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AgCl Is it just me or are most of the people who can be bothered to talk about HP too protective of the plot?

Everytime a discussion about "what ifs?" crop up (e.g. What if Dumbledore didn't die?) someone or someoneS would give a lecture (or a rant) on "it would change the plot". I know people are entitled to their own opinion, but really is it so bad to talk about some alternative event and imagine "what could have happened"? ....and its not really gonna change the plot, not in reality at least.

AgCl Carthya wrote: "i think it's more because of how great actually the plot is, not how protective we are. J.k rowling made the plot so every detail is essential. One seemingly random detail, such as Dumbledore's dea..."

i disagree even Jo herself talks a lot about what she could've done differently and a lot of people talk about "what could've happened"s, but yeah the HP series as a whole is wonderful. Its not perfect but its the closest to that anyone could ever find.

Maia i don't remember the plot i haven't read it since four years ago

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