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sol | 273 comments • All characters need to be accepted by a moderator • 
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[ Full Name ]

[ Age ]

[ Birthday ]
[ Zodiac ]

[ Gender ]
[ Sexual Orientation ]
[ Relationship Status ]

[ Social Status ]

[ Power ]

[ Appearance ] Must have a description of at least 10 sentences. Realistic drawings are allowed, but no anime.

[ Dressing Style ] Description and photos if possible.

[ Personality ] At least 3 descriptive paragraphs.

[ Strengths ]

[ Weaknesses ]

[ History ] At least 4 descriptive paragraphs.

[ Family ]

[ Other ]

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay

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♥ Full Name ♥ Harley Hayden Quinn
✧ Nickname ✧ He goes by Hayden. Honestly? What were his parents thinking? Harley-Quinn....Harlequin? Sometimes he thinks his parents had him as one big joke. So yeah....It's Hayden.

♥ Age ♥ 19
✧ Birthday ✧ April 1st, and he isn't a big fan of jokes about it, so get over it.
✧ Zodiac ✧ Aries

♥ Gender ♥ Masculine
✧ Sexual Orientation ✧ Heterosexual
✧ Relationship Status ✧ Single

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♥ Social Status ♥ Handyman
At least that's what he calls himself. In true he more like a temp agent. He does odd jobs all over the place. Sometimes he's delivering mail to people....other times he's washing windows. Then at other times he's walking people's pets. It doesn't really matter what he does, he just enjoys doing new things. He enjoys being able to have the freedom of going all around, and his abilities are actually pretty helpful with all the random jobs he does.

♥ Powers ♥
❥Precognitive Reflexes:
User has drastically enhanced reaction speed, allowing them to dodge bullets, catch flies in mid-air, dodge and maneuver around complex attacks, catch falling objects, block detriments and react instantaneously to what others take more time to react to. For Hayden his senses are so enhanced that he can seem to see things seconds before they happen, he can't of course, but if someone were to throw something at the back of his head? He'd be able to turn around and catch it with ease. He's also pretty good at being able to catch girls when they fall.

❥ Adoptive Muscle Memory:
The user can copy any movement/action after seeing it performed, including acrobatics, martial arts, and other physical stunts. With these skills they can become masters and incredible at what they do, by combining what several forms and movements in rhythmic motions instead of using the same thing over. User can copy how a person aims, giving themselves incredible marksmanship, though if they wanted to use certain weapons they would have to watch a person fire that weapon to be able to copy it. Such as how to fire a rifle as opposed to how to fire a bow, or how to throw knives or darts.

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♥ Appearance ♥
Hayden is the kind of guy that creates quite the striking image. His auburn hair is wild and thick in bouncing curls that depending on the lighting of a room can appear to be a darker brown or even a dirty blonde at times. With hair as curly as his you might look at him and think 'awww he's like a teddy bear' and then your eyes will see his very prominent jaw line and you're thoughts? They're going to turn a little darker. Because you wouldn't mind having this teddy bear in your bed.

<br />x<br />
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✏ Height: 6'1". Hayden isn't extremely tall by any means. He's tall enough that he easily allows for girls to wear heels in his presence, but he's not quite so tall that he has to practically kneel when he wants to kiss a girl. His height is a benefit though, as since it is merely average he is able to blend into crowds quite easily.
✏ Weight: 190 lbs. Trust that it's mostly muscle. I mean there is a small amount of chub on him. I mean....c'mon.....when you're enhanced it takes twice as much work just to work up a sweat, so yeah he can get lazy. So yeah he's fit physically, but he's not rippling in muscles. He doesn't have much for a six pack, but he is definitely firm. He's built more like a runner than a body builder.
✏ Skin Tone: Hayden has very fair skin. Not like 'oh snap he looks like he's dead' just fair enough that he doesn't seem to spend a lot of time in the sun. Mostly it's just genetics. His mom had very fair skin and so does he. He just never seems to get tan....at least not a nice good tan. Sometimes his skin takes on a bit of a darker hue, but for the most part? He just looks pretty pale.
✏ Eye Color: With eyes as startling of a blue as Hayden's it's obvious that his eyes are his most prominent features (Aside from that delicious jaw line). Hayden has the kind of blue eyes that are confusing and seem to always be unreadable and a mess of different hues of blue.
✏ Distinguishing Marks: Well......He's got a small birthmark on his left hip.....but since it's below the waistline of his jeans? Good luck ever knowing that.

