude, but his clothes tell a completely different story. It's sort of complicated.

Maybe it's because his mother dressed him most of his life, and she was the one who once had a career in fashion, and to this day she still sends him clothes. It certainly would explain the nice things in his closet, yet with such a fashionable mother, how'd he end up buying such atrocities? Perhaps it's how Anselm truly prefers to dress. Perhaps that's his way of rebelling now that he's living on his own. Perhaps it's all he can actually afford. Perhaps Anselm simply likes that awful green and yellow polka-dotted shirt. . .

The world will never know.

‡ dєfíníng σвjєct ‡ Antique pocket watch. The old thing hardly works anymore but it holds a lot of value to Anselm. It was left to him by his grandfather, who was the only person in Anselm's family that he felt close to while he was growing up. If he ever needed help with anything, he would go to him for advice, which only made the two of them very closer. It was sad this his grandfather was more of a father to Anselm than his own father was, but more on that in his history portion. All that's needed to be known about the watch is that it's the one thing that Anselm keeps around with him wherever he goes, even leaving it on his bedside dresser before he goes to sleep at night so that it's still close to him.

† pєrsσnαlítч †

While some might see it as a big flaw but Anselm sees it as his best quality. What is it you may ask? Anselm is a hard worker, as in he will do whatever possible to achieve his goal no matter the cost. It took him only seven years to become the Head of the Guard whereas it would take others much longer to obtain the position, though he deserved the promotion because he worked harder than most by constantly training his mind and body even when exhausted. Anselm trained every single day, pushing himself harder and harder because he wanted to be on top.

Okay so perhaps it is a flaw. But nothing wrong with a little hard work right?

That was another thing, Anselm was ambitious. Once the guy has his mind set on something, he will stop at nothing to achieve said goal. In fact he doesn't know how to stop. Growing up in a competitive environment certainly affected him because it seems that everything sort of turns into a competition for him. It isn't as if he would call out someone and try to beat them, but he wants to be the best he can be, so he constantly competes with himself. Reaching a goal one day, but then setting the goal higher the next day --it was this constant cycle of trying to best he could be that Anselm never stopped to think about how this behavior was also harming him.

Anselm was also a bit of a loner. Aside from his Grandfather, he didn't have anyone else. His parents were never there for him, neither were his siblings, so it was always just him and his Grandfather. When his Grandfather passed, it was just him. With no interest in making any friends, Anselm didn't have someone to call him out on his stupidity for the longest time. No one to remind him to stay balanced, that there was much more to life than just work. Obviously being alone wasn't working out so great for him.

Being indifferent and aloof worked in his favor with the King because it showed he meant business but it kept people far away him. And while he has convinced himself that he prefers it that way, deep down Anselm knows that he needs someone at his side, someone to keep him from killing himself through his work.

While Anselm might appear to be one bad flaw after another, there were some redeeming qualities such as his unwavering loyalty to the King, his endless patience when it comes to dealing with morons, and his sense of responsibility to the Guards and the Royal family.

Having sworn his life to the Kingdom and the King, Anselm would never do something to harm either one. Not even if his own life was at stake. But perhaps he should stop risking his life constantly. The guy was still young, he shouldn't have to also die while still young, but with the way he puts himself out in the front, how he's the one who strikes first, it's only a matter of time. Yet with no one to tie him down, what's the point in tiptoeing through life as safely as possible? There was no one there for him to stay alive for, so it was fine for him to put his life on the line. At least that was what he told himself. Then there was his patience, which allowed him to put up with basically everyone. And oh how that has come in handy over the years because he's encountered quite a few idiots in his life time. Finally there was his sense of responsibility to his job, never slacking and making sure no one else was slacking either.

Of course this was all before he met a girl. Now he wasn't as reckless as before, though he was still very patient, loyal and responsible. Though lately he's been putting this certain girl everything else because he's finally found someone to love, and he doesn't want to lose her. Though he's been trying hard to balance his duty to his King and his duties to his secret girlfriend. One comes before the other, but he's still trying to understand which one.

The job that he's dedicated his life to for the past eight years, or the one person who was able to break through the wall around his heart? How does he pick one? How does he know which one to pick? Does he follow his heart? Dive in without thinking, or should he over think it like always? Anselm doesn't know and it's been bothering him ever since this beautiful girl has come into his life.

ραят ιι

‡ strєngths ‡
Responsible. As it's been stated before, Anselm is a very responsible young man. He even takes responsibility over his actions, especially when he's done something wrong. He knows when to take charge of a situation but also knows when to back off. It was all thanks to the teachings of his Grandfather.
Patient. Now this guy could stand for hours without being bothered by anything anyone says or does. He doesn't lose his temper even when he feels like ripping someone's head off, mainly because he knows better. Anger doesn't get him anywhere. What's the saying? "You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar." Or so his Grandfather has told him a countless number of times over the years.
Ambitious. Perhaps overly so. Not his best quality but it's where his strength lies. Anselm has always been an ambitious little fellow. Sure he wouldn't compete for his father's affections when he was young, but he still wanted to be on top. That's why when he first became a Guard, all he wanted to become was the Head of the Guards because it was the highest position he could achieve. Of course there was the title of the King, but he wasn't aiming that high. Being the Head of Guards was good enough for him, though he wants to be the best one to ever live.
Resourceful. Yep. This guy can think quickly on his feet, though that should be a given. He's very intelligent, and is always looking for a solution to his problems. Not just his problems of course, but to the problems of the Kingdom in terms of fighting and winning the war.
Loyal. As it's been stated, Anselm is very loyal to the King and the Kingdom, but it has made him a tad reckless because of it. However his loyalties also lie with his secret girlfriend now, which makes him a bit confused. His loyalties are split and he doesn't know what to do anymore. Nonetheless, he still remains loyal to the King, he will gladly give up his life for him, but he holds a few of his own secrets now.

‡ wєαknєssєs ‡
Dictatorial. So Anselm has this thing about being in control of the situation around him. He needs to be in control because he wants to know what's going on around him at all times. Not being a fan of chaos, this causes him to come off as overbearing. It's a really bad quality, one that he can't quite get over, though he's trying so hard because he doesn't want this to affect his relationship.
Inhibited. Anselm is unable to act relaxed or remotely natural because of he restrains himself from having too much fun, or any fun in general. It's sort of just who he is. He doesn't understand how to have fun because his family wasn't exactly the sort of people to go out on family trips, or the type to sit back to have a nice big dinner together. They were cold and unloving. And to keep himself from pitying himself about his bad family life, Anselm simply acts as if he doesn't need that sort of thing in his life. It makes him come off as strict and boring to the other Guards, but that's fine with him.
Conceited. Okay so he has a pretty big head. Sort of. He knows his restrictions but he also believes he's the best in his field. And well he sort of is. He hasn't logged in all those hours into practicing his powers, and training his body for nothing after all. Right?
Distrusting. Anselm has a hard time trusting people, which explains why he makes sure to keep people an arm's length away from him. It's sort of complicated to explain but it's how it is.
Unimaginative. Right. Um. Well. . . He's never been one for playing cowboys and indians when he was younger, mainly because he didn't have anyone to play with despite how big his family was. Nonetheless, he still doesn't have that much of an imagination, probably because he's so focused on his job he doesn't have time for fun and games. Or so he thought before a certain girl walked into his life.

A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.

