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Me, Myself, and I | 285 comments { Part 1 }

. A . a . l . i . h . a . n .



"We don't live for ourselves, Rosalyn. We have these abilities for a reason and there's no room for those without a purpose."


{ N a m e : } Rosalyn Lisette Carnegie
N i c k n a m e : She's never quite gotten close enough to anyone for the nickname portion of a friendship. It's not like she doesn't have any friends or anything, because she does. They are simply few and far between and permanently frozen in that polite stage most Healers seem to be stuck at. Her sisters do tend to call her Rose or Rosa though, if that counts?

{ A g e : } Despite the appearance of innocence, in all reality, Rosalyn's twenty. A lot older than one would probably guess upon first glance.
B i r t h d a y : December 12th
Z o d i a c : ♐ Sagittarius ♐


{ G e n d e r : } Female
S e x u a l . O r i en t a t i o n : Heterosexual
R e l a t i o n s h i p . S t a t u s: Very much so single, due to a mother who's always believed selfless acts must come before what you yourself may or may not want. And considering who she does want is very much so off-limits, it's best not to go there at all.


{ S o c i a l . S t a t u s : } Well, she most certainly is not to be mistaken for royalty. The Carnegies are simple Aalihan Commoners, which her mother has made very obvious she is quite grateful for. According to her, all that power would quickly get to a person's head. Her family does own a local herb shop, a place that's been nicknamed nature's pharmacy, where her mother is known as something like the town's nurse. Rosalyn's worked there since she could remember and it's just a little suffocating, if you really want to know the truth.


{ P o w e r : }
Mental healing - This is the ability to heal the mind and restore it, bringing it back to it's mint condition, if you will. Rosalyn's ability is just a smidge different though: where most Healers are able to heal and be done with a person, Rose's special brand tends to leave something of an imprint on those she helps. It bonds her and the person together, meaning they're never quite the same after she heals them. She is from than on connected to them, having a sort of extended sense for that person. It's because of this reason and this reason alone that she has such a hesitancy to heal people: not only is it not her intention to be connected with every person in town, she can only assume they'd rather not be that close with her either. As a matter of fact, the only person she's ever used her ability on was Dara, after the near-miss that night and the affect it had on her baby sister's mental state.
Wound Transferal - To transfer the wounds off a sufferer to on their own bodies, and heal from that. Honestly, this is what her mother considers to be the most useful and selfless and, guess what? It’s the ability she’s never used. Like, ever. Honestly, in Rosalyn’s eyes, helping people doesn’t necessarily have to be healing in the literal sense. Being there for people when they need you is just as important.


{ A p p e a r a n c e : }

(view spoiler)

H a i r . C o l o r : Rosalyn's locks are the lightest shade of blonde, having a natural tendency to curl despite her wishes. More often than not, her hair can be found down loosely around her shoulders. Why? Well, she's found that having it all pulled back from her face means it's easier for other people eyes' to accidentally land on her wide ones. But when her hair is down, it more or less provides a distraction, a cover if you will from the curious gazes. Ros is used to remaining a quiet wallflower and eyes tend to speak louder than actual words.
E y e . C o l o r : Like her hair, Rosalyn's eyes are rather noticeable even standing in a crowd of people. Big blue eyes framed with long lashes are probably the first thing anyone would notice when looking at this particular Healer. Yes, she has big eyes. They're on her face. Sorry, they're not going anywhere.
B u i l d : Rosalyn's always had a figure on the smaller side of the scale. Tiny hands and tiny feet. Standing at only 5'5", she's the girl who's never really had a reason to wear heels or anything. Meaning you get what you get with her height. And due to her fast metabolism, -despite the fact that she eats what her mother would consider a lot- her weight of 120 lbs is a relatively stable one.
D i s t i n c t i v e . M a r k i n g s : For most of Rose's life, the birthmark that's always resembled a question mark on the inside of her wrist was the only thing marking her body. After the incident, though? Well, she's never really looked in a mirror to see how bad it really is, but she can occasionally feel the gash that healed a little oddly -naturally, of course- on the back of her neck when pulling her hair back. It was from landing on a rather nasty rock after getting. Uhm. Knocked down.
D r e s s i n g . S t y l e : Seeing as how her mother's mindset has always been to give up what you have for others, she's always insisted that the Carnegie daughters don't need fancy clothing.


{ P e r s o n a l i t y : } Rosalyn knows who she should be, who her mother would approve of, the girl she would be proud to call her daughter. And that? That would be someone selfless, giving up a part of themselves for others without a second thought. Mrs. Carnegie would want the best of all the Healers, not afraid to use themselves as a sacrificial lamb if that's really what it came down to. In Rosalyn's mother's eyes, doing well by the community and for the group is always the most important of all things. Acting selfish, only being concerned about yourself? Yeah, that would just about be the biggest sin a Healer could commit. Something Rosalyn apparently does daily due to her unwillingness to use her abilities, even if it would be for the greater good. "The Aalihans are gifted with the power to mend the broken and heal the hurt for a reason, not just to sit around and watch as accidents occur."

Really, that's all Ros has ever strived to be. The girl her mother would look at with a smile full of pride. But since that has yet to ever really happen, she stays wisely quiet unless she's needed, preferring to stay in the background until she can make herself useful in some small way. She takes care of her sisters -which, although she would never admit it aloud, can be a rather strenuous chore. Aside from her baby sister Dara, of course, who's almost more like a daughter seeing as how Rose has been there for more than her actual mother ever has. She works at the family's herb shop despite the tiny, tiny part of her that's always wandered where she would be if it were up to her to make her own way.

Rosalyn does what she can to live up to her mother's perfect image and, from the outside looking in, she probably appears to be managing quite well. Exactly what her mother wants.

