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Favorite Alien Race

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H. Honsinger (hpaulhonsinger) | 11 comments Mod
What is your favorite alien race and why? What race are you the most curious about?

Declan Jones | 3 comments I am actually partial to the Krag, it is so refreshing to have an enemy that is just that, the enemy! (see the battlestar galactica remake to see what I am talking about) but in terms friendly species I'll have to go with the popular opinion and say the VAACH because c'mon they are just BA

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H. Honsinger (hpaulhonsinger) | 11 comments Mod
Expect a closer look at the Vaaach in Book 3 and a bit of the back story about how Max came to know so much about them. As for the Krag, I really enjoyed creating them--particularly the process of coming up with a plausible reason for their war against humanity.

Rebecca Armstrong (beckiema) | 2 comments I like how the krag are quite the clear cut enemy it's nice to have that. I love honor harrington series by David weber but in later books there's so many shadow enemies I get annoyed with the backroom dealings and not knowing of the 6 mil possible enemies who is really the person (s) that should be stopped. I agree with everything Brandon mather said about the vaaach. I think both societies could teach the other things for the better

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David Land | 7 comments It's interesting to think about the Krag and how they are intent on bringing down mankind either as slaves or genocide. One of the explanation theories on why we seem to be alone in the universe is that some super race with a genocide perspective wipes out species as they become space fairing, the other two most popular is they wipe themselves out and the third is that we are so primitive the others just avoid us.... The Krag are a good departure Just mindlessly killing very other species doesn't make sense to me, it would be costly on an interstellar level for very little gain... Enslavment might work, but not as much to gain as trade or other working together for mutual gain...

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