† hístσrч †

Anselm's life has been one long bumpy road with nothing but obstacles constantly blocking his way through the years. Yet he managed to get through those obstacles, not because of his parents or even his siblings, but because of his Grandfather. Yep his Grandfather was the one to help him through the difficult times, which would explain why they were so close. It wasn't that the young man was never close to his mother or father, or his brothers and sisters, but being the middle child was never an easy thing. Especially when his parents hardly ever noticed him, his accomplishments, much less acknowledged his existence unless they needed something from him.

But for the most part they would all push him to the side because he was nice enough not to whine for their attention. Anselm would step back and let his brothers and sisters take the spot light instead, he never had the urge to be the center of attention mainly because it didn't matter to him what his parents thought about him. After all, they made it very clear when he was young that they only way he would earn their love was by doing something extraordinary with his life.

So Anselm sat back and let the others claw to the top, watching from a safe distance. His parents' love wasn't exactly something worth fighting for. But that's when his Grandfather walked in, giving the young boy the attention he secretly craved deep down inside.
❝ mч lσvє ís σf cσursє lσvє / αnчвσdч whσ tєlls чσu díffєrєntlч / thєч’ll líє tσ cσnfusє чσu / thєч’ll dσ αnчthíng tσ tαkє чσu frσm mє ❞

Years passed, Anselm grew older, the distance between him and his family also growing as well. Yet with the help of his Grandfather, he grew up to be a strong and mature young man, never allowing anyone take advantage of him, but not exactly being a complete ass to anyone either.

When it was time for him to pick a profession, he decided to follow in his Grandfather's footsteps by first becoming a part of the Royal Guard when he was eighteen years old. When he was accepted into the Royal Guard, that was when his Grandfather grew ill. Naturally, being as old as he was, Anselm's Grandfather wasn't able to fight off the disease, but before he passed away he gave his pocket watch to Anselm, telling him how proud he was of his grand son.

While Anselm knew that one day his Grandfather wasn't immortal, his passing affected him greatly, turning him cold and distant to the world. Nonetheless, he trained harder with each passing day to keep his Grandfather proud, believing in the idea that he was looking down at him from up above. And one day Anselm was promoted to the Head of Guard, which was when he finally gained the attention of his father and mother.

But that it was too late. Anselm was done with his family. Bought his own apartment and never looked back.

However one day Anselm met a girl.
A girl from another kingdom.
Unfortunately he fell in love with her.
Head over heels, deeply in love with her.
Her name was Mirabelle Catarina Ambrosi.
❝ чєs чєs, thєч’vє вєєn jєαlσus / σf thє tímє spєnt вєtwєєn чσu αnd mє / thєч’vє вєєn tαlkíng, єvєn plσttíng / σf α wαч thєч cσuld stєαl чσu frσm mє ❞

Mirabelle. Mirabelle. Mirabelle.

Anselm never expected to fall in love. In fact he was sure that he would grow up old and alone, keeping to himself because he didn't want anyone to get close to him. It wasn't that he wanted to be alone, but to do his job the right way without making any stupid mistakes, Anselm felt as if he needed to steer clear of relationships. After all, his job didn't guarantee his safety, and after losing his grandfather, Anselm didn't want anyone else going through that sort of pain with him.

However it didn't seem as if life has other plans for him. . .

One day, a beautiful Court Diplomat from the Kingdom of Krypton arrived, and Anselm couldn't keep his eyes off of her. Even though she was there to discuss politics, after she was done he found himself volunteering to take her around the city to show her the sights. He was her tour and bodyguard, making sure no harm would come to her while he was there. Since he was the Head of the Guards it was easy to act as if that was his reason for wanting to stay at her side, that he didn't have any hidden motives by wanting to be at her side.

Of course Anselm didn't understand at the time that he was already falling in love with her. With her long wavy hair that looked soft and silky to touch, making him want to gently thread his fingers through it. Then there were those hazel eyes of hers that seem to alternate from light to dark depending on her mood, or so he's noticed. Finally there was that beautiful smile of hers. That smile that made him want to smile, not that he understood why at first.
❝ thís tímє mαч вє thє lαst tímє thαt í sєє чσu / just вєlíєvє ín mє, dσn’t вє lєαvíng mє / í’ll dσ αnчthíng tσ kєєp чσu wíth mє ❞

It was practically love at first sight. Anselm didn't accept that though because he was still pretty adamant about not falling in love to save both himself and the girl from being in pain. Nonetheless Anselm managed to fall in love . . . with a girl from another Kingdom. He couldn't fall in love with a girl from his own, oh no that would have been much too simple. Nope. This guy ends up going for the girl from a different Kingdom.

Lucky for him, she returned the feelings.

And while it's forbidden, being with Mira has helped him through so many things that he can't imagine life without her. Mira changed him. A lot. In a good way. Before Mirabelle, Anselm never spoke unless it was to bark commands to the Guards beneath him and he certainly never did anything just for fun. In fact he wasn't much of a frivolous guy; he bought things that were necessary, and hardly went out with a few friends to kick back and have a few drinks. In fact, Anselm didn't have any friends before Mira came along. After he met Mira, he found himself relaxing a little more, wanting to go out and make some friends.

It was a good change. One that needed to happen.
❝ dσn’t вє fσσlєd вч thє wσrds σf dєcєít / kєєp ít ín frσm fαllíng σut, dσn’t lєt thєm tαlk mє dσwn / αs α wαч thєч cσuld stєαl чσu frσm mє ❞

While Anselm is happily in love, he's also terrified of his relationship with Mirabelle being discovered. While he's been going that extra mile to keep people from finding out their relationship, he can't help but feel as if any moment someone will find out about their secret. After all, it wasn't as if anyone was going to allow them to stay together even if they make each other happy, even if Mirabelle was his entire world. . . This sort of thing simply wasn't allowed.

Anselm knows the consequences, and he understands why two people from two different kingdoms can't be together, yet he honestly cannot imagine Mira being taken away from him. So while he might appear a tad paranoid whenever he's alone with her, it's simply because the guy is scared of losing her.

ραят ιιι

‡ fαmílч ‡

Jonas Joachim Lucas { Father ; 68 } --Biologically, yes, Mr. Lucas is the father of Anselm, but not quite the best sort of father in the world. In order to make sure his children were successful in life, he often made them compete against each other. If one achieved something in school or life, he would either be proud or tell them that they would need to try harder. Most of the time he would tell them to try harder. This sort of thing did not fly with Anselm, so he never tried to make his father proud, even though in the end he was the one child that made his father genuinely proud of him. Not that Anselm cares.

Melissa Albine Lucas { Mother ; 64 } --Mrs. Lucas is an eccentric woman. Though she cares more about herself than her own children, using them when she needed help with her fashion designs. For example, when Anselm was no more than six years old, his mother would dress him up as a girl just to see if her designs were good or not to show to the people of the kingdom. To say that he was traumatized by this event would be an understatement. Though it's possibly more sad to know that this was the only time his mother acknowledged him, but approach her about this memory, and she'll deny it furiously.

Tyron Baxter Lucas { Older Brother ; 31 } --The king asshole of assholes. That's really all that's needed to be known about him. Well okay. So he's working along side his father, working in the small company that was started up by his late Grandfather. As far as Anselm knows, Tyron is married and already has three kids, and he's daddy's favorite. Or something along those lines.

Gabriele Rob Lucas { Older Brother ; 27 } --Um. . .he was decent enough. Anselm is pretty sure that Gabriele doesn't have a clue who Anselm is anymore, or even care about him, but they shared one or two good times when Anselm was very young. Maybe. If he remembers correctly. Last Anselm heard of Gabe was that the he was married but then got a divorce, and is currently living alone in some apartment somewhere with a dead end job.