But her mother has always had this knack- which could even be a part of her abilities, something that wouldn't come as a surprise to her eldest daughter. Rosalyn's mother is able to see that part of her she so desperately tries to hide. The part of her that doesn't fit with the picture of what it really means to be a true Healer. The Rose who wishes she didn't always have to be careful, the one who's hesitant to admit her gut reaction isn't always one a pacifist would agree with. Because, yeah, there is a Ros who would respond to a threat with violence should it be aimed in Dara's direction. Which isn't something she would ever give up, because it meant being able to protect her sister that night in the forest, even if she couldn't necessarily protect herself. But this instinct that's probably the thing to be most ashamed of: violence doesn't belong in a place that specializes in healing. Truthfully, she doesn't completely mesh in the Aalihan kingdom, a place she should see as home.

Just don't let her mother know that.

{ S t r e n g t h s : }
Dara- Rosalyn's baby sister is the biggest strength anyone could ever ask for in this entire, confusing world. Her youngest sister loves unconditionally and it's that love alone that makes Rosalyn want to be a better person. A sister Dara can look up to, a role model of sorts, and not someone to be ashamed of. Sure, Rosalyn wants the approval from her mother more than words could ever express. But ultimately? It will always be Dara that pushes her older sister to want to be who she should.
Caring- Despite what her mother says, Rosalyn is in fact caring. Like most Healers. Things easily affect her, whether it’s personal or just something someone else is going through. Some might wonder if this has anything to do with why her mental healing bonds her with others, but Rosalyn just likes to think it’s because she can sympathize with people.
{ W e a k n e s s e s : }
Darkness- Not in the literal sense. But as it was previously hinted at, Rosalyn's not this little angel that most have painted her out to be. Not that it's their fault, of course- it's not like she's ever showed anything contradictory. Aside from the time she smashed a beer bottle over a man's head and Dara, the only one who witnessed it, doesn't currently remember, thank Jesus. The only person who knows about it, her mother, is only going off a feeling. But there is a darker side of Rosalyn, one that's first reaction to a bad enough problem will always be violence. It's this side of Ros that thinks the sarcastic things she would never actually have the gull to say out loud.
Talen- He's really the one and only person who's ever been able to catch Rosalyn's eye and he's the one person she shouldn't be looking at. But honestly? That reputation of dangerous loner was never something she fell for. It's something about his eyes, a loneliness and lost sort of look she recognizes. How, you might ask? Simply because she's often times seen a same look in the baby blue eyes staring back from a mirror. Talen has always been the guy she'd be willing to turn back for if just to get one more glance. The urge to just get up and sit beside him has been there since they were little and it's never left since then.


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Me, Myself, and I | 285 comments { Part 2 }


"Just close your eyes and say goodbye to all that pain. It'll be gone in just a minute sweetie, I promise. Sisters never go back on their word, right?"

{ H i s t o r y } Hmm. Well, you’re probably curious as to how someone like her mother could ever have come across love, right? After all, someone who considers dressed nicely to be selfish, actually stopping to think about your own feelings in a relationship is probably something like a sin to that woman. So that would be why Natalie married more out of convenience and rationality than anything even resembling love. Jack Carnegie was the son of her parents’ best friend, the neighbor she grew up with. There was never anything particularly firework-worthy between them –and still, there’s really not much- except a deep friendship and understanding for one another. After Natalie discovered what she believes is the ultimate goal in love, –to help others- the realization sort of dawned on Jack simultaneously. It would be best for them to marry someone they could actually stand to be around care about, but not be consumed by emotions for that other person.

So it just happened that, when Natalie turned twenty-two, the most rational option was Jack Carnegie.

It wasn’t long before they opened up the herb shop, providing natural medicine for the weaker of the Healers who take longer to heal. And it’s been relatively successful since then: maybe because of the strength of the herbs, or just the great customer service. But either way, the Carnegies have at least one lifetime of business in that store, if not more. And with the birth of their first daughter, it has kind of been insured that the shop will last. Speaking of that first daughter: That just so happened to be Rosalyn. Seeing as how she was their first child, Natalie and Jack were like all new parents. Unexperienced yet giddy- well. About as giddy as someone as focused as Natalie could ever be. And as Rosalyn grew up, they made sure to install the same values that they had into their first daughter.

Then the two twins, Samara and Cassandra, were next. At only two years old, Rosalyn wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. But her parents seemed happy and it meant playmates, so why not be happy too? And they were close. At first, at least. But as they got older, Samara and Cassandra somehow got it in their minds that being sisters was a competition, and that they had to best each other as well as their older sister. And that’s never something Rosalyn’s ever wanted a part of, so it’s easy to see how that put some distance between the sisters. And then, eight years later, her parents had another child and this one turned out to be a girl as well. Dara. To be completely honest? A ten year old Rosalyn wasn’t quite amused about this. After all, Samara and Cassandra were stuck in a permanent state of competition and what if this one turned out to be the same way?

But that was probably the one and only thing Rosalyn’s ever been wrong about, and how wrong she was. From the moment Natalie put Rosalyn’s baby sister in her arms, there was a connection there and there has been one ever since. Seeing as how Natalie and Jack were often times busy with the store, it was up to Ros to take care of Dara and that was something she took seriously. Her little sister was depending on her, after all. So it’s easy to see how, growing up, Dara and Rose were the closest out of the four sisters and Rosalyn wouldn’t change that for the world. Her baby sister is the most important thinto Rosalyn though shh, don’t tell her other sisters; favoritism is bad. They went everywhere together, which maybe, just maybe, wasn’t the best strategy. Something Rosalyn would have to find out the hard way.

It was a normal day, just like most, when Rosalyn and Dara had been walking home from the market. They’d been there a little longer than normal and it had started to get dark, the sun slowly beginning to crawl under the horizon. Not wanting to be out any later than need be, Rosalyn made the stupidest decision she’s ever made in her twenty years of life: She suggested they cut through the woods. She should have known better, honestly. If they were going to be stuck in the dark, why would they want to further from civilization than need be? But Rosalyn was just thinking along the lines of getting Dara home and into bed soon. And because it was her job to protect her baby sister, Dara trusted her older sister and said sure.

Again, biggest mistake.

