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Trifecta thriller

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message 1: by J.T. (new)

J.T. Patten (jtpattenbooks) | 1 comments Hello all. My latest action adventure thriller has the military, CIA, and a major sniper scene.

Please consider trying out Safe Havens: Shadow Masters available on Amazon under JT Patten. I guarantee action, tradecraft, and a few sweaty palms.

message 2: by Conrad (new)

Conrad Brasso (conradbrasso) | 2 comments Mod
Thanks, JT. I'll check it out. It helps to put links that go directly to your buying page. Do you know how to do that in html? For instance, I'm working on the sequel to my CIA/International/Thriller genre book, Hunting the Midnight Shark.

Yours would look like this: SAFE HAVENS: Shadow Masters

If you need help knowing how to do that, I'd suggest clicking HERE.

Let me know if you have any questions.

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