Nava Alexus Lucas { Younger Sister ; 22 } --A bitch by default. All he remembers about her is how she would scratch him whenever he would crack a joke about her. Yeah he learned to stop doing that very quickly, though he was never sure what bothered him more, her physical abuse or his parents never noticing it. Either way, Anselm is sure she grew up being nothing more than a gold digger. She was never very bright so a gold digger is all he sees her as.

Braidy Donelle Lucas { Younger Sister ; 17 } --Braidy was a sweet girl, but she was ten years old when Anselm left the family, so he isn't sure how she turned out. Though he hopes the best for her, because of all the Lucas children, she was the nice one.

Gregers Evaristus Lucas { Younger Brother ; 15 } --Right. Gregers. Unfortunate name. What this kid was like? Anselm can't tell you even if you kept asking him about it. This kid was eight years old when Anselm left? And it was around the time that Anselm really didn't pay attention to his family more, so he really doesn't remember or know anything about this kid. So yeah. . .

† σthєr † Anselm hasn't contacted his family ever since he left home when he became a Guard. Aside from his Grandfather, his family wasn't great to begin with, so you can't really blame him for not keeping in touch. Though apparently, they have been trying to contact him for some reason. Reasons Anselm has no interest in learning about even if they have gone to his apartment in hopes of contacting him. Nope. Not happening. As far as Anselm is concerned, his family is dead to him. The person that matters to him anymore is Mirabelle. No shame.

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sol | 273 comments Okay... Lemme just say this... He is beautiful 0.0 ermahgerd <3

Psshh... I don't already ship Mira and Anselm.... XD

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Stephanie Complete ~ Male~ Mental Illusionist Survivalist ~ Looking for Collab with Asterian Prince

| Full Name | Justin Marcel Harper

| Age | 25
| Birthday | June 21
| Zodiac | Cancer

| Gender | Male
| Sexual Orientation | Enjoys the Opposite Gender
| Relationship Status | Single

| Social Status | Boydguard of Asteria royal princes

| Power |
Illusion Manipulation - Can create and manipulate illusions, causing people to see, hear, touch, smell and/or taste things which do not actually exist or cause them to perceive things differently from what they truly are. He is limited to only altering a persons perception of a thing.

| Appearance |
Harper is of average height 5'6" but tall for a mental with unusual light brown hair and a five o'clock shadow he stands out with his very physical presence. Most Asterians are wispy creatures, very slight and blonde, but he has spent much of his early life isolated and had to be self sufficient. The result is that he has about 50 pounds pure muscle on almost everyone he meets. His square muscular build has helped him survive and is hard earned. Illusions will not chop you wood, build neither fire nor shelter, or fed you in the wild.

| Dressing Style |
Very rustic for a royal bodyguard. Two pieces always with him are his grey-green jacket and well-worn boots. other than that he can be found in just t-shirt and jeans usually in natural colors browns, greens, few blues. He has a set of nice digs for the formal stuff, but it was all provided by the royal family, none of it he feels is actually his.

| Personality |
If his appearance is very un-asteiran then his personality fits perfectly.
Reclusive - Isolation in his early years has given him a very quiet and loner-type personality. He would rather be a fly on the wall then the center of attention. He plays the strong and silent perfectly and is very happy to not have to do much of the interacting. He will use his power to blend in and go unnoticed, leaving the prince to his own devices until a threat exists. At that point he will take over and control the situation with just a look or slight positioning before ever resorting to sound. In the wilds it is sound that will get you killed.
Curious - Survival is not possible without an inborn sense of wonder and the willingness to try new things. He always wants to know how people work and is interested in the world around him. He never gives up on solving a problem, using creative solutions relentlessly until one works. His curiosity also feeds his intelligence, he loves learning new things and exceeds in any academic subject and practical skill.
Intelligent - There is a vast wealth of intelligence behind this quiet and stalwart man. It is there for anyone to see if they are willing to look past his strangeness. You can see it in his eyes and hear it in his soft careful choice of words. He is as quick and intelligent as anyone in the Asterian royal court. He has to be to keep one step ahead of everyone and anticipate any threats.
Philosophical - Perhaps the most unusual part of his personality. Once emerged from the wilds and returned to civilization he took up the study of the great ancient philosophies.
| Strengths |
Survival - He can make it under any circumstances in any situation. He has faced, hunger, exposure, dehydration, and hypothermia. He has the know-how to feed and cloth himself and his charge and is ready at a moments notice to do anything necessary to complete a mission.
| Weaknesses |
Conversations - Not really a talker
Girls - Not really a talker

| History |
Abandoned as a child by a mother long forgotten, Harper survived on his own for many years, living off the land, stealing from nearby communities. He quickly learned to use his powers to survive, hunt, and remain unnoticed by local people. He emerged from wilds during early teenager-hood, age is an estimate and was about 13-14 when he rejoined society.

Taken in by a retired guardsman, an older gentleman who had served in the guard loyally until changes in recent years got him a gentle shove. Apparently they wanted soft footed pretty boys/girls in the guard now. This man gave Harper his last name, an education, and direction in life. He reintroduced him to civilization and society teaching him the necessary skills to survive life in the court. That coupled with his hard won survival skills gave him few choices of where to go in life.

In the end Harper joined the royal guard at 18. Serving in many capacities his skills have come in very handy to men on scouting missions, guarding, and information gathering. He has risen in rank until asked to join the bodyguard service of the royals. His unique skill set is thought to be a boon to royals during this new conflict with the elementals.

With the threat of war escape plans are laid for the court and royal heirs and his know-how will make the difference between life and death for his charge. This position is new to him but he finds himself well suited to the task and he secretly enjoys the day-to-day happenings of royal life. Just glad it is not happening to him.

| Family |
Abandoned as a child. No family. Taken in as a teenager by a retired guard who lived on the edge of the wilds.

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Me, Myself, and I | 285 comments B R O U G H T

{ Part 1 }

. A . s . t . e . r . i . a .



"We all know I'm the most attractive brother, Daniel. I know it's a hard pill to swallow, but the sooner you admit it aloud, the sooner you'll be able to come to terms with it."


{ N a m e : } Seth Darkmyr Croix
N i c k n a m e : Seth isn't against nicknames like most of his brothers are. Honestly doll, you can call him whatever your heart so desires. Though then again, there's really not much you can do with a name like Seth, but it's whatever. Call him whatever pleases you- Aside from his middle name, of course. Darkmyr would be crossing that invisible line, stepping into the territory that's purely reserved for people he actually gives a damn about. Because, if he's being straight with you, it's embarrassing- all of his brothers got normal middle names. Darkmyr? Not. Normal. Honestly? If you just so happen to be one out of the millions of one night stands he goes through on a daily basis, you wouldn't even know about his middle name. It's not exactly knowledge he doles out to just anyone.

{ A g e : } Twenty, not that that's ever stopped him from doing something he shouldn't before. Like alcohol? Bring it on, baby. Older women? Yes please. And just overall reckless things? That's generally what life was made for.
B i r t h d a y : October 30th
Z o d i a c : ♏ Scorpio ♏

{ G e n d e r : } Male and he would gladly prove it to you, if you don't mind what little would remain of your innocence afterwards. Innocence. Who needs it, anyways? Insert the suggestive wink here.
S e x u a l . O r i en t a t i o n : Heterosexual. Don't believe him? That's alright: simply ask one of the many girls down at the market. I'm sure they wouldn't mind vouching for him.
R e l a t i o n s h i p . S t a t u s: He prefers to think of himself as a floater. Because marriage? Well, he simply can't think of a good reason for it. And don't think for one second that his mother hasn't tried to convince him otherwise- he loves that woman to death, but Jesus, she needs to get a hobby. Not to mention relationships are boring as hell. Being with the same person, day in and day out? He'd rather be run over by a plow. Like, multiple times.