As you can probably guess, it didn’t end well for them. Healers aren’t fighters, not in the slightest, and it’s not typical for one to automatically take into account crime or anything in the proximity of that. Which was the reason why Rosalyn wasn’t particularly focused on anything aside from helping her sister over fallen tree branches and around abandoned beer bottles: not the sound of footsteps approaching or the smell of alcohol that’s laid claim over every article of clothing on a person’s body. Not until someone was slamming into her from the side and pinning her to the ground, Dara screaming in the background. Everything sort of happened next in a blur, whether from the impact of her skull meeting a rock or adrenaline, she’ll never really know. Either way, she remembers fingers tearing at her shirt and her, sort of numbly just lying there underneath the man. Motionless until her sister, having tried to push the man off Rosalyn, was tossed into a tree. Dara was so tiny and it was obvious that it took virtually no effort from the guy.

That was enough to drive Rosalyn into action.

Somehow, her hand managed to find one of the beer bottles littering the grass and one minute, dirty fingers were popping the front buttons of her shirt, and the next, there was a yell and the sound of glass shattering exploded from above her. Rosalyn managed to grab Dara and get away but seeing that sort of thing? Becoming exposed to a violence you never knew existed until it was right in front of you? Well. It had an effect on her baby sister. And surely the screaming aimed at Rosalyn from a normally so pacifistic Natalie didn’t help. Dara really didn’t have much option but to shut it all out, and so that’s what she did. Rosalyn’s sister wasn’t the same after that, not until the moment when she used her abilities to heal Dara mentally.

And ever since then, Dara and Rosalyn have been closer than ever, perhaps a side effect from her powers. Or maybe it’s just because they were there for each other during the whole ordeal.


{ F a m i l y : }
Mother- Natalie Leighton Carnegie [44]
Father- Jack Mackie Carnegie [44]
Sister- Samara Carnegie [18]
Sister- Cassandra Carnegie [18]
Sister- Dara Iskra Carnegie [11]

{ O t h e r : } Rosalyn has a history of nightmares from the incident that occurred in the woods. Most of them actually aren’t even focused on the guy. . . Doing what he was trying to do. No, the nightmares are actually more so centered on Dara. Rosalyn not being able to get her away from the nameless man who’s face will always remain a haze. She does occasionally have one that’s just her relieving the experience, but most of the nightmares are what-ifs. What if she hadn’t been able to protect her baby sister? What if she hadn’t been able to get them away? What if she hadn’t been able to reach the beer bottle?


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sol | 273 comments Approved! Good job! I really like her :)

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay

♥ Full Name ♥ Lyra Mckenna Silverstone
✧ Nickname ✧ Honey, when you have a name as beautiful and flawless as Lyra? You don't butcher it with petty nicknames.

♥ Age ♥ 18
✧ Birthday ✧ October 15
✧ Zodiac ✧ Libra

♥ Gender ♥ Feminine
✧ Sexual Orientation ✧ Heterosexual
✧ Relationship Status ✧ Single, but honestly? This girl is so selfish and vain that the only chance for a relationship with her would probably only be with a mirror.

♥ Social Status ♥ Florist
Since Fleurish, the small flower shop is a family business, Lyra works there. She thoroughly enjoys arranging the flowers into beautiful bouquets and bunches for people to give. Oddly enough? One of her favorite parts is seeing the faces on peoples faces when they pick up the arrangements. Granted girls give better reactions than guys...but still. She likes that she's able to make the world just a little more beautiful.

♥ Powers ♥
❥ Nosokinesis:
Ability to manipulate illness and pathogens to either make people sick or heal them. The user is able to increase antibodies in the bloodstreams of others and boost immune systems. This ability can extend to being able to heal those of fatal diseases or simply allergies. For Lyra specifically? She's able to heal people of minor ailments such as the flu, or a cold or simple things. Diseases are out of her grasp.

❥ Regeneration:
The user can rapidly regenerate, in other words, they recreate lost or damaged tissues, organs and limbs, sometimes slowing, or even stopping, aging. The rate and amount of healing varies widely , some can regrow missing limbs, others must put the limb back in place for rapid regeneration. They are generally in very good physical shape as their bodies are constantly reverting to healthy state. For Lyra she is able to heal wounds at an advanced rate, with a lot of concentration she might be able to heal up an organ? But limbs are so out of the question.

♥ Appearance ♥
Lyra is quite the striking figure. With a delicate face shape and sharp features she has quite the distinct look to her face, not to mention the way that she just carries herself. Lyra walks with confidence radiating from her every step. The girl practically breathes out confidence. She's the kind of girl that is often found catching sight of herself in shiny clean windows, or in her spoon....or the eyes of other people. That's the best thing about people. Their eyes are so incredibly reflective. At least that's how Lyra sees things. Lyra has soft light pink frosted lips that almost always seem to be upturned in the slightest of smiles, as though she knows a secret that no one else knows, and it makes her appearance look all the more alluring. Not to mention all that hair. With long ash blonde hair that falls to the middle of her back many have mistakenly claimed her hair to be white when in direct sunlight.

(view spoiler)
✏ Height: 5'7 1/2. While her height is on the shorter side for those of Aalihan, Lyra enjoys her height. It sets her apart from the common riff raff and allows her to wear extravagant heels whenever she can. Not to mention that her height makes it so that people constantly have to shift their attention to look at her. Granted she has to do the same....but she doesn't like to think about doing anything for anyone.
✏ Weight: 120 lbs. Trust me hun, any weight on her body? She loves. So what if she could be a bit more toned? She thinks she's beautiful and even if her stomach isn't as firm as it could be she couldn't care less. Not to mention that weight? Helps enhance her ummmm 'assets'.
✏ Skin Tone: Lyra has very fair skin. Her skin is as fair as that popular story princess. But without the raven hair and the ruby lips. Now what was that princesses name again? Oh well. That's how fair Lyra's skin is. She's the kind of girl that if she spends too long in the sun? She burns. Their is no tanning with this doll.
✏ Eye Color: Ummm...Beautiful? No? Alright then. Lyra has grey-blue eyes that seem to reflect everything around her. When you look in her eyes it's as though you're simply looking at your reflection. Her eyes give nothing away. If eyes are windows to the soul? Then looking at Lyra's eyes you would assume she doesn't have any. But hey....look at those long lashes of hers.
✏ Distinguishing Marks: You dare insinuate that she has a blemish upon her? Well alright, fine. She has two moles. One above her lips on the right, and one below her lips, also on the right. But they're beauty marks.