✧ Dressing Style ✧
❥ When Hayden gets dressed in the morning he goes for a casual look rather than anything else. He's not a royal. He doesn't see the royals. He's a temp guy. He does all sorts of things and he dresses for the occasion. As in, Jeans and long sleeved shirts or hoodies. He's never been a fan of getting all dressed up for the night. However....if he were to have to dress in semi-formal attire? Well he'd go semi-casual. He's all about comfort over style...but he just might put in a little extra effort.
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♥ Personality ♥
Motivated. Hayden often has trouble with differentiating between what he needs and what he wants. As a result, when he feels he wants something, he can often feel as though he needs it with all his being. When this occurs, nothing can stand in his way and the challenge only fuels his motivation. As a result of this, Hayden is also very stubborn. He seems to have a particular fondness for proving people wrong. Especially when those people make assumptions about him, thinking that he's a lazy good for nothing? Yeah. He'll prove you wrong easily. He's not annoying about it though, where he has to be right all the time. Just that he gets satisfaction from making people see him differently. His stubborness makes it easy for him to work diligently and produce results.

Craves Adcenture. Hayden enjoys the thrill of the chase and the adventures and excitement that comes with it. He's one of those people that always seems to be in the fast lane, his every motion is quick and precise with clear intent and purpose. If you were to watch him walk it would seem as though he was completely confident in everything that he did. He is too. He's quite the confident guy. Hayden loves starting new things and he enjoys planning big events and creating new ambitions. It might be why he has the job he does. He enjoys the new and would get far too bored with doing the same thing day after day.

Independent. Hayden has always hated to be taught anything. He prefers a more 'hands on' experience and as a result he often doesn't listen or pay attention when people are explaining things to him. He's the kind of guy that just learns as he goes. Hayden also doesn't take orders from others very well, and usually always tries to add his own flare to things. Usually? Hayden gives off the sense that he is perfectly fine on his own and that he doesn't need anyone or anything. That he would be okay with being the only person on the planet, but he almost always ends up ruining this cover when his emotions and feelings for his friends and family gets in the way. Deep down. Way. Way. Way! Deep down. He does have a rather soft heart and is easily wounded by the words others might lash out at him.

Energetic. Hayden radiates an image of health and immense amounts of energy. He's easily capable of handling tough physical challenges and doesn't easily get bogged down by exerting a lot of energy. He prefers hard work and enjoys the gratification of completing a particularly difficult challenge. Since he is almost always on the go, he rarely enjoys having to slow down and he definitely doesn't enjoy sleeping or being sick. He's the kind of person that while incredibly ill he would continue to push himself simply because he wouldn't want to rest. He's stubborn like that. It's really not wise to try and keep him pent up, as he finds that the more he has to sit around? The more irritable and restless he becomes. To the point that he ends up releasing that pent up energy in negative ways.

Competitive. Hayden really doesn't enjoy being under anyone in anything. At times he can even be pathologically competitive, yet at the same time he can be sweet and adorably friendly. He has a habit of wanting to show people up and can be incredibly cutthroat in the process. When people stop him from doing what he wants, or hinder him he can be quick to anger. Most of the time when he gets frustrated it stops there, with mild irritation. However if someone gets in his way and prevents him from being able to do what he aspires? He can get rather angry and trust me. Angry Hayden? It's quite the scary scene.