{ S o c i a l . S t a t u s : } The Croix family has always been, socially, on the extremely low end of things. Money was never something they came by easily and in the very corner of his mind, something he would never admit to out loud, Seth's often wondered to himself whether his father's means of making ends meet were always as pure as they'd like to think. I mean, come on: farming is a temperamental thing at best, not the most steady-providing flow of income. But the family never turned to cannibalism to get by, a miracle in itself, and it's enough to make this brother question how they were so lucky. But he would never dare to ask it aloud, seeing as how his father's methods were never something anyone questioned. And why should it really matter how he did it anyways? Nicklaus Croix did what he had to for his family and that's all that really should matter. The family's business of farming is still alive too, though now it's more so Daniel's area of expertise: Seth, meanwhile, is something of a bartender at a bar that considers age but a number. Surprise surprise, right? What can he say, he's a real people person and his tips speak for themselves.
{ P o w e r : }
Astral Manipulation - Man, this power is a god sent. It makes screwing with Danny-boy that much easier. This power consists of allowing the user to create, manipulate, shape, or transform astral energy. Astral manipulation lets the user travel to the astral plane and interact there, see spirits lingering in that plane, make spirits visible to others, astral trap and potentially harm the dead. Key word: potentially. Way out of Sethie's league. He can gives others the power to temporarily astral project, -"you're ability's not too special anymore huh, Daniel?"- though it's for a very limited amount of time. Not to mention Seth still hasn't quite managed the art of gently pulling a person back to their own body. Apparently when he does it, it feels like what a black hole probably feels like. But what he finds the most fun? Blocking others from astral projecting or even trapping them in astral form. Namely? That little brother of his. It's pretty hilarious and a good way to get rid of him for awhile. and evoke Danny's wrath, but that's just an added bonus.


{ A p p e a r a n c e : }

(view spoiler)

H a i r . C o l o r : While most people residing in the kingdom of Asteria have light colored hair, the Croix family has always been a rather prominent exception. Seeing as how his father had dirty blonde hair and his mother's had dark brown locks from the day she was born, you can probably guess that the whole family has relatively dark hair. Seth, along with all of this brothers except for Declan, has darker colored hair, taking after their mother. Of course, Seth has the best hair, if you really must know. Danny insists it's because he's the girlest, which got him a well-deserved punch in the face. "Still think I'm the girlest, asshole?" Daniel had just laughed, wiping his bloody lip. Like Seth mentioned, it was seriously well-deserved.
E y e . C o l o r : While Declan has the most noticeably different eyes, Seth's eyes are also a bit different from the rest of his brothers'. Not as far off as Dec's baby blues, but they're still a tint different. While Daniel, Vincent, and Taylor all have the same brown green eyes, Seth was stuck with shit-colored eyes. First the middle name, and then his eyes. But it's alright: he couldn't be gifted with the perfect everything, could he? Just kidding. Seth's not that much of an arrogant prick. Only a little bit of one.
B u i l d : First thing's first. Seth is a giraffe. Literally, he had stood taller than his own father back when Nick was in the picture. It's kind of funny, actually, just because all of his brothers are so pitifully short. It's sad. Like, Daniel? One-year-younger Daniel? He's 5'10". And Vincent, their oldest brother? He's only an inch taller. That's just too good, if you ask Seth. Half the reason it takes virtually no effort to crush Vince whenever his brother pisses him off. Which isn't hard when it comes to Vincent, trust me. Standing at 6'1", it's all too easy for girls to look up at him and flutter their eyelashes at Mr. Extra Tall, Dark, and Extra Handsome. As for muscles? Well, come take a look, sweetheart, if you're really that curious. He can promise what you see won't be too disappointing.
D i s t i n c t i v e . M a r k i n g s : Tattoos which, for a lot of girls, is either a hit or a miss. For some, it’s a turnoff and for others, it’s a turn-on. It really just depends on the girl, he’s learned. And he knew that would be the case when he got those two inks and in such an obvious place as his forearm. But, ya know, Seth does what he wants and if someone doesn’t like it? Well, that’s too bad. There are plenty of other fish in the sea if you can’t overlook two tiny tattoos, some who might actually like them. What are these famous tattoos, you may be wondering? Well, one is a picture of a grinning skull –something that could be rather meaningful, maybe representing the way, in the end, Death mocks us all? Or, you know, could just be that he likes the design. With Seth, you’d never really know. The other tattoo is one of a ram, which, again, could be symbolic of something deeper. Or may just be a picture of a ram because he likes the animal.
D r e s s i n g . S t y l e : "Sense of style? Seth? That's like saying he could perform open heart surgery." To put things mildly, this boy is a little all over the place when it comes to the things he wears. One day it could be leather jackets and vintage and the next it could be a nice button up shirt and work shoes. It all just depends on what this kid's in the mood for. But you can be sure as hell whatever he's wearing? He's making it work. A lot of times, it also depends on what's practical: he's not going to be going to his family's farm in clothes that cost more than his mother's whole wardrobe. You can say a lot of things about Seth and most of them are true, but when it comes to really being thoughtful with his family? That's something he strives for. With his job, he's not neck-deep in cash but he still makes more then his family ever has. Enough to buy decent clothes in large quantities. And it's not like he's never tried to give them some money: he's offered until he was blue in the face. His mother and his baby brother are just way to stubborn to ever let him help.
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{ P e r s o n a l i t y : } Seth is pretty much the making of a perfect one night stand. He’s the guy who’s laid back and easy going, generally never really reading too much into something. Like, say you give him a sly smile at the grocery store over carts of fruit? He doesn’t instantly think you could be the love of his life- instead, he considers you a potential making of a night-long fling. Meaning he would never be that guy who clings, the one who calls you the next day. In fact, he’d be the one who slips out in the middle of the night without so much as a goodbye. Seth personally finds them much too awkward. In other words, the exact opposite of boyfriend material. He doesn’t like to think of things in long term, but more so considers life from day-to-day. The here and now, never tomorrow. Life is about enjoying the moment, about marveling at what you’re doing in that exact second as oppose to what it could result in. Very much so the, ‘consequences be damned’ sort of person.

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Me, Myself, and I | 285 comments { Part 2 }

At least, that’s the guy the outside world sees. The type of person you’d peg him as after knowing him for a few nights, tops. The people who actually know him –meaning his family- know he. . . Well, he’s still like that. But he’s also the guy who’s extremely instinctive. If he feels like punching something? Well, he will punch it. This mostly applies to Vincent, but whatever. If he feels like pulling a random girl in to plant one on her? Then you can be damn sure his lips will be crushing down on some random chick’s mouth. He does whatever he feels like doing and you can be sure no one aside from his own self-will will be stopping him. That’s just Seth, though. He does what he wants. He doesn’t believe a life should be lived with regrets, regretting moves you didn’t make and words you didn’t say.

Let’s not forget the problem of Seth’s ego. Because here's the thing: he’s not as much of an asshat as he can pretend to be. It's kind of just a front he puts on, a parade he teases people with. A, "I'm sexy and I know it" kind of thing that he uses to break the ice with people. A joke. But still, there is arrogance there. When you're constantly hearing how attractive you are, how sexy your lips are and how soft your hair is courtesy of generous one night stands? Well, it can get to a person's head. Just like it has for this particular Croix son. His mom and Daniel have helped keep his head from getting too big, because with all the compliments he's gotten in his lifetime? He should have a head the size of a hot air balloon. But it's not as bad as it could be, if you manage to get him to actually spill his honest opinion of himself. He does know he's pretty physically alluring though and has yet to realize that his confidence isn't, in fact, a strength.