✧ Dressing Style ✧
❥ You might think that Lyra has a thing for slutty clothes. WRONG! This girl is all about soft and flowing. Cardigans, comfy t-shirts, and jeans? Check. Soft flowing summer dresses? Check. Skin tight mini skirt? Gag. Lyra prefers comfort to be part of her style. If it's not comfortable and soft? It's not for her. When she has to dress for more formal occasions? She's the kind of girl that would wear something that would highlight her waist before flowing out in a big poof. Lyra also has quite the thing for scarves.
(view spoiler)

♥ Personality ♥
Clear-Cut. Lyra has a need for things to be straightforward and clear-cut. She often does her best to make sense of things that are blurry and out of focus, but she prefers when things are laid out before her. She often dislikes confusing situations. Gossip? Ugghh she can't stand it. She prefers to get her information directly from the source to avoid confusion and muddled answers. She also tends to dislike lying or anything else that warps ones opinions.

Appearances. Lyra believes that appearances are everything and as a result? She will never show the turmoil in her life, the hectic side of herself. Lyra always wants to put her best foot forward, so even when her life is chaotic and turbulent she will never show it. She likes people to believe her life is pleasant, even when it's not. Burdening someone with her own troubles is a form of her own personalized horrors that she would never do. Crying? Eww. Being sick? Stop right there. Lyra would never want to bother someone with her own misfortunes so she acts as though she doesn't have any.

Optimistic. Lyra is an incredibly optimistic person. She believes the only limits to what someone can accomplish are the limits that they themselves place. She also believes that any conflict can be smoothed over with understanding. Lyra believes there is nothing in life that can't be resolved and she believes that she can make the world a better place. A more beautiful place. Often times she'll hear someone say that they wish they could do something or they want to do that but instead they're doing this. She often asks those people why, simply because she doesn't think that there are any real limits in life. Well other than the biological limits of being unable to spend too much time around those of the other kingdoms.

Dominant/Dependent. Lyra alternates between dominant and dependent when dealing with others. She's never content with being one or the other and it often changes depending upon her mood at the moment. She seemingly craves balance in life, which is why she is one at one moment and the opposite the next moment, but really? It's just part of who she is. Yeah, she's always bursting with confidence, but sometimes? Sometimes she's whiny and wants some praise and recognition for what she does. Sometimes she just wants to be appreciated. Other times? She's asking a guy if she can kiss him and see if his lips are as soft as they look. It all depends on how she feels.

Firm. Lyra has rather deeply rooted opinions and changing them would most likely require a miracle. She isn't one to be easily swayed by the opinions and thoughts of others and while she might change a subject to avoid an argument, if you pressure her and her ideals? You're going to deal with some might strong consequences. Ever heard the saying 'Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus'? Do not tickle a sleeping dragon? Well, Lyra is like that sleeping dragon. She wants peace, but if you push her too hard? Be prepared to deal with the consequences.

Oncoming Storm. Lyra can be one of the most peaceful people you will ever meet, but if you push her? Beware the storm. When Lyra is mad? It's not simple anger. She becomes enraged. She's the kind of person that in her anger she will destroy anyone and anything that gets in her path. In fact, if she's mad? The best thing to do is to avoid her until the storm has passed. It will pass...and more often than naught she will come to realize that she made a lot of mistakes in her anger. Now....she does have a hard time apologizing for her mistakes so if she does come to you and attempt to apologize? It would be a kindness not to force her through the whole apology.

Generous. If you're one of Lyra's friends or someone that she genuinely cares about? She will devote herself to you entirely and be willing to do anything for you. She's one of those people that would give the shirt off her back for someone else if they needed it. Simply because she doesn't need that shirt to look flawless. When she's in love she's one of those girls that is completely giving. She'd give her heart to that person 100%. But uhhh good luck swaying her into even caring about you, let alone loving you.

( ˘ ³˘)♥ Jay Part 2

♥ Strengths ♥
Planning. Whenever Lyra plans anything she not only plans out the details but she has backup plans...for her backup plans. She thinks of every scenario that could happen and how to counter it so that things still run smoothly. Why? Because she would hate for something to be ruined due to bad planning. Especially if that something is important like a wedding reception.
Confidence. It's hard not to like a person that radiates the kind of confidence Lyra does. She gives off this aura that makes others start to see her the way she sees herself, and then they can't help but like her. She's actually rather skilled at socializing with people. Not so much because she needs the friends, but more or less because she doesn't really like being alone.
Good impressions. Lyra is very good at making a nice impression on people. When she tries. Most of the time? She couldn't care less if you like her or not, so long as she likes herself. But if she wants to she can be quite the charming charismatic person worthy of the nobility her family name once held. Of course, that's in the past now.

♥ Weaknesses ♥
Perfectionist. Lyra can be a bit of perfectionist and when things don't go the way she wants? Well she can get rather irritable rather quickly. This can cause her to over-react to things and seem as though she is angry with others when in truth she's simply angry with herself. She often is far more critical of her own actions than she is of others. She just wants things to go perfectly. Is that too much to ask?
Selfish. Lyra has a hard time of thinking about others before herself. Everything she does? Is to benefit herself. She makes floral arrangements because she enjoys seeing the looks on peoples faces. She makes friends with 'followers' because she enjoys having people who like her almost as much as she likes herself. She only befriends those that she sees some sort of reward coming to her by befriending them. Yup. She's selfish. Deal with it.
Vain. Ever tried to walk a whole day without looking at your reflection save for once? Lyra? She probably couldn't make it ten minutes. She's constantly checking herself out and catching sight of her reflection. It doesn't have to be a long gaze at herself, just a quick flash in a window somewhere and she's good. But she can't help but look at herself and think that she's absolutely stunning. She doesn't really think she has any flaws. Or at least she'd never admit to having any flaws.
Childish. Lyra is often described as being childish. She's moody, selfish, vain....not to mention she gets frustrated if things don't go her way. Yeah....she's pretty childish. This is quite a problem as many people tend to get fed up with her antics after awhile leaving her with not too many people to rely on should she ever need them.