Charismatic. With the way that Hayden is always on the go and his natural good looks, complimented by his confidence? Yeah, it's natural that he's good at making friends with people. Hayden is the kind of guy that easily is able to befriend others and seems to be able to coast though life with little to no effort needed. He's one of those rare naturally charming people in life. As a result he has no problems with gaining the affections of girls. Yes, he does kiss a lot of girls. No he's not a man-slut. Yes, he's still a virgin. Honestly? He only kisses girls he likes. So while he has kissed quite a few girls, he has genuinely cared about them all at some point in his life.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay Part 2

♥ Strengths ♥
Generosity. Hayden is a very generous person, always willing to give up anything he has to help someone out. Of course, this might be seen as a weakness, but considering how when you help people out, they're often willing to pay you back someday? Hayden considers it a strength. Having good connections with people is always a benefit in his mind. More so than being selfish and keeping to himself. He's always willing to help people out, because you never know when you'll need friends at your back.
Masking his emotions. With the courageous soul that he possess, Hayden has never been one to let others see his weaknesses. If someone insults him, while he may feel the repercussions of such a comment to his core, he'd never show that the comment got under his skin. He instead always pushes forward. This makes it rather complicated for people to get a good read on him and makes it harder for people to figure out his weaknesses.
Determination. Hayden is quick, edgy, and uncompromising. When he wants something he will go after it, stopping at nothing to get what he wants. People often find that they need to learn to keep up with him or they're left behind. Hayden is the kind of person that usually doesn't feel much remorse when he leaves someone behind and honestly? He doesn't care too much if people think he's heartless. They just need to deal with that on their own. He's a bit selfish like that.

♥ Weaknesses ♥
Expression. Hayden has never been one to easily express his feelings or voice his emotions towards people. He's more the type that prefers action over words. He has never been a fan of 'talking things over' and prefers to show how he feels and then move on. He's also never been one to dwell on things afterwards.
Rash. Hayden has always been one of those people that relies upon what he feels rather than thinks things through. The moment something sounds like a good idea to him? He's running off to do it, regardless of what could happen or the possible consequences. He doesn't really think things through and that has definitely lead to quite a few problems in his life. If it wasn't for his sharp reflexes? He'd probably already be dead.
Naive. Hayden has always been a very trusting person. To the point that he never suspects people of trying to befriend him for their own personal gain and to stab him in the back. He's never suspected that and as a result he is very easily able to be manipulated if someone were to befriend him with that intent. He'd never suspect betrayal from someone he trusted. He's all too giving with his trust.
Frustration. Hayden has never been very skilled at dealing with frustration, especially when it's due to him having to be pent up. He often has to get involved with physical activity to release his anger. Balancing patience and sensitivity with courage and determination has always been an issue for him. He's never been skilled at being patient and he most likely never will be.

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♥ History ♥
"They say love grows as you get older"
If that's the case, then Hayden's parents should have stopped their love from growing long before Hayden was born. Or at least they could've stopped having kids. Hayden was born the youngest of 4 other children. One brother and Three sisters. But Hayden wasn't the last child to be born to the Quinn family, nope. But his baby brothers wouldn't come into play until Hayden was 14. Being born the youngest, Hayden was automatically given the short stick in life. His brother? Must've dropped him at least three times within that first year of life. But it didn't matter, because their family? It did have a lot of love. Lots of fighting too. But love was more prominent in his childhood.

"There are some things we just don't admit because we don't like the way it sounds"
There had always been something a bit off with Hayden. I mean for one thing...the rest of his family? All of them had the same dark black hair as their father. His mother? A ginger. So where on earth did Hayden get his oddly fair colored hair? But no one would dare to voice their concern outloud. That perhaps Tatyanna had been unfaithful. That Hayden wasn't really a Quinn at all. No one would dare say that. Turns out they didn't have to say anything. The truth was eating away at Tatyanna, in such a way that she began to fast. And fast. And eventually? She threw herself out of a window in a seven story building. She's alive. She made it to the hospital. But she no longer was aware of the world around her. She was a living vegetable.

"Have you ever confused a dream with life?"
It all happened when Hayden was only 7. As a child he refused to believe any of it was true. He didn't want to see his mother in any other way than as the loving woman that had raised him. He didn't want to be different from his brothers and sisters. He was constantly praying that he would wake up and everything was just some tragic nightmare. But the thing about dreamers....eventually they have to wake up and face the truth. Eventually? Hayden had to see that his life? Wasn't a dream. It was reality. Thankfully his siblings didn't shun him once they learned he wasn't a true Quinn. His father still loved him. His family didn't desert him.

