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Final thoughts after a second reading - Possible Spoilers

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Kia ora everybody,

I have finished The Luminaries for the second time - something I am sure not many people can boast (other than the Booker judges and the publishers!) It is still a wonderful read, and here are my final thoughts.

There are many ways the ending could have gone. I just wanted more once I finished, which is saying something when the book is so large. I wanted to know what happened next, whether our main characters all found what they were looking for, and whether the other "bad guys" got their comeuppance. But the ending was graceful and completed the full circle of the tale.

The movement of the gold in the book is fascinating, and it means something different to everybody. Ironically, the person who ended up 'owning' it was the one person who didn't see it as anything more than it was - metal from the ground. The desperation of many of the hatters to extract themselves from their previous lives by means of gold tended to give gold a mystical status.

I loved: the scenes in the bustling town on a Saturday, when everybody is in weighing their takings for the week. The moment when Anna and Emery meet on the way to Dunedin. The way Moody makes the court scene go his way. Margaret's guts, and subsequent lack of courage in her dealings with Ah Sook. The combination of characters and their friendships and loyalties. The inclusion of chinese and Maori. Pretty well everything.

What did you love about this book? Is there anything you weren't sure of? Your final thoughts?

Thank you all for reading along. I will think about a group in winter if I have a chance in the lead-up to the Awards...perhaps a classic YA book?


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Penny | 5 comments A classic YA? Well, my choice would always be Margaret Mahy for that - 'The Tricksters' or 'The Changeover'.

That's if you're going 'classic YA'?

Or we could just go with a classic? I've still not read 'Animal Farm' nor Wells' 'The Time Machine' but have been meaning to...

Penny (still to read 'The Luminaries' I'm afraid - I've got it, and it will be the next to be read by me, but I just haven't had a chance to read much lately :)

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