♥ History ♥
"There's just no rhyme or reason, only the sense of completion,"
Dale had always been a model citizen. He always did his family proud and the Silverstone family? Used to be quite the respected noble family. Until he met Patience, a simple farm girl that was poor as dirt and against all odds? The two fell in love. They didn't care that the odds were against them, that by being together Dale would leave the rest of his family. He knew that marrying Patience meant that he would lose his ties to the family, but it was love at first sight. Courting under the moonlight when he could sneak away to meet her. It was unconditional love, and he left his life behind for her. They married, he was disowned, and shortly after their wedding they found out they were going to be parents.

"I watch the sunlight dance across your face, I've never been this swept away,"
Lyra was viewed as a blessing in the eyes of her parents, she was real living proof of what love could do and she was their pride and joy. The only reason Lyra is an only child is because her parents never wanted her to feel jealous over a sibling, secretly she's always wanted brothers and sisters. As a child, Lyra was quite spoiled. Her parents showered her with attention and love and gave her everything they could, granted at that time they were still struggling to get the flower shop going, but they did their best. They were the ones that taught her to see the beauty in the world. To Lyra? Her parents are the best parents someone could ask for.

"The fire got lit inside a bright-eyed child, Every note just wrapped around her soul,"
Lyra was 7 when she first realized that she loved making people smile. That she liked finding beauty in the world. She had been walking home from school when she saw some kid getting picked on, she ran over and stood up for him. Granted she ended up getting slammed up against the wall by the bullies, but they ran off when she screamed and that kid? Well he walked over and helped her to her feet and flashed a bright smile at her, thanking her for trying to help. He became her friend and it was through him that she discovered the Viola. He told her he was heading to a teacher to practice and from the moment she picked up the Viola she fell in love. She realized that her passion was to make others happy and to spread beauty in the world. That she loved seeing people's faces when they heard the music of the Viola.

" What you gonna do when the show is over? How you gonna cope when their is no closure?,"
That little boy that she met? His name was Trevor. He died when she was 12. He was walking home and he ended up slipping on a wet patch of concrete, he grabbed onto a fence and unfortunately? He was struck by lightning. One of those rare occurrences that just happen. He died on the spot. There was no chance of recovery. But you can't just give up. Lyra refused to give up and instead 'played on'. She's always believed people are only limited by their own expectations. The loss of Trevor? It might have destroyed some people. For Lyra? She was thankful to have known him. She was grateful for his friendship. And every time she plays the viola? She plays for him. Perhaps that's why she rarely ever plays.

♥ Family ♥
♀ Patience Kendall Silverstone - Mother
♂ Dale Maximilian Silverstone - Father

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❝ℓσσкιηg υρ ƒяσм υη∂єяηєαтн, ƒяαcтυяє∂ мσσηℓιgнт ση тнє ѕєα, яєƒℓєcтισηѕ ѕтιℓℓ ℓσσк тнє ѕαмє тσ мє, αѕ вєƒσяє ι ωєηт υη∂єя.❞
-Florence & the Machine, Never Let Me Go

➥ ℓυєℓℓα ║ вєαтяιχ ║ ναℓєηтιηα ║ єℓιση
↳❝ Anyone who likes me calls me єℓℓα. But that's a low number, so for the most part I'm called ℓυєℓℓα.❞

➘ ℓυєℓℓα║

Famous elf. Also a compound of the names Lou and Ella.

Famous elf. Also a compound of the names Lou and Ella

Make amends.

Feminine of Louis.

People with this name have a deep inner desire to serve humanity and to give to others by sharing money, knowledge and experience, or creative and artistic ability. People with this name tend to be passionate, compassionate, intuitive, romantic, and to have magnetic personalities. They are usually humanitarian, broadminded and generous, and tend to follow professions where they can serve humanity. Because they are so affectionate and giving, they may be imposed on. They are romantic and easily fall in love, but may be easily hurt and are sometimes quick-tempered.

➘ вєαтяιχ║

Brings joy.

Bringer of joy, brings joy.

People with this name have a deep inner desire for a stable, loving family or community, and a need to work with others and to be appreciated. People with this name are excellent at analyzing, understanding, and learning. They tend to be mystics, philosophers, scholars, and teachers. Because they live so much in the mind, they tend to be quiet and introspective, and are usually introverts. When presented with issues, they will see the larger picture. Their solitary thoughtfulness and analysis of people and world events may make them seem aloof, and sometimes even melancholy.

➘ ║ ναℓєηтιηα





Brave, Strong. Female of Valentinus.

People with this name have a deep inner need for quiet, and a desire to understand and analyze the world they live in, and to learn the deeper truths. People with this name are competent, practical, and often obtain great power and wealth. They tend to be successful in business and commercial affairs, and are able to achieve great material dreams. Because they often focus so strongly on business and achievement, they may neglect their private lives and relationships.

Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship Status: Very much single, and not exactly eagerly looking, either.

Age: 17
Birthday: October 29
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Place of Birth: Aalihan
Social Status: Princess of Aalihan


Healing Touch/Wound Transferral
Ella's powers combine wound transferral and healing touch. She can heal small things like shallow cuts and bruises without transferring them to herself, but the more severe the wound is, she must transfer it to herself. She is so powerful and so bad at controlling her powers, that most of the time she can't stop herself from healing others, even though it can hurt herself. Luckily, since she is, for the most part, surrounded by regenerative healers, she doesn't often have the chance to do that.

Biological Manipulation
Ella's regenerative powers are very strong, taking usually only seconds to heal from minor injuries. That being said, the worse the wound actually is, the longer it will take.

Power Transfer
Ella has a very hard time controlling this power, as it goes along with the power transfer needed for healing. However, in this case, Ella contains her energy and doesn't allow it to heal the person, instead knocking them out. Most of the time, this ideal use doesn't work out, and Ella will heal the person of any and all injuries, possibly even transferring them to herself before actually harming the person.