"As we grow older, it becomes more difficult to just believe. It's not that we don't want to, but too much has happened that we just can't"
Upon learning the truth though, Hayden became a bit harder towards the world. More competitive and filled with a desire to be the best at things. Hayden just couldn't believe that dreams came true. It was all due to hardwork that people got anything in life. It was a random day that he met Georgia. It was some sort of festival going on in the streets and there was a challenge, for the person who could fit the most amount of jelly babies in their mouth. Naturally Hayden wanted to play, and at the same time so did another kid. A girl. They both began to play and thus? Their glorious rivalry was born. She won. A simple stupid game. But after that? Hayden had to beat her. At everything.

"You might not end up where you'd thought you'd be, but you'll end up right where you're meant to be."
Their rivalry continued all throughout Hayden's childhood. It's still going on to this day. But the main event during the last few years of his childhood was the sudden appearance of his two twin brothers. Found on their doorstep one morning with a note saying they were his fathers. He wasn't sure how. But his father never argued the point and the twins were absorbed into the family. Hayden adores them more than anything. Hayden doesn't really have any real direction in his life, except for the goal of constantly besting Georgia. You might think they were total rivals. They're not. They're actually semi-friends. But he doesn't hesitate to crush her to the ground any chance he can get.

"Sometimes there is no next time, no time outs, no second chances. Sometimes it's now or never."
Hayden has never been good at expressing his emotions. Perhaps that is why he always feels the need to be better than others. So there is no one who can question him and what he feels. Instead he wins. He works harder than a lot of people to be able to win at challenges too. There are no second chances in life, Hayden has always known that. Everything depends on a first impression. A first place. Everything is about firsts. Which is why he's always had the motto in life to just act and think later.

♥ Family ♥
♀ Tatyanna Mya Quinn - Mother of Hayden
♂ Jonathan Maverick Quinn - Father of Hayden
♀ Sadie Amelia Quinn - Eldest sister
♂ Jordan Uriel Quinn - Eldest brother
♀ Leslie Lyric Quinn - Second oldest sister
♀ Kenna Gabrielle Quinn - Still older than Hayden
♂ Wyatt Milton Quinn - Younger than Hayden; Twin of Gunner
♂ Gunner Gabriel Quinn - Younger than Hayden; Twin of Wyatt

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message 4: by Emma, ~Nutella~ (new)

Emma | 353 comments He looks really good! Approved :D

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay

♥ Full Name ♥ Wilson Taylor Danes
✧ Nickname ✧ Honestly? Why mess with perfection? On that note, it's Wilson. Not Wil. Not Bill. Not Billy-boy. Nope. Just stop. It's Wilson. Anything else? You're not going to get a response from him.

♥ Age ♥ 22
✧ Birthday ✧ June 25th
✧ Zodiac ✧ Cancer

♥ Gender ♥ Masculine
✧ Sexual Orientation ✧ Heterosexual
✧ Relationship Status ✧ Single, although your chances of ensnaring his attention are very slim as only one woman has ever held his attention for longer than an hour.

♥ Social Status ♥ Royal Guard
As a royal guard it is Wilson's duty to ensure that the castle grounds are safe for the royal family and all others on the grounds. For Wilson particularly, it's his job to patrol hallways at night and make sure that no one is going to assassinate anyone or try and steal anything. Personally he finds it a bit boring as rarely does anything too exciting happens and instead he often uses his time to practice fighting moves and keeping up to shape. He doesn't let his guard down, but he's not at the tip top of his game either. Probably why he's not going to be advancing to any high ranks anytime soon. That's fine with him though. He enjoys patrolling at night and seeing the castle lit up with moonlight.

♥ Powers ♥
❥ Enhanced Jump:
The power to achieve great rocket-like jumps, while having hassle-free landings. Users can jump incredible distances and land safely, covering frighteningly tall heights and long distances. Usually comes with enhanced muscles in the legs. In some cases a jump can fool an observer into believing the person is "Flying". He's basically like the living embodiment of cat's always land on their feet.

