Allegiant (Divergent, #3) Allegiant question

What did you think of the end?
Henley Henley Feb 02, 2014 05:30PM
Truthfully, I thought it was brave of Veronica Roth to kill off Tris. I mean, yes, I bawled to my heart's content and I thought that all of the romance with Four was a waste, but it was a brave move and I don't hate Roth for it. I think she should have died in a different way, because her death seemed kind of rushed to me. It should have been some really tragic heartbreaking death instead of like "BANG! I see my mom. I grab for my mom's hand... YADA YADA YADA". What do you guys think?

Fine idea in theory, fitting for the theme, horrible execution, waste of a story.

It would have been too obvious to give Tobias and Tris a happy ever after. It was a brave move.

I'm not so bothered by the fact that Roth killed off the main character but I agree that it was not done properly she did rush it and that honestly had no impact on me. there was no emption created, and firstly the entire book was the longest drag ever. I was really gutted about that because I had high hopes for this book. Also the ending with Tobias it was just pointless and long.

These were my thoughts regarding the ending: I found Allegiant to be anti-climatic and almost completely lacking in suspense. For example, the Death Serum scene was about a single page. The scenes with serums in the first two novels were long and suspenseful. And the scene which so many readers hate so much, regarding the demise of a central character, was rushed and vague, and virtually no impact on me at all.

One of the most frustrating aspects of the novel for me was that the previous book made it look like the divergents would save the world from endless strife, perhaps emerging as leaders of a post apocalyptic, fallen world. Yet when they did come out, nothing special was done with them. Not even with Tris who could resist all simulations. It cheapened the first two novels, making me wonder, what was the point of it all?

Angela Ahh, yes I agree. It was anti-climactic, while the previous 2 books were captivating and very interesting.
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I loved it. If every book ends perfectly than you almost always know whats going to happen. I think it was awesome that she did it even if it was sad. I loved the way Tobias spread her ashes zip-lining also. It was really cute and yes I did cry. :)

I struggled with a lot of the third book and would have preferred a happy ending. But as I think about it more, it tells us that she is Abnegation. She always felt that she was not "good" enough and at the end she proved that she was. However, I think I could have gotten the same result had she been wounded and saved.

I think that Veronica Roth made a bad decision in changing the world building with the third book. She should have used that idea for a different book series.

She could have had Tris' Mother as the protagonist of that series. I would have love to read that.

The third book in the Divergent series should not have broken the world building inside Chicago

I hated it. No character development, boring. Very Sad!!

I hated the ending. In fact, I hated the whole book. Nothing made sense! I'm really tired so I don't want to go in detail about why I thought the book sucked. And the epilogue? Was it even necessary? No I don't think so. The book was just how my three days got wasted, nothing else...

I wasn't a fan of the ending but I can't hate her for ending it that way. I see where Roth was coming from but it changed my whole view of Tris! It made it sound like she never fully stopped wanting to die so she could go see her parents! I thought she had realized life was worth living! When Roth ended it that way it made it sound like the whole time she was just waiting for the right time to die. I mean I get that she missed her parents and everything but that ending made it sound like Tris was almost happy to die and to be done living and to me that means her friends and Tobias weren't enough for her. I guess I am still a little confused about what exactly Veronica wanted her readers to get from this ending but I still think she is an excellent writer!

It was dumb. There was no reason for it, and it left me not caring about any of the books. What a cop out.

It was not a surprise at all as the ending was foreshadowed several times in the last 1/3 of the book. I didn’t really see the great love story in this book that I have heard about. Tris and Tobias really didn’t have that much to do with each other in this book. In fact they were kind of working against each other for most of the book and really not involved with the other.

I feel like the book was super slow and pretty boring with a lot of useless taking up of pages. In my opinion, Roth killed off Tris to try and "save" her story. The real question is - did it work?

I just finished Allegiant and was disappointed by the ending. I certainly don't want to criticize any writer, because I know how hard it is to get the endings just right. But, why? WHY? Caleb was the perfect choice for that crazy mission. And, if it had to be Tris, it made no sense for her to forget her gun in the other room. She didn't usually make those kinds of errors. Why would she in the most important scene? Yeah, yeah, no one should have been there. Still.

Overall, I adored the writing and the world. I just wish the last book had been a bit more consistent with the first two in terms of the characters' strengths and the fight over being Divergent.

I thought that it was fairly well planned out, but it was a little abrupt and I was bawling my eyes out! Tris' death did make me feel awful for Tobias, though!