Physical Appearance

Ella has a very distinctive appearance, though she will often try to blend into the background. With her and porcelain-pale skin and tall, curvy body (standing at 5'11" without shoes) she certainly looks like what many people expect from a healer. What makes her stand out so much, however, is her vibrantly red hair, which is fairly long, past her shoulders, and straight, for the most part, sometimes curling at the ends. Her eyes are hazel, green with bits of brown in them. She has long eyelashes and large, wide eyes often accented with thick eyeliner. She has a round face shape, and a small nose. Her lips are proportionate, neither too full or too thin, and a naturally light shade of pink. She likes warm months, because she has better colouring during those times, her skin looking just a little bit less pale, but doesn't like the way she's expected to dress, especially with her need to cover her back, to hide the three thin, pale scars that run from halfway down her shoulder blades all the way down her back. They are her only imperfection, really, and she is desperate to keep them hidden. She often wears dresses, which makes that goal difficult, as she strays from anything backless and often wears wraps or sweaters. She doesn't feel much need to wear heels on a regular basis- she's fairly tall already, but she will wear them on occasion, often for a party or event. She almost likes her overly fancy dresses, although they are sometimes a pain, because they make her feel like she's pretty, something that she doesn't often think of herself. She consistently compares herself to her sisters and brothers, the most quiet in such a large family. Her voice is an alto or mezzo when she speaks, although she is often very quiet even when she is talking, sometimes hard to hear.

(view spoiler)

Dressing Style

(view spoiler)



I'm not crazy. I'm not.

There's something wrong with me.

Ella is always paranoid, checking over her shoulder. Every noise she hears is something that could be a threat, but she never knows whether that threat is to her, or whoever happens to be there. She's scared of too many things, always jumping and screaming. What she's again, scared to admit is that it's not really even other people that she's afraid of. She's mostly just scared of herself, afraid to hurt people and to get hurt herself. She's really quiet, preferring to think and stay to herself, so that she can't hurt anyone. She suffers from bad nightmares, ever since she was a little kid, and wakes up either screaming or crying every night. The dreams have gotten even worse since the accident.


"Are you okay? Do you need me to do anything?"

"Ella, you're bleeding."

"But are you okay?"

Ella tries to help others as much as she can, with any problems that they might have. She doesn't talk to a lot of people, on a fairly regular basis, but she always wants to help, if she can. She's the kind of person who will throw herself in front of a bullet to save someone else, the kind of person to try and comfort everyone else even when upset herself, without mentioning her own problems. She thinks of everyone else before herself.


Ella doesn't often say too much, preferring to let other people do the talking. Some would say that she's shy, in this sense, but that's not true. She's not afraid of talking to other people or strangers, she simply prefers to observe people, and to listen. This being said, however, when she's alone with people Ella becomes a bit more vocal and talks a bit more, and she is an enjoyable person to be around, even being a bit opinionated.


I'm internally disagreeing with you. And being an ass about it, too.

While there isn't much that anyone can do or say to make Ella really angry, when someone gets her going her personality almost completely changes. She doesn't just get upset, she'll get really upset, sobbing when she's even the least bit sad, yelling when she's only a bit angry. Ella is passionate about the things that she loves and what is important to her, and she will stand up for those things and people, especially if someone is insulting them or trying to do something that will hurt them. She can be very determined, and though she hates anything political, she isn't afraid to get involved for the sake of her family and kingdom.


While Ella didn't really have any imaginary friends-- no, she has more than enough family for that, with a twin sister, a second sister and two brothers, not to mention the countless people that lived with them. She does, however, consistently write things, often fiction writings, because it lets her get out of her own messed up head and think about something totally irrelevant and unimportant for a while. Her parents want her to pay more attention to what's real, and important, but she doesn't like to, because it makes her kind of depressed on occasion, thinking about wars, hurting people, what she did.

cσηтιηυαтιση вєℓσω

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ραят тωσ

❝αη∂ ι'м ωση∂єяιηg ωну ι ѕтιℓℓ ƒιgнт ιη тнιѕ ℓιƒє, 'cαυѕє ι'νє ℓσѕт αℓℓ му ƒαιтн ιη тнιѕ ∂αмη вιттєя ѕтяιƒє, αη∂ ιт'ѕ ѕα∂. ιт'ѕ ѕσ ∂αмη ѕα∂.❞
-Within Temptation, Shot in the Dark

ρєяѕσηαℓιту cσηтιηυє∂


I literally cannot stop healing people! I can't control it! And everywhere in my head there's this noise and this voice that yells at me, tells me how I'm terrible, I'm crazy, and I can't turn it off! Somebody please, turn it off! Make it stop.

Ella thinks a lot, it's what she does in the time when she should be talking to people but isn't. She thinks about herself, about the people around her, about the weather, she can't turn her brain off. Sometimes she writes, fast enough that people can't read what she's writing as she writes it, fast enough to give her a cramp in her hand. She doesn't really pay attention to other people when she's doing this, too lost in her own thoughts and opinions, though she only voices them if she finds the issue either important or intriguing enough.


ѕιмρℓє вєgιηηιηgѕ
Princess Luella Beatrix Valentina Elion was born a twin on October 29th in the kingdom of Aalihan. Although she was one of the most quiet children in a large family, she was never ignored, unable to slip into the background. Her twin was the absolute opposite of her, loud and playful in contrast to Ella's quiet thoughtfulness.
For the first few years everything was good, fine, normal, what almost everyone would expect from a kindergarten- aged stage in life. Ella loved the dresses, wandering around the castle and even some of her early tutor sessions, all before the nightmares, which started when she was about six years old.

Ella still remembers the first dream, in which she had been wandering around a dark forest in which haunting, evil eyes seemed to watch her from everywhere. She remembers running through that forest, the dream taking on an almost Snow White-like feel. She found a cottage a few minutes, but there was no shelter or safety for her there. No, almost as soon as she entered, the door disappeared, but even as the walls closed in, water filled the small space, and there was nowhere to go, no air to breathe. As she drowned in her dream, Ella woke up to the sound of her own very real screams.

gяσωιηg υρ

From when she was a young girl, only 6 years old, Ella suffered from extremely vivid nightmares, almost every night. Nights that she didn't wake up either crying or screaming, more commonly crying, at least in her younger years, were a rarity. Images of death, destruction, things chasing her, haunted her mind every night and into the day. Due to this she would become very sleep deprived, almost an insomniac at times, because the young girl was too afraid to close her eyes and sleep for the images and dreams that she'd experience. Yet she refused any help from mental healers, knowing she herself was lacking that ability. She did, however, concede to taking sleeping medications to at lease be rested, although she considered that it's own unique kind of torture: To be trapped in the dream and finding it unable to wake up or escape, as it so seemed.