❥ Wall-Running:
The user is enabled to scale walls similar to the effects of wall-crawling. However Wall-Running requires the user to build up enough momentum for a limited run on surfaces/walls. Users are able to run up/down walls, cartwheel across ceilings, and similar actions wall-crawlers are enabled to. This ability is incredibly useful with his job as he's able to easily scale walls and buildings to scan the area and ensure that the castle is safe for the royal family. He's also able to perform some rather daring acrobatic fighting techniques.

♥ Appearance ♥
Wilson gives off a sort of aura as though he couldn't care less about anyone or anything. Least of all his appearance. I mean the guy's hair usually looks like he doesn't even own a brush. Thing is? He works it. He's the kind of guy that gives off the presence of being a lone wolf, and yet he has one of those smiles that is so breathtaking when you see it because of the rarity in which it makes an appearance. One sure fire way to see how Wilson is feeling is to check out his body language. If he's in a good mood he'll be relaxed with a slight smile to his lips and a twinkle in his eyes as though remembering a funny joke. If it's best to stay away? He'll be tense with the corners of his lips turned downwards and his lips pressed together tightly, draining color from them. At that time it's best to stay out of way.

JM Dayao
(view spoiler)
✏ Height: Wilson is quite the tall figure, standing at 6'3". He enjoys every bit of his height as well since it's quite the benefit to be able to tower over fellow guards. It makes it so that less people are willing to mess with him. It helps that he's also able to date tall girls. He's always found taller girls more attractive. I mean who wants to date a girl so short you practically have to be on your knees to kiss her?
✏ Weight: 220 lbs. That's muscle by the way. Okay...so some of it is pudge. But most of it? Lean muscle from a stern training regime and hours of working out. He takes his job and health quite serious. Now while he's not rippling with a six pack, he does have muscle definition and he also is quite strong. I mean...he's not enhanced strong, but he's still fairly strong.
✏ Skin Tone: Wilson has rather fair skin. Not in the sense that if he spends time out in the sun he'll burn. He's not fair that way, and he's not fair in a way that creates the image of him being sickly. But he has rather lightly colored skin. This is due to genetics, as well as the fact that he only works at night. When you're awake during the night...well you don't exactly get a lot of color now do you?
✏ Eye Color: Many have described Wilson's eyes as hazel. Some go so far to say light green. Wilson? He couldn't care less. They're just eyes. No one is going to be falling for his eyes, so who cares. If you were to look at his eyes, you'd see they are a rather light grey blue that often mirrors the color of whatever he's wearing. The brighter blue of his shirt? The blue-er his eyes.
✏ Distinguishing Marks:

✧ Dressing Style ✧
❥ Wilson has quite the collection of button up shirts in his closet. In fact that's almost all he wears. Not the nice crisp white dress button ups, but the casual ones with breast pockets and stuff like that. He also tends to wear jeans or khakis with some casual running shoes. He prefers to dress casually. The concept of dressing up to him? Throwing a blazer over one of his denim button ups. When he's not wearing his guard uniform that is.

(view spoiler)

♥ Personality ♥
Tough Exterior. Many only see Wilson's tought exterior. The cool, collected, closed-off image he often projects on other people. They rarely see the deeper part of him that is far more sensitive. Wilson is always a seething mixture of different emotions. He can be quite erratic at times, but that is only because he holds a very unique angle on love and life. He prefers to feel things rather than just see what's on the surface. So don't expect to be able to attract this guys attention with looks alone. He's far more interested in what lies beneath the surface rather than what the surface looks like.

Withdrawn. Wilson tends to have a hard time responding and coping when things get really stressful. He's often not particularly vocal about what he needs and wants because he usually feels as though his hints are enough. This often leads to misunderstandings because what he sees as a hint? Often times it's hardly a hint at all and only those that really know him would be able to see his actions as a hint at all. Wilson is also quite sensitive to his surroundings and can easily be wound up if the scenery around him is stressful enough. He dislikes handling crises and as a result often closes himself off. He also has quite the need for encouragement and comfort from other people.