S t r e n g t h s :
Mysteries. It’s kind of a dorky quirk, but Seth has always been good at solving mysteries. Maybe it’s something deeper, like an ability to read people even when they think he’s completely oblivious to things that aren’t girls, sleeping around, or mixing alcoholic drinks. Oh yeah, there’s more to this boy than just a pretty face, all right. Only, not really. Like, not at all. But whatever. He’s good at thinking outside the box. At looking to the answer that seems the most obvious, because odds are, people assume it’s too obvious for anyone to actually consider. He’s pretty smart when it comes to codes. You know, when it’s not him trying to crack one of Sheila’s ridiculously difficult riddles that he swears she makes extra hard to force him to wait. To work harder than ever just to find her, much less be able to actually consume her. Just because she’s cruel and likes to be in control.
W e a k n e s s e s :
Lies. Like, look. It’s one thing bending the truth a little but straight out lying? To his face? Seth is a probably one of the most honest people you’ll ever want to meet. If he has nothing else going for him, you can be certain Seth will never lie to you. You’ll know before sleeping with him that this isn’t going to be anything, that he doesn’t love you. Like his little brother, he’s straight up if he doesn’t like you. Trust me, you’ll know if he can’t stand the sight of you inhaling air someone else could be breathing, much less anything else. When he feels a certain way about something, especially something he feels passionately about, you can be sure the rest of the world around him will know it. So at least have the balls to give him the same courtesy, alright?


"That boy has a lot of weaknesses but it wouldn't be off to say his biggest one? Most definitely girls. That's what makes him Seth, though."

{ H i s t o r y } Samantha Morgan and Nicklaus Croix were that couple you read about in books, the ones you see in movies and can’t help but smile at. Just because it’s so picture-perfect, it seems too good to be true. But, believe it or not, it was real. They met when Samantha was seventeen and Nicklaus was sixteen and, according to Nick, he knew from the moment he laid eyes on her that she was the one he would wind up marrying. Maybe it was because of his precognition ability, or just the fact that love at first sight really does exist. Either way, they wound up getting married a year later and, because of their young age, people made the mistake of labeling them a divorce in the making. Well, guess what? That never happened. In fact, Seth’s parents were probably the happiest couple in all of Asteria, despite the fact that money came in short supply and the only way they could hope to make a living was from the inherited farm on Nicklaus’s side.

A year later, their first son was born. Vincent was their pride and joy and even five years later, after the birth of their second son Taylor, they were those rare parents who knew the perfect way to love both of them simultaneously, something all kids seem to worry about. Then, three years later, Declan was born, then our protagonist Seth, and then the baby of the family, Daniel. Despite the high possibility of them going hungry when the farm stuttered to supply what it should, Nicklaus always had an answer. He was always able to provide for his family even when eating seemed so unlikely because food seemed so far away. Like it’s previously been mentioned, Seth is incredibly grateful for his father. But he also can’t help but question how he was able to do it, exactly. Knowing the answer would never change the way Seth sees his father, but it’s always a mystery he’s wanted to solve.

As for the brothers? Well, they did what brothers always do. At first, at least. They messed with each other, teased and pushed one another to always do better, be better than they were yesterday. And they made helping around the farm into a game, a challenge to see who could pull the most crops in one day or who could pull a set amount of corn husks off the fastest. It was Vincent, the oldest, who normally came up with the game and set the rules and the rest of the brothers went along with it, just happy to have something to do. But you’d be surprised how quickly that changed: lines soon were drawn, separating the brothers from the one large group of carefree boys they’d once been. Maybe it has something to do with the age difference, or just the way their personalities clashed, but as they grew older, the dynamics faltered.

See, here’s the thing with Seth: he’s a really nice, relatively easy going guy. Has been since he was a little kiddy. Seemingly not a lot could change that: But you’d be quite surprised to find out that the reality of things is vastly different. If you manage to piss this guy off, to screw him over? He will remember it. It will be seared into his brain, the way you turned your back on him or his family, the way he was no longer on your top priority list. He doesn’t forget. He never forgets. And the fact that his eldest brother Vincent was a continuous source of thinking he knew best when he clearly didn’t know jack, somehow getting the idea in his mind that him being oldest meant he automatically knew best for everyone else? No. Growing up with that, it’s what gradually built this wedge between Vincent and Seth until it became an all-out war. Nothing grates on Seth’s nerves more than being told what to do and Vincent was a constant base of all out bossiness.

Taylor, the second oldest, was Vincent’s little mindless minion who did anything and everything he asked. The one who insisted he was in charge when Vincent was gone, but the moment he was back, simply reinforced their oldest brother’s rules. Spineless crow; it was honestly the most pathetic thing Seth had ever seen. It made him resent Taylor because the boy had no mind of his own, couldn’t form a single thought unless Vince had put it there for him. And then there was Declan, the middle child, who’d long since separated himself from the rest of the pack before Seth could ever fully understand what he was like. Honestly, Dec is the brother who’s never let any of them close enough to really know him, so there’s not much to say about him. Meaning it became just Seth and Daniel, the youngest of all his brothers. Danny-boy was always the one he was closest with, the brother who tried so hard to do right by everyone. He was the one who threw himself into farming after losing his best friend and their oldest brother decided to move out –as oppose to helping their father with the farm. Because what’s family, right?

And after they lost their father, the lines only deepened. Truthfully, Seth resented his older brothers –Vincent most of all. They never even considered the possibility of moving back home to help continue the farm, or even visit with the intention of helping to harvest and plant. Instead, they left that job for Seth and Danny –more so for Danny, because Seth had never really had much of a green thumb. Like the thought of helping their family had never even crossed those self-centered minds of theirs. Their mother insisted it was because they had lives outside of their immediate family now, but so fucking what? Family had always come first. So why was now any different? Family should have been the most important, especially now that they’d lost their father and their mother was struggling to hang on. But that didn’t matter. When had anything ever mattered to them? So yeah, as you can guess, the resentment Seth feels towards Vincent and Taylor is pretty bone-deep. Which can be made obvious by the growing amount of fistfights that have taken place between the three brothers.

Then, when it came time for Seth to move out, he was extremely hesitant. I mean, sure, there was the selfish little part of him that wanted to go out and make a name for himself separately, to focus on his own future. It’s not something he likes to admit, after holding such a grudge against his brothers. But leaving his baby brother to man the farm –and house- completely by himself? Daniel had always been Seth’s best friend and he refused to do that to the person who honestly means the most to him out of everyone in this world. Aside from his mother: they’re probably right there together, both his everything. But Daniel insisted Seth couldn’t stay. According to his little brother, he’d been doing things by himself for so long now, that he would just get in his way on the farm. And it was high time he went out and made something of himself. Of course, all those words were said with a small smile. A smile that promised Danny-boy wouldn’t resent him, that he would be alright.

So finally, both his mother and Daniel were able to persuade Seth to leave. To find a place of his own in town, and he quickly found a job as an underage bartender. ”But shh about the whole ‘underage’ thing, alright? Let’s keep that between you and me.” As you can guess, working at a bar definitely meant meeting new girls every night, day in and day out. It’s pretty much the best job someone like him could ask for: he makes well-paying money and gets to meet women on a daily basis. Not to mention all his coworkers are pretty much carbon copies of Seth: Meaning there’s no one around to harp on him about getting his wife and settling down. Ahem. Mom. Girls are the best part of the job, party-harders and perfectly willing to wait for him to get off his night shift. Like Sheila.