But she got by, as people do, learning to live with her dreams and lack of sleep. She took her tutors seriously, did all of the work but would sometimes find her marks slipping down, which would cause her to attempt to study more, staying up later and depriving herself of even more sleep. Ella would spend a lot of time with her twin, Aylee, even if Ella herself wasn't always much company.

No, Ella would take to falling asleep and scaring everyone in the castle, while reading in the library, even while eating breakfast or during conversations, then starting to cry or scream as the dreams would hit, causing people to try to wake her, or those who heard her and didn't see her, wondered if she was being attacked. From then on Ella was very easy to startle, even the smallest things could scare her. She was around fourteen by the time she turned to writing, finding it a good way to relax herself. Poetry, songs, fiction, anything that she could write down, even if it made no sense, although those kind of ramblings often went into her diary.

One night when Ella was 16, her nightmares were particularly vivid. Images of wolves attacking her, being trapped and locked in, and herself being escorted into an asylum were only the start of it-- a few of her worst fears manifesting. Then she started dreaming that she was actually insane, locked in a small cell, alone, with hazy figures that talked to her, some of them threatening to hurt her, while the ground shook and the walls seemed to collapse, grow closer. She had long since started crying at this point, and screaming. "Ella, Ella!" A voice broke through, integrating itself into the dream, forming a new figure. This one lunged at her, knocking her over. Acting both in the dream and in reality at at that point, Ella didn't realize that what was truly happening was one of her bodyguards, shaking her and trying to wake her up. Not even really knowing what she was doing, Ella grabbed a letter opener from her bedside table and stabbed the guard, in long cuts down his back.

A few moments later she fully woke up, and saw the full scene, her bodyguard on the floor, basically passed out from blood loss. With a gasp, she realized what she had done and she threw herself out of her bed and onto the floor, to heal him. As she transferred the wounds to herself and they disappeared from the guard's body, Ella endured the worst pain she had felt...ever, enough to make her pass out. And even with her incredibly fast healing abilities, the woulds were bad enough to leave faint scars running down her back, proof of what she did and evidence of the guilt that she carries with herself every day.

For a long time after the incident, Ella didn't really sleep at all. Sure, she went to bed, but she didn't sleep, terrified of not only her dreams but what she herself might do, how she could hurt someone. In the present day she sleeps, but not enough, often getting six hours as a maximum, and never going to sleep earlier than two a.m., as a type of insomnia that she doesn't really think anyone could cure.

тнιѕ ιѕη'т тнє єη∂ σƒ му ѕтσяу уєт, вυт ι'м ησт ѕυяє ι ωαηт тσ ѕєє ωнєяє ιт gσєѕ.


Henry Frederick Charles Alexander Elion; Father, King of Aalihan

Henry is the King of Aaliahan and father of all of the royals, which includes the two twins, Luella and Aylee, along with their two brothers and sister. (More will be added when I can read through his profile)

NAME; Mother, Queen of Aalihan
[image error]
(Still Unclaimed)

Aylee Vixen Elion, Twin Sister, Princess of Aalihan

Aylee is Ella's twin sister, and while they are close, they're also somewhat opposites. Where Ella is quiet and keeps to herself, Aylee is loud and social, made even more crazy by the fact that they're identical. Despite that, it's basically impossible to mistake one for the other.

NAME; Brother, Prince of Aalihan
[image error]

NAME; Brother, Prince of Aalihan
[image error]

NAME; Sister, Princess of Aalihan
[image error]

• Her Powers
• Talking to People, Leading Things (Even if she doesn't know it)
• Writing
• Thinking

• Nightmares
• Occasional Panic Attacks
• Her Powers
• She gets cold really easily.

✓ Writing
✓ Music
✓ Birds
✓ Her Family
✓ Helping People
✓ The Shades White and Black
✓ The Colours Blue, Green and Purple

✗ Crowds
✗ Too Much Noise
✗ Herself
✗ Selfish People
✗ Hurting People
✗ Any Shade of Grey
✗ The Colours Yellow and Orange

✃ Agateophobia ~ Fear of insanity
✃ Claustrophobia ~ Fear of confined spaces.
✃ Cleisiophobia ~ Fear of being locked in an enclosed place.

✍ Writing
✍ Listening
✍ Talking to People (Even if she's afraid to)

Occupation: Her Royal Highness, Princess of Aalihan

Other: Ella almost always carries a pen and paper with her, usually a notebook or journal.

✬ Never Let Me Go; Florence + the Machine
✬ Shot In The Dark; Within Temptation
✬ Sweet Dreams Are Made of This; Eurythmics

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It's in the third History paragraph, near the end ^~^

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♠♣Name♣♠ Lucinda LeAnn Martigo

•♠Age♠• Seventeen
•○•Birthday•○• April, 18th
♠○•Zodiac Sign•○♠ Aries
♥○•Gender•○♥ Female
•○Sexual Orientation ○• Straight
•○ Relationship Status ○• Single Pringle

☻○Social Status ○☻ Baker! She works at her fathers little bakery! She is a wonderful baker and cooks the cakes and decorates them! Lucinda usaully runs the shop due to her fathers old age... he has trouble more often with waking up and moving around.



◌◎Height◎◌ 5'8"
◌◎Weight◎◌ 128
◌◎Hair Color◎◌ Light Brown
◌◎Hair Stlye/Length◎◌ Hangs bellow the shoulders, and is curly
◌◎Eye Color◎◌ bright light blue

Lucinda has breath taking light blue eyes that make some people want to melt. Her eyes are usually full of kindness and love. You really never can see Lucinda without a smile on her face. She is always smiling. She has soft smooth skin. Her hands the average size of a girl. But sadly, her feet are not the same. Her feet are huge! Well, to her anyways, a size ten in women's. Pretty big if you ask me! Lucinda has long legs and a short torso.