Nostalgic. Wilson is very observant and he has a very good memory too. As a result he can effortlessly recall past memories down to the smallest details because things are often all too easily carved into his mind. The more he cares about you the more he's going to remember things about you. He might remember things that even you don't remember about yourself. He enjoys the quieter things in life rather than the upbeat and the loud. That's probably why he's on the night shift of guard duty rather than the hustle and bustle of the day shift. This nostalgic attitude also means that if you wrong Wilson? He's going to remember it. And it might be petty? But he's not one to forgive easily.

Loyal. Wilson is extremely loyal to those who appreciate and support him, he's quite the nurturing spirit and will protect those people for as long as he lives. One of the greatest things about Wilson is his ability to make others feel cared about and important. He's a strong believer that there is not a single person in the world who isn't important. As a result? He doesn't care if you're the King or you're some poor farmer. He couldn't give a damn. He treats everyone equally and if you do good by his standards? Then you're alright in his book.

Delicate Temperment. Wilson can be quite complex, unpredictable, and moody in terms of his temper. He's easily offended by those he cares about and while his temper can flare up unpredictably and for seemingly no reason, his temper usually fades fairly quickly as well. It's rare to see him with any sort of long lasting anger as he usually finds it's tiresome to be upset and angry. However, he does not forget and forgive easily, so if you truly do wrong him? Don't expect to get into his good graces again any time soon. Most of the time though? He realizes he was being a fool and will be the first to apologize. If you're important to him? He won't let a small fight get between you and him.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay Part 2

♥ Strengths ♥
Intuitive. Wilson often uses his emotions and feelings when it comes to thinking and as a result he's very intuitive and quite persuasive when around people. He's rather skilled at assessing the emotions of others, save for those who are especially skilled at hiding their emotions from others.
Dependable. Wilson is one of those people that you can always rely on. He's never going to flake out on any plans with you. If you need him to do something? He's going to do it. He's a man of his word and he very rarely is someplace that would be unexpected of him. He's very responsible in that way. Perhaps he's simply trying to atone for the more than absent father in his life but oh well. Someone had to be responsible. Might as well be him.
Courageous. Wilson rarely ever gives himself the chance to chicken out of things. When he feels that he has to do something he does it fast before he can lose an ounce of courage. He's the kind of guy that would ask a girl out in the middle of her group of friends if the notion struck him. He doesn't give himself the opportunity to let his brain catch up with his heart because he knows that self-doubt is where people often loose their bravery.
Quiet. Wilson doesn't often feel as though words are needed and so he doesn't feel that he needs to socialize with other people. So as a result? He doesn't really make a lot of noise. Not to mention he had to learn how to walk through the house quietly long ago....how to fight with his lousy good for nothing dad without waking Anthony, Mel, and Erica.

♥ Weaknesses ♥
Insomnia. Wilson often finds he has a difficult time of quieting his thoughts and getting some sleep. As a result he often takes on extra guard shifts, or is always willing to cover for a fellow guard. He just has trouble sleeping. It's nothing life threatening, but it can make him a bit clumsy with his abilities at times. Nothing that he can't handle, just a bit clumsy that he might make a few mistakes if he were to get into a real battle. He hasn't started hallucinating from lack of sleep though....not yet anyway.
Body Language. Wilson is absolutely dreadful at hiding his emotions when it comes to his body language. If you're skilled at reading people you'd be able to read him like a book just by looking at him. He's just one of those people that can't help but express his emotions through the way he stands.
Attachment. Wilson gets attached to people very rarely, but when he does? It's pretty intense. Not stalker status. But if anything happens to them? He might not recover. He's never had to lose someone he truly loves....and if he ever lost someone that he loved? He probably wouldn't be able to put himself back together.

♥ History ♥
"How 'bout baby, we make a promise, to not promise anything more than one night,"
Reid was one of those guys that thought he was above bad luck, that nothing bad was ever going to happen to him. I mean what could happen? He was a good looking, well off ladies man. He never thought 'huh, maybe I should be careful, never know when something could bite me in the butt'. So yeah, when he met Holly? Pretty flirty blonde Holly? He didn't bother with putting pause on the heat long enough to run off and get protection. He woke up the next morning and left Holly to sleep. Kept up his antics, using protection this time....but it was too late. Nine months after their rendezvous, Holly left a present on Reid's doorstep.