Yeah, it’s probably time we talk about her now, isn’t it?

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Me, Myself, and I | 285 comments { Part 3 }

Seth and Sheila met one night while he was at work, him behind the counter cleaning out shot glasses with a rag and casually surveying the bar. It was a busy night but Gabriel was also working and they were known as something of the dream team. Meaning it wasn’t hard for the two bartenders to keep up. His eyes had been traveling over the crowd. Until spotting the stunning redhead on the opposite side of the room, of course. She’d moved toward the bar, her intention clearly on some older man who wasn’t exactly high on the physically attractive scale. ”Why don’t you try being with a real man?” The words were out of his mouth before he was aware of what he was saying- which was weird, because Seth was the guy most used to waiting to be approached, not doing the approaching. But when she turned to him with that sexy, amused smile on her lips and asked, ”Are you implying you’re a real man?” Well, he hasn’t regarded being the first to reach out as something he regrets since then.

He’d grinned, shooting back, ”Would you like me to prove it to you, sweetheart? Show’s much better than tell.” He’d slid her a martini across the bar, the same flame color as her hair. And she’d leaned into the counter, giving him quite a nice view, to take a leisurely sip from the drink. ”Well, if you're half as good in bed as you are a bartender, I don't see any harm in you showing me just how manly you are." And the words had been too much of a challenge for him to ignore- He’d proceeded to slide out from behind the bar, slip the drink out of her hand, and claim her lips with his. Pushing her body up against the counter, hips molding with hers as his hand cupped her cheek. And that was pretty much the start of it- the affair he’s been telling himself doesn’t mean too much. Teasing each other with riddles through text messages, making one another figure out where they’d be meeting up. Something she may or may not be better at.

{ F a m i l y : }
Samantha Morgan Croix- { 49 }
Nicklaus Croix – { 46 }
Vincent "Vince" Joseph Criox- { 29 }
Taylor Rowan Croix- { 24 }
Declan "Dec" Jace Croix- { 21 }
Daniel Tyson Croix- { 19 }


"What? I mean, I know I'm attractive, but staring is typically something society deems as rude."
"I can't help it. You're just so. . ."
"I knew you only wanted me for my body."


{ O t h e r : }
Guitar. He’s not like, whoa snap, star coming through. But Seth is pretty decent with an acoustic guitar, settling down in a chair with the instrument and feeling the music strumming from the strings. His long, piano fingers dance over the frets, explaining the rough callouses decorating his hands. It's the one thing he does for himself and not to get attention from people- people meaning girls. In fact, most don't even know he plays guitar. Not like he goes around parading it.



 ▌ ▌ ▌Gᴡᴇɴ Sᴛᴀᴄʏ ▌ ▌ ▌ (gwenmaxinestacy) (view spoiler)
▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄Augustus William Conant▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀▄▀
❝I hate the beach but I stand in California with my toes in the sand❞


▸Humanistic re-creation of the Latin personal name Augustus on the basis of its medieval vernacular derivatives, principally August. The Latin name is from an adjective meaning ‘venerable’, from augere ‘to increase’. Examples include German, Dutch, and Scandinavian August (though the family name does not exist in Scandinavia), French Auguste, Italian Agosto, and Portuguese Augusto. The month of August was named in honor of the Emperor Augustus (63 bc–ad 14), after whom it became conventional for Roman emperors to adopt Augustus as a title on their accession. The personal name became popular among early Christians, who read into it the implication that the bearer had become greater by being baptized.


▸English: from the Norman form of an Old French personal name composed of the Germanic elements wil ‘will’, ‘desire’ + helm ‘helmet’, ‘protection’. This was introduced into England at the time of the Conquest, and within a very short period it became the most popular personal name in England, mainly no doubt in honor of the Conqueror himself.


▸ This interesting name of some antiquity derives from the ancient Celtic male given name Conan, from the Celtic "kunovals" meaning "high" and "mighty". In the 5th century A.D., one, Conan Meriadec led a group of British emigrants from Wales and Cornwall to settle in Brittany. Four dukes of Brittany bore the name after him, and it was from Brittany that the name was reintroduced into England at the time of the Norman Conquest. One, Conanus dux Britanniae was recorded in "Documents relating to the Dalelaw", Lincolnshire, circa 1155, and a Henricus filius (son of) Conani in the 1196 "Pipe Rolls of Northumberland". Robert Connand and Adam Conand both appear in the 1379 "Poll Tax Returns Records of Yorkshire", the final "d" on the name being an excrescent, as is the final "t".
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➺Well, I came home like a stone and I fell heavy into your arms
➺ These days of dust which we've known will blow away with this new sun
Augustus has this whole awkward feel around. When you first glance at him, he’ll kind of just be off by himself and his own little world. It’s the small things that bring out this whole impression; the way shifts position when he’s nervous, the way he plays with his fingers or finds himself tripping over his own feet. Augustus is just an awkward person. He has straight brown hair that is swept to the side of his forehead. Usually he’s too busy to get his hair cut frequently which is why it may seem outgrown at times but it never grows out longer than the nape of his neck. His eyes are a dim green, often looking more brownish rather than the vibrant green one may expect. His skin is pale and light, and he has two moles, one on his cheek and one on his neck and while he’s very self conscious, just like everything else, it actually quite cute. He’s not muscular…at all. Sports aren’t his thing but more of Meridian’s so his build is lankier, and he’s perfectly ok with it. He likes keeping his bones. He stands at a steady 5ft 11in and weighs 135 pounds.
▐░вιятн∂αу яєρσят░▌
➺You got holes in your jeans and few in your heart
➺You don’t know what it means to me, to watch you fall apart
【¢υяяαит αgє】▶ Eighteen ◺18◹
【∂αтє σf вιятн】▶ October 1st
【тιмє σf вιятн】▶ 7:32
【ℓιfє яαик】▶ Alive-AccidentProne

▁▂▃▅▆▇σи тнє вяιgнт ѕι∂є▇▆▅▃▂▁


Augustus is very dedicated, when he starts something, he'll see through it till the end. He's the kind of guy who will put his whole heart into something when he has his mind set on it. Augustus doesn't ask for much so when he does, its pretty significant and for something to be that significant to him, he's going to give it his all and is just really going to be relentless in giving up.


Ok, now Augustus isn't the high end fashionista like you may have thought of when you saw the word stylish. He likes to look good is all. He isn't one of those people who will have their pants to their knees or wear ripped t shirts--especially when he sees everyone else. He cringes at the sight of girls wearing skin tight clothing holding their breaths and when guys go the extra way to get shirts that are a whole size small so they can show their body off. He didn't feel like he had to impress anyone so he just wore what he wore, which happened to be a lot of old school, button down t shirts and a pair of trousers and dirty beat up chucks. He takes good care of himself and that was that.


