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|TITLE| A Modern Day Fairytale
|GENRE| Romance
|SETTING| Summer of 2013


>>Girl A-Cinderella-Michelle

>>Girl B-Sleeping Beauty-Caramel

>>Guy A-Caramel

>>Guy B-Michelle

>>Male Villan-Michelle

>>Female Villan-Caramel



Girl A lives being the only girl in her father's life but eventually he gets married to the Female Villan who some how maintains her youth. Later her father dies leaving her basically a slave to her stepmother. ((As you can see there's no step sisters because she thinks it's a waste of time and hates kids)) When the summer of 2013 came along she went to summer camp which she paid for herself and ends up falling for Guy A.

Girl B was sent to live with her father's sisters when an evil man threatens to kill her when she was a baby. Guy B has been her friend since they were young but hasn't seen her since she was sent away at age five. The three aunts send her to a very famous summer camp and that's where she finally gets to see guy B once again.

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Caramel Cat Universe | 871 comments Hey!

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Caramel Cat Universe | 871 comments Okay so do you want to start it?

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Cindy Hephborn (Girl A) hopped off of the bus with her dopple bag in hand. She was so happy to get out of that darn house. "Free at last!" She smiled seeing all the other teens out and about. She had just turned 18 years old the day before. She ended up bumping into a boy that happened to be heading the opposite direction then where she was walking. "I'm so sorry!" she appologized looking up at him. This was the very first time she's seen a guy her own age. Her step mother was always sleeping about with men so ofcourse Cindy has had some experience with the opposite sex.

Michael Manning(Guy B) was walking around near the lake and smiled as he thought about his child hood friend. It had been a very long time since he's seen her last. He didn't know why she came to mind but had a very good feeling that he'd be seeing her this summer.

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Caramel Cat Universe | 871 comments Hugh McAllister looked down at her and said, "It was my fault. Don't worry about it. I'm just glad you didn't get hurt." He smiled and stuck out his hand saying, "I'm Hugh, what your name?" He was happy to met a cute girl off the bat especially her she seemed different.

Aurora Lockheart was sleeping leaning against a tree on the edge of the lake. She always was tired from traveling and this trip was so long to get her she couldn't help, but fall asleep. She dreamed of old memories and suddenly her childhood best friend came to mind. She couldn't remember his name, but only remembered the small things about him like his favorite food and things like that.

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"C-cindy." She said holding out her hand in order to take hold of his. He seemed kind and genorous from the looks of him but she couldn't tell if that was his true nature just yet."Cindy Hephborn. Nice to meet you."

Micheal Manning smiled seeing a girl in the distance wondering why she was alone.

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Caramel Cat Universe | 871 comments Hugh smiled and replied, "It nice to meet you Cindy." He noticed she had a leaf in her hair and pulled it out genteelly saying. "Sorry, but you had a leaf in your hair." He showed her smiling thinking it was cute.

Aurora was fast asleep not noticing that Micheal as getting closer and closer to her. She was dreaming about meeting him when they were older and getting married since she promised him that they would get married when they were younger.

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Cindy smiled,"Thank you." She looked up at him and hummed to herself wondering what he was doing at the camp. "Why did you decide to come to camp?" She asked curiously.

Micheal Manning walked up and said,"Hey sleeping beauty."

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Caramel Cat Universe | 871 comments Hugh thought for a moment and said, "Well people always talk about having so much fun when they come to camp, so wanted to come too for once." He smiled and asked, "You?"

Aurora opened her eyes slowly looking seeing a cute boy looking down at her. She looked surprised and shyly said, "H-Hello." She had often been called that at her school since she fell asleep all the time.

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"Honestly I've worked to get the money to go since I was little. I did it to get away from my stepmother." She admitted feeling that she could trust him. "My stepmother and I don't get along very well."
Micheal smiled at her,"Hello I came by wondering why you were here all alone." He explained himself as he held his hand out to help her get up

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Caramel Cat Universe | 871 comments Hugh said, "Oh," He felt that he came here for a stupid reason unlike her. He then said, "Well, I promise I'll protect you for now on since we're friends now, so don't worry about your stepmother as long as I'm around." He smiled at her trying to cheer her up.

Aurora took his hand and stood up explaining embarrassed, "Well, you see I get tired easily and I came over to the lake to watch nature and I guess I fell asleep." She stood up pulling her hand away saying, "I-I'm Aurora. What's your name?"

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She smiled and shrugged,"Your reasoning for being here can't be too stupid." She said being able to read his features very well thanks to talking to animals all these years. "What was your reason for coming to this Summer camp?" She asked being a wonderous spirit like she's always been.
"My name is Micheal." He introduced not realising right away that he knew her from his child hood.

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Caramel Cat Universe | 871 comments Hugh looked stunned hearing her say exactly how he felt. Hethen said, "I wanted to meet people and I just felt like, it was fate to come here." He looked down at her and said, "I guess I was suppose to meet you." He smiled at her.

Aurora found herself saying, "Oh, I feel like I meet you before." She swore that she had seen him from somewhere, but couldn't put a finger on it. She was curious if he was feeling the same déjà vu.

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She smiled back at him. "Do you really think so?" She asked feeling very bashful and blusy all of a sudden.
He helped her up and said,"I was just about to say it feels like I might have met you before." He was looking at her trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

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Caramel Cat Universe | 871 comments Hugh nooded saying, "Yeah it's obvious I was ment to." He noticed she was cuter bashful and said, "So you don't mind me hanging out with you because I really don't know anyone here."

Aurora sighed rubbing her forehead saying, "I can't remember, you have any memory of me?" This boy was very attracted and knew she remember someone as good looking as him.

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Cindy looked at Hugh and smiled gently,"Of course you can hang out with me because we're both on the same boat." She looked around her and smiled as him and her walked side by side.
Micheal reached out his hand,"If it helps you any my name is Micheal."

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Caramel Cat Universe | 871 comments Hugh sighed a sigh of releaf before running his hand through his hair saying, "Good because it would have been terrible if you had told me no." He smiled at her before saying, "I must be too irresistible for you to say now to though." He winked at her before chuckling softly.


Aurora thought for a minute before staring at him in disbleaf. She stuttered out, "M-Micheal?" She began to smiled brightly before saying excited, "It's me, Aurora." She began to cry tears spilling down her face before hugging him saying, "I've been looking for you. We were friends until I moved away when I was 5." She whispered smiling, "I knew I could find you."

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Cindy laughed a little bit thinking that his cockiness was very amusing and fun to be around. She smiled somemore as they got to the main cabin where everyone met and heard announcements from the camp councelors and what have you.
Micheal ran his hand through his short hair,"I figured it was you because you were sleeping like you always have."

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