"How the hell'd we wind up like this?"
Reid was not father material. Not to mention that with the sudden appearance of this kid? His parents kicked him out. They made a big show of disowning him. They didn't really....but they had to keep up appearances of being a well respected family, so it was buh-bye cushy life with servants, and hello fatherhood. Reid didn't even know Holly's last name to get her help on things. It was clear that she didn't want anything to do with Wilson. Probably because Wilson was quite the difficult baby. He was fussy and cried all the time and rarely ever slept. Not the easiest child for a first time parent to deal with. That was probably why Reid took advantage of his neighbor and often dropped Wilson off with Mrs. Morton, an elderly spinster next door.

"Someday, Somehow, I'm gonna make it alright...but not right now,"
With suddenly going from a mansion to a decent, but shabby in the eyes of a rich kid, apartment? Reid wasn't happy. Not to mention his 'allowance' for living from good old mom and dad? Wasn't all that big in his eyes. So what did he do? He did try. For the first few years he tried a little. It was only when Wilson was three that Reid seemed to give up and turn to alcohol. He'd always return home though. Stumble in during the night and ramble about how he was going to get better and how he was gonna make a good life for Wilson. This went on for years. So long that Wilson grew to stop believing his father. He gave up and instead became ashamed of the man that he shared DNA with. If it wasn't for Reid's parents? They probably would've been beggars.

"Show me how to lie, you're getting better all the time,"
Eventually though? Wilson got tired of his drunken mistake of a father. So he turned to arguing. He was 14 when it started. He was just so tired of his father always making empty promises and doing the same old stupid things again and again. So? He got mad. He started to hate his own father. In fact? He hated the man so much that he was going to leave. He'd rather be struggling to make his own way in life than deal with his dad anymore. Of course...that plan changed when Wilson opened the door to find the triplets. Left in the same way he had been. Three new siblings from one of his father's drunken escapades. It was the triplets that got him to stick around. There was no way he could just leave them with Reid.....

"Cause you know I'd walk a thousand miles,"
For the first year of their lives? Wilson was probably more of a father to the triplets than Reid was. But for all his faults. Reid did start to finally clean up his act.....only after Wilson threatened to leave Reid behind. Threatened to change the locks and leave Reid to figure things out by himself. That certainly seemed to open his eyes because the next day? Reid didn't stumble in completely smashed. He was buzzed. But not smashed. Over the years the triplets really pulled their family together. Maybe that's why Wilson spoils Anthony, Mel and Erica like they were royalty. He always seems to have time for them, and while he still doesn't get along with Reid....he no longer regards dirt with more respect.

"I will be strong, I will be faithful 'cause I'm counting on a new beginning,"
It wasn't long after the incident that Wilson got a job as a Royal Guard. Thankfully the Danes name still holds some sort of pull that could make sure he wasn't some low life criminal. It was odd though. Coming onto the new position and having everyone be so quiet and morose. He could understand why. I mean the princess had just been killed. But it was still odd to see how it effected everyone so strongly. It certainly made Wilson realize that he was lucky to have never lost anyone that he cared about. It was during his first week on patrol that he ran into the princess. The one that was ummmm 'mentally unwell'. She had been walking through the corridors....her bodyguards trailing a couple yards behind her and she had seemed so sad. So empty. Her eyes seemed hollow. So what did Wilson do? Oh yeah. He did a magic trick where he pulled a pick geranium out from behind her ear. Only when he went to give it to her? A couple other geraniums fell from inside his sleeve. He ended up laughing it off.....and surprisingly enough? Getting the smallest twitch of a smile from the princess.

♥ Family ♥
♀ Holly Adrienne Hill - Mother
♂ Reid Maximus Danes - Father
♂ Anthony Preston Danes - Younger Half-Brother; 6 (Triplet to Melanie & Erica )
♀ Melanie Keira Danes - Younger Half-Sister; 6 (Triplet to Anthony & Erica )
♀ Erica Carter Danes - Younger Half-Sister; 6 (Triplet to Melanie & Anthony)

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