No matter how much Augustus seems to fade away, he is original. He doesn't blend in which people's ideas at all, most times thinking that people are just stupid. He doesn't give into society's pressures and he personally thinks that that's alright. He has it in him to stand up for himself--just not with violence as most do. If someone says something, he'll just walk away, he wont give them the power to make him angry and though it may seem cowardly, he doesn't care. Its when others attack the people he cares about that he gives a reaction to which may or may not be the best idea. In the end he does things his way and he feels that no matter how much he wants people to like him that he would want them to like him for him, his awkwardness, his shyness, his nervousness--he wants them to like him for him.
▁▂▃▅▆▇σи тнє ∂αяк ѕι∂є▇▆▅▃▂▁


When Augustus has his mind set on something, he gives it his absolute all and sometimes this isn't a good thing. He disregards himself a lot at times and had this thing where he ends up putting things before himself. Sometimes he'll be so concentrated that he simply loses himself in it and tends to forget that yes he still has a life that he has to live. He needs to understand to take time for himself, to make his life worth it rather than living at a stand still.


Now, Augustus isn't that type of intimidating that you probably are thinking of. He's not buff, or meaty, but rather lanky. He's one of those cute soft guys, so no, he isn't that type of intimidating. The only reason why people find him intimidating is because they don't know him. He distances himself so much from people that they tend to see Augustus as a mysterious specimen. He doesn't wear the same cool clothes as them, he talks all properly and doesn't participate in slang. He just doesn't fit in with them so they tend to take attention to whenever he does something off, like reading during a free period or rolling his eyes at Meridian who just so happened to fit in with everyone else. The unknown makes people curious and that is why Augustus comes off as intimidating, because no gives him a Chance. capitalization not a mistake


This right here is a no brainer. Its just in Augustus to be the one who doesn't fit in. In fact, he's grown so used to it that sometimes he prefers it over hearing annoying people yapper on and on about something totally insignificant. People don't accept him and that's fine because he doesn't accept many people either; there's very few people that don't annoy the shit out of him. People don't get him and tend to put up a façade and they do something that in Augustus's mind is worse than rumours. They pity him. What for, he doesn't know. But secretly, he's the one pitying them for leading such insignificant lives.

ⓒⓞⓝⓣⓘⓝⓤⓔⓓ ⓑⓔⓛⓞⓦ

 ▌ ▌ ▌Gᴡᴇɴ Sᴛᴀᴄʏ ▌ ▌ ▌ (gwenmaxinestacy) description
Ⓒⓞⓝⓣⓘⓝⓤⓐⓣⓘⓞⓝ ⓕⓡⓞⓜ ⓐⓑⓞⓥⓔ
▐░уєαяѕ αт нσмє░▌
➺But if you set me free, don't live and let me be
➺I'll return back to you. But my real home needs me too
Normal. Average. Boring. I guess that’s what Augustus is. Exceptionally ordinary. It seems now looking back as though fate just needed to make him the quiet fade-in-the-background kind of guy. His parents were the opposite; they were adventurous and outgoing, fun—everything he wasn’t. It was the summer of Melinda Diana Blake’s eighth year of her life that she happened to be swinging on the swing set in the park. Many kids happened to be running around, that wasn’t much of a surprise considering that the weather was nice—all the children were making use of it before it got too dark. Swinging back and forth, everything came as a blur for her; while all the kids were moving around before, only one was still. One was sitting at the foot of a tree fiddling with something. Peculiar. She watched for a bit more before she decided to do something about it. Childhood is filled with curiosity they say, and it couldn’t be truer. Melinda was shy at first, approaching the boy by quietly sitting beside him. She waited for him to acknowledge her…but he never did. So she took matters into her own hands. “Watcha making?”she inquired, her voice high and giddy, her hand even reached out to touch the weird contraption but the boy had smacked her hand away gently. “Hey Im in the process of making something revolutionary, I call it—The Spork!” A doubtful amused look passed Melinda’s face as she laughed, leaving the boy clueless. “ Im pretty sure that’s been invented already. Im Melinda, and you are?” The boy sighed and shook his head as if he were expecting disappointment. “Well, Im reinventing it. Ben. And Im calling you Mel by the way. Melinda is too much work.” From there, their relationship blossomed and they were inseparable. They walked to school early together in the morning and after they ran around on the streets going on their little adventures. It seemed even as they grew up, they didn’t let their little hormones pull them apart. Sure there were times when Melinda would want time alone to hang out with her other friends as well as Ben wanted to do with his but in the end, they were Mel and Ben and so it stated legally when they got married.

It wasn’t long till the news of Melinda’s pregnancy reached their parents and by extension, their families. It was rather big news, considering Melinda had been told that she couldn’t have children—this baby was a threat to her as well as its wellbeing—it was a miracle baby. Everyone was happy obviously but Melinda and Ben were the type of people who kept to themselves; they liked living their lives with their little family, they didn’t like being constantly hovered by their own families. The night was quiet and Melinda had fallen asleep early—she seemed to be tired all the time and more and more as the due date for their baby got closer. Ben had been downstairs cleaning the dishes when he heard the steps creaking, announcing Melinda. He came out of the kitchen hastily, making sure she was fine which she was, but her face had quite the discomforted look on her face. She was piecing things together. Luckily for them, they’re mind reading ability helped them go along swiftly. It was happening. Melinda didn’t have to open her mouth, it was all clear. Ben dropped what he was doing, quickly got ready and ushered his wife into the car rushing to reach the hospital in time.

They didn’t call their parents or their friends—it was just them. Just them holding their new son—Augustus William Conant. Life after that was like living in a perfect picture. Melinda and Ben cut off connection with their parents and lived their secluded lives. They kept most of their attention on Augustus and loved him unconditionally. Melinda especially kept a close eye on him, always afraid he would slip away. But all that hovering was exactly what caused Augustus to drift off. As a child he kind of just wanted to be alone and have some peace for once. But he always had questions. Whenever his parents forced him on play dates with the Robinson boys next door, he would always be wondering and reading and thinking of why the world was like the way it was. Augustus was cast aside most the time—forgotten. He was given toys to play with but he always ended up dismantling them with a screwdriver and putting them together like a baby Frankenstein. Yeah, out in school with his schoolmates and his teachers and his neighbors, he was a nobody. But it was here, when everyone treated him like crap, is where he learned to appreciate his parents. He learned not to roll his eyes whenever his mother kept telling him to eat breakfast, he learned to just go outside to try and play baseball when he knew he wasn’t so good at it. He was an early bloomer; he matured mentally faster than his classmates. He understood things and always looked at things in a different perspective and it was when he did that, that people kept judging him and casting him off. Augustus felt as though his parents were the only people that ever cared about him but he was ok with that. As a six year old, he was fine with living in his own bubble.

It wasn’t until the fourth day after his seventh birthday that Augustus heard the big news from his mother. Augustus was sitting at his desk, trying to figure out a math problem when he heard three raps on his white wooden door. He turned to see his mother, followed by his father and automatically tried to think of anything he may have done out of line. Why else would his parents—both his parents—come to him at once. “Augustus sweetheart. We wanted to talk to you,” Melinda’s voice was soft which only made Augustus fret even more. Did his parents want him gone just like everyone else? But when the news of getting a new brother came, he was just in a standstill. This boy wouldn’t look like him, that’s what his parents said. This boy would be his age and his name was Meridian. This boy was going to be a part of their family—no matter where he came from. The effect didn’t hit Augustus until the day he peered into the living room when a seven year old pale blonde boy waddled inside his family’s house with a small suitcase. An adult was outside talking to his parents and somewhere he finally got the courage to go and say hi to this mysterious figure who had stepped in their lives.