•♣Dressing Style♣•




Lucinda usually wears dresses! She does wears jeans and shorts depending on the day. She usually wears colorful clothing, which brings out her personality more. She expresses herself through some of her clothing! She usually wears tenni shoes only.. She rarely wears heals.

○♣Personality♣○ Lucinda is very ditzy! She is kind and cheerful. She always thinks of other before she thinks of herself. If someone was frowning she would do anything she could to make them smile. It is very rare for Lucinda to have bad days (aka "Frown Days"). When Lucinda has bad days it is due to the lack of sleep. When she is like this you really don't want to be on her bad side... She can be pretty angry. She is hardly ever angry. The one time she was ever angry was when her mother died. Another thing you should know about Lucinda is that she never cries... She has never cried in front of a person before. She finds it showing that she is weak.


♦♣♦Funny♦♣♦ Lucinda is a funny little gal! She is always making people at the shop laugh! Lucinda has always been a funny person.. The only time she wasn't was when her mother died. She got the humor from her mother.
♦♣♦Happy & Kind♦♣♦ Lucinda is a happy cheerful young woman. She is always trying to make the best out of every situation.. Lucinda wants to plant a huge smile on everyones faces, she wants the world to be a better place. She knows deep down that life won't be as cheerful and peaceful as she thinks, but she can always dream right? She is kind to almost anyone she sees. Okay except to maybe the kid next door, Johnny! He always picked on her... Tsk tsk!
♦♣♦Realistic & Independent♦♣♦ Even though Lucinda tends to be Cheerful and all.. (kind of a ditz really) she is down to earth at some points. When it comes to her business... well her fathers business she is very realistic and maybe a bit strict. Even though she is kind torwards everyone she tends to like to be alone... When she's at the baker she doesn't mind being alone (unless it's a busy day)
♦♣♦Huge Imagination♦♣♦ Lucinda has a huge imagination which she also got from her mother. When she draws it looks like a whole different world inside her painting and sketches. She puts that in her designs when she decorates cakes. Due to her Imagination she sometimes tends to daydream... Which ends up with her face full of cake sometimes!

•○•Birth of Lucinda•○•
On a bright sunny morning Martha Martigo had a beautiful baby girl. Her husband, Mark and her decided to name this beautiful girl Lucinda. On the first day of Lucinda's life all that Marhta and Mark could hear ways... crying! That's all Lucinda did! Martha thought something was wrong.. Something terribly wrong.. but thank goodness nothing was!

•○•Five Years of Age•○•
When Lucinda turned five her mother, Marhta took a hard crash on her cancer. Her mother was always in bed sick! Lucinda always wanted to play. Her mother always played with her! But the whole year her mother was always in bed. Lucinda hated it! All the kids asked her these questions and she never fully understood what was wrong with her mother. But finally after the year had past her mother was back on her feet. This made Lucinda absolutely happy!

•○•The Training•○•
Lucinda was eight when her mother began to teach her about her healing powers. It turned out that her father couldn't really help in that manner. She had got the Healing Transfer.. meaning that she transferred others injuries sickness to herself. That's was how her mother was. Her father on the other hand healed people with a touch. She thought that was easy! It took Lucinda forever to master her skills... She couldn't do it everyday because it made her sick sometimes... During her sick days she would read books.. and sometime listen to her mother talk.

•○•The Job•○•
One of the things Lucinda had in common with her father was baking! She absolutely loved it! It brought her joy! When she took days off from training she would go help her father bake and decorate cakes! She loved making designs out of the star tips! She loved it completely!!! They always had flour fights and would get in trouble by her mother because the had made a mess! Lucinda was thirteen when she finally convinced her father to open up the bakery! She loved working there! She always stood on a stood at the front desk so she could see over the counter and take peoples orders.

•○•The Sadness•○•
One stormy day... was the day Lucinda's mother died... It broke Lucinda. She has always had a empty hole inside her since that day! Her mother was ill for a couple days. But it was worth then the others. She was paler, she shivered more... She looked almost dead. When Martha fell asleep she whimpered and groaned causing Mark to pace nervously. Lucinda was fifteen then. she sat down on her knees holding her mothers hand. She wanted to heal her but she couldn't consintrate! She couldn't save her mother. Her mother was stubborn and didn't trust the other healers in the kingdom to heal her! That made Lucinda's father mad. It just made her sad for some reason. That her mother couldn't just trust one person to heal her. To make her better.


Father-Founder of "Marks Bakery"- Age 58- Name is Mark Maritgo. He is the father of Lucinda. Mark is a very kind fellow. But he is old. His muscles and joints getting stuck some days. He is very thankful for his daughter, Lucinda. Ever since his wife died he has been sad and depressed, but Lucinda always tends to make it better.

Mother-Wife of Mark- Mother of Lucinda- She was 52 when she died. The horrible cancer came upon her. She fought it for many years before she eventaully died. Her name was Martha. She was a lot like Lucinda. Always happy and cheerful! Always trying to make other peoples lifes better! (Deceased)

✴ ✴ ✴
Healing Transfer
-Limitation- She is not all powerful. When she heals people the wound is transfered to herself, causing her to become injured, sick, and sometimes close to death.

♚ || ♛Baking- She is very strong in this area! She is very good at baking and decorating cakes for her fathers business! It helps for it to be something she loves!
♚ || ♛Caring for others- She is just a caring person. She would heal anyone hurt if it happened. Even if she didn't know that person she would save them!
♚ || ♛Healing (she is very talented at taking others injuries or sicknesses... she has practiced..)

♟Death- It makes her sad.. She feels as if she has disappointed her mother if she could heal someone but failed and they died.
♟Sadness- It makes her grumpy! She hates being grumpy.. so she tried to make other happy! If that fails and they keep being sad, that's when she becomes grumpy.
♟Boys(sadly.. she gets all flustered and nervous around them!)

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