At first I yelled, probably could've thrown the book. But that's just because it took me off guard and definitely made me upset that after all that time she was gone. But afterwards I give Veronica Roth props for going against what other people would assume the ending of her book would be. It's different and definitely adds to the character of Tris and even molds Tobias' character perfectly as well. It was painful but it definitely caught me off guard, which I think shows great writing. Sure, it wasn't what I would have wanted but she did it well.

Yes, i was very upset about it...but i thought Veronica Roth was kind of a genius ending it so boldly. In Insurgent, Tris risked her life for pointless means but in Allegiant, it is like she finally realized the true meaning of sacrifice. I think sacrifice was really big in this trilogy.

I cried so much but in the end, I though it was a wise decision to kill Tris off. Most books end happily, only the wise authors dare to try something else. Although I was upset at the end, I still loved the series and respect your decision.

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*head in hands, pacing back and forth*
i....i cant!..

It was dumb. There was no reason for it, and it left me not caring about any of the books. What a cop out. It wasn't 'brave' it was lazy. The author wrote herself into a bunch of plot holes, got tired of it and quit. It's easy to just kill off your main character. End of story. Dumb. Sorry I wasted my time with the books, I'm just glad I didn't pay for them (library).

I'm sad for Four! He deserved happiness, after all. And he's even close to it! And then BAMMM! The ending just ruined everything ugh////////////

The end was what made it. Cried my eyes out about it. So sad. It's a worldly ending though - it's what humanity deals with every day. We live, we love we die.

I was upset and then annoyed. Her death was actually obvious. The sighs where all, so there and yet I missed it because I was to caught up in the fact that they where getting to an end with all the fighting.

Tobias is a better person - better than me. I would definitely have swallowed the fricken memory serum.

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I think that although killing tris was absolutely devastating the actual ending was good, especially when tobias gets over his fear of hights

OMG! When people talked about a death- that's not what I thought they meant. I'm used to reading PNR. I like PNR. We all know how it's going to end. The only question is: how will they get there. I loved this book but now I'm going to read some PNR and recover. OMG!

I was loving the book with all its suspense and romance and action up until she killed Tris. Then I decided that I hated the ending. It's not fair to say I hated the book because that would be a lie, but I did NOT like the ending. I kept thinking, She's not really dead, she's okay, it'll be alright, she'll marry Tobias and it will be a happily ever after ending. I mean, the book was supposed to be Tris' story anyway so she couldn't possibly die, right? WRONG, SO WRONG!!

I'm torn with regards to the ending, because part of me is angry that the main character died, but on the other hand, if a book can elicit such strong emotions, doesn't that make it a good book?

So Sad!

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I always wanted an author who was brave enough to kill the main charachter. Well, until I read this book.
In the first book I thought Tris was a very strong charachter, she had to go through a lot of things and handled it really good. In the second book I didn't really like Tris, the whole time she wanted to sacrifice herself, I just became a little fed up with her. In the third book I liked her better, but not as much as I did before the second book. I cried when she died, I didn't like her much, but I cried, I cried the rest of the book, I cried when Four (I like that name better) heard she died. It was just so ...... well, terrible. After I cried a long time I didn't like the book. I hated it. It wasn't as good as I expected and Tris died, but after a few days I was more reasonable. I also saw the good things in Tris's death.
I think the end is good, it's how it's supposed to end for me. I just didn't like the way she died, it's like: 'hey, congralations that you lived through the death serum, now I shoot you, so you're death.' It was a little rude.

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Nope...yes, ugh it was all very poetic and made me very sad. I would have preferred an HEA.

I cried like a baby but it was the perfect ending!

Ok I feel quite broken up about the end of this book. I really liked divergent and insurgent. The development of the characters was thorough and I even liked the story line. However, the ending of this book just tore me up inside. I know happy endings are all cliche but after all Tris and Four had been through, I wanted something good to come of all of this. I don't think Tris' death was the worst part; I just can not accept how Roth left Four alone. He already had so much on his shoulders and he has always been alone. Over the course of the 3 books, we learn so much about Four and how sucky his life was. Tris was the one person who stood by him. Even though they faced hard times, they always found their way back to one another. I just thought if was wrong that in all this Roth left him right were he began. Alone.

I thought that it was brave of Veronica Roth and I thought it was fine as an ending. I really loved how it fit with the whole theme that was shown throughout the book (and series) of knowing when to make a sacrifice of yourself and that was like the ultimate sacrifice.