“Meridian?” Augustus asked curiously to which the boy’s head snapped up, pale blue eyes widening as it settled on Augustus. Meridian lifted up a plastic light saber, one that barely flickered light anymore, in defense, separating him from Augustus. “What do you want? Are you here to take me and run your experiments on me? Im onto to youuu!” the little boy yelped excitedly to which Augustus just stood confused. Luckily he didn’t have to say anything; his parents had closed the door bidding the orphanage director farewell and set their eyes on both their sons. They smiled and from there, all their lives had taken a huge turn. Adjusting to having a new brother wasn’t hard as much as uncomfortable. There were two beds in Augustus’s room rather than his single one. His bathroom was to be shared, as well as toys and food. There would be times when he saw Meridian laughing with his parents and would feel so left out. His father always took Meridian out to play sports and go fishing—with him, all they did was ‘talk’. Being the boy that Augustus was, he kept his thoughts to himself and was left to his own world. He went to school with Meridian but barely saw him—he had his group of friends now as they were entering their teenage years, and Meridian had his own. When Meridian was out hanging with his friends, Augustus would be playing the piano or working or hanging with his friends. Amongst with whom he had grown close to was a girl who went by the name of Jessamine. They were in the library one afternoon, looking for books on a project and while fooling around, trying to take books off the shelf to find her on the other side; he knew that he just had to say it. So nervously, his breath stammering and all, he finally asked her to go out with him. Her acceptance brought a huge smile on his face and when he went home, not even Meridian’s mutter of ‘Golden Boy’ could bring him down.

A year went by, Augustus was fifteen when his neighbors, the Robinsons moved out and in came the Chamberlains. They had a girl, near his age. But she was just that. The girl next door…until she wasn’t anymore. Until the day they bumped into each other out in the sidewalk while Augustus’s head was looking down into a book and not watching where he was going. His hand had automatically reached out to hold her arm to stop her from falling while balancing the book in his other hand. “Sorry,” he stammered awkwardly. From there they walked to school together and the boy who rarely said anything had spoken so easily with this girl who he barely knew—the girl who would from here become his best friend #CatandWest. He found he could always laugh with her and have a good time. Say anything he wanted without feeling ashamed or guilty—he didn’t have to pretend to be anyone else but himself. He truly loved his best friend very much and he had strong protectiveness over her. Sometimes even though he would joke about how she always had guys on her tail, he was always relieved when she wasn’t with anyone because then he knew that she wouldn’t be able to get her heart broken. He would like to say that she was like a sister to him but he knew that would be wrong. She was something more but he just didn’t know what yet.

So that was how the years went. It was spent eating ice cream with Joyce and their friends; it was spent kissing Jessamine’s lips on hot summer days. It was spent rolling his eyes whenever Meridian gloated about being a star athlete and it was spent trying to get the best grades to make his parents proud. It was spent trying to understand exactly who Augustus was.
ⓒⓞⓝⓣⓘⓝⓤⓔⓓ ⓑⓔⓛⓞⓦ

 ▌ ▌ ▌Gᴡᴇɴ Sᴛᴀᴄʏ ▌ ▌ ▌ (gwenmaxinestacy) description
Ⓒⓞⓝⓣⓘⓝⓤⓐⓣⓘⓞⓝ ⓕⓡⓞⓜ ⓐⓑⓞⓥⓔ
▐░αѕтєяιαи ℓιfєѕтуℓє░▌
➺Let the rain wash away, all the pain of yesterday 
➺ I know my kingdom awaits, and they've forgive my mistakes
Born and raised in the Kingdom of Asteria, Augustus has grown to love the way of life here. He doesn't show his patriotism obviously but rather subtly. He likes living here, he likes his powers and he likes how he's grown up--he wasn't much of a change person anyway. In his perspective, the Asterian lifestyle is the most convenient of the all the kingdom; he never had to guess on what people thought or how they perceived him. This was a good and bad thing but here, nothing was hidden and though it may have seemed like such a mundane way of living, Augustus was absolutely fine with it. He no longer sees it as a 'power' because he himself believes that there isn't a way for him to be special for powers, but rather he feels his powers like his arm or his eye--a part of him. Something he couldn't live without.
▐░ωяιттєи ιи тнє ѕтαяѕ░▌
➺And oh, they say this road, it's a hard one, it's a dark one
➺But if you promise to stay close, we can take this, we can shake this
Although they are extraordinarily intelligent and capable individuals, people born on October 1 will often stand out in some way. Sometimes it will be the dignified way they carry themselves, or in their remarkable dedication and devotion to a cause they believe in, but whatever it is there is always something special and unique about them that makes others look or think twice.

On some occasions they can come across as stern, even proud, but to those who know them well they are incredibly warm and open-hearted. The cool front they present to the world is often a form of defense they have built up over the years as they learned how to overcome challenges and setbacks, but eventually their perseverance and dedication have earned them the just reward of rising to the top. Sadly, some of them may find that once they have reached the pinnacle of success they have aimed for all their lives, it isn’t as rewarding as they hoped. The way for them to deal with this predicament is to worry less and live a little more; to feel truly successful and fulfilled they need to inject more laughter and fun into their lives.

Before the age of twenty-one they are likely to be concerned with developing their social and relationship skills, but after the age of twenty-two there is a turning point in which issues concerning personal power take center stage. It is absolutely crucial in the years that follow that they don’t take themselves and their careers too seriously, and get a sense of perspective.

Above all, these people need to think big, aim high and set high standards for themselves. Their strength is the dedication they show to a purpose or goal, and as long as they don’t isolate themselves from others with their perfectionist tendencies, they will not only be able to make a positive contribution to the world by transforming what is rough and ready into a smooth and progressive system, they will also discover within themselves an unusually large capacity for real happiness.
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▐░ℓσνє ℓιfє░▌
➺Hey we’re taking on the world I’ll take you where you wanna go
➺Pick you up if you fall to pieces let me be the one to save you
【Sexuality】▶ Heterosexual
【Gender】▶ Male
【Availability】▶ Closed for Requests
【Ship】▶ Joyce Chamberlain--Justus haha get it?

People born on October 1 may take a while to open up to someone but when they do they can be incredibly loyal, supportive, patient, warm, and generous—and they expect the same in return. They may appear cool on the surface, but their partner will be delighted and surprised by their hidden sensuality and passion.

Augustus is awkward and nervous as if, so what do you think happens when you put him and girls together? Yeah, not a pretty picture. Lots of stammering, stuttering and complete failure. He gets easily nervous which is why he tended to stay away from girls in the first place. It was only when he managed to get the words out his mouth asking Jessamine out that he felt a sort of achievement. But things haven't been going his way in the love department lately and being the fragile at heart kind of guy, its not surprising for Augustus to distance himself from people again. He just needs someone who can make him smile; who will hold his hand without thinking that he held hands too much. He needed someone who would not try and understand his unsocial way of living but rather accepting that he is Augustus and there's nothing anyone could do to change that. He needed a friend.
➺Trapped inside this cage I'm living in. 
➺My wings hide, my palms are worn and thin

【Meridian Jem Conant】▶ Adoptive Brother
❤❤❤❤❤❤❤♡♡♡ ▮07 out of 10▮
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【Melinda Diana Blake】▶ Biological Mother
▮Fourty Five▮Femal▮Alive▮Asteria▮
❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤♡ ▮09 out of 10▮
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【Benjamin Seth Conant】▶ Biological Father
▮Fourty Seven▮Male▮Alive▮Asteria▮
❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤♡♡ ▮08 out of 10▮
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【Joyce Ann Chamberlain】▶ Best Friend
❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ ▮10 out of 10▮
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【Jessamine】▶ Ex-Girlfriend
❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤♡♡ ▮08 out of 10▮
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❝You've built your wall so high that no one could climb it.But I'm gonna try❞

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