However, I thought the execution was poor and I didn't really comprehend her death until the end so I wasn't emotionally effected at all. And I really didn't like the rest of book which I found boring.

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I've never read the Divergent Series but I've heard that Tris died in the end and people start hattin' the book. Hopefully I get to read the book and understand everyones (people who hates it) point of view.

After the initial shock, I thought it was a rather bold and good ending to the book.

Stephen king taught me to always be prepared for the main character to die. I was not expecting it in this one. I couldn't believe it I had to reread it, i though no maybe she was going to be in a coma or something. It was horrible just kinda let it slip by. Had trouble reading the last bit. I wanted her to still be alive. I think that is what makes it a good book. The emotion it provoke just over words.

I waited for Tobias to come out of a simulation at the end. I thought when he did the zipline to spread her ashes, that he'd wake up and realize he just needed to face that fear. I envisioned Tris sitting beside him, teasing as she asks what took him so long. ...Or something along those lines. Maybe because Tris was prepared to die when she gave herself up to Jeanine, that's a good place for her simulation to have ended and the rest of the book could be Tobias's test simulation. Would make for a more interesting movie version... Then they would be promoted to some high level in the Dauntless faction that explained the 'test' simulation. (and neatly tidying it up into a happier ending!)I'm not sure their whole world needed to crumble apart, it was fairly interesting.

I kinda saw it coming but that was a major twist at the end by killing off Tris. I cried cause it was sad. But please somebody let me know this, does everyone know now that Matthew killed her? I dont understand how no one wants revenge!

I was shocked at the ending but I liked it as well.

I hated it and loved it at the same time. It shows how to move on after loss but it also makes you sad that you don't know what could have come of Tris' future.

her words : " I fell in love with him. But I don’t just stay with him by default as if there’s no          one else available to me. I stay with him because I choose to, every day that I wake up, every day that we fight or lie to each other or disappoint each other. I choose him over and over again, and he chooses me."

is what made the entire story surreal. she was no longer inlove. she loved.


I have a little sister (12). She was reading allegiant right at the part when Tris dies. All of a sudden she started bawling and bawling. She cried for around 30 minutes as did I!

If I had known that Tris was going to die at the end of the third book, I would not have continued reading after Divergent. For me, Insurgent and Allegiant were slow, inconsistent and a little boring. The only reason I persisted was to see Tris and Four finally find peace and happiness at the end. :-(

Don’t get me wrong I get that it was bold move to kill Trish but it was not well executed. She survives so many things and her death is just stupid. Also! The way she describes dying OMFG! A great opportunity ruined. If you are going to kill your main character do it right. Like in I am Legend! i accepted that he had to died. i was so peaceful to accept that he didn’t have any other choice that he was the foreign on the planet and outsider it was just beautiful! Well back to the main issue, they deserved to be happy, together!!! And I’m not even saying well they live happy ever after! They had they ups and downs! But never the less they could built a new life together but fine if you need to kill someone I was better accepting if you killed Tobias, Trish could handle it she was different than Tobias, he had suffer enough!! But NOO add more suffering and emptiness and desolation to it.
Hell! Kill them both I could accept that! And this is not about Trish I liked her but I liked Tobias more and I just couldn’t stand the suffering he went through!

Brave decision on the author's part; Kudos to you, Ms. Roth!
I liked it. I was angry and sad and confused and tired, but I liked it.

I refuse to accept Tris's death. Tobias and Tris are living happily and blissfully in love while skipping through a field of wildflowers and unicorns I don't give a crap that it would be cliche they both deserve happiness.
I understand it was to make a point that life majorly sucks sometimes and you got to live through it but ahem no.

Angela Agreed!
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I don't know if anyone else noticed this but in the first book

Tris says "Can I be forgiven for all I've done to get here? I don't know. I don't know. Please."

and the final book she says "Can I be forgiven for all I've done to get here? I want to be. I can. I believe it."

Shannon (last edited Feb 06, 2014 07:26AM ) Feb 03, 2014 12:57PM   0 votes
I hated it, so much. After all that, to have her die, I just don't accept it. I understand not every story is going to have a happily-ever-after, but I felt this death was just so unnecessary. I had to keep telling myself they were fictional characters, that I am a grown woman, and to stop crying! But I couldn't, it tore me up...much worse than Mockingjay and I HATED that ending.

I thought all that death was unnecessary. It was just completley unneeded. She could have made this book perfect but it just never works out that way does it.

I think it is the perfect end for Tris: a mixture of abnegation and dauntless, exactly as she was.

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