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message 1: by sol, ~Marshmallow~ (new)

sol | 273 comments This is a topic where everyone can introduce themselves!

message 2: by cecilia (new)

cecilia Hi guys ^_^

message 3: by sol, ~Marshmallow~ (new)

sol | 273 comments CECE!!!! Thanks soooo much for joining omg <3 :D

message 4: by Emma, ~Nutella~ (new)

Emma | 353 comments Hi!!!! :D

message 5: by cecilia (last edited Feb 03, 2014 02:51PM) (new)

I was feeling at a loss for FCs so I just kinda winged it.

message 6: by Emma, ~Nutella~ (new)

Emma | 353 comments Lol, that's totally fine
I don't even know when Imma be able to make all the characters.

 ▌ ▌ ▌Gᴡᴇɴ Sᴛᴀᴄʏ ▌ ▌ ▌ (gwenmaxinestacy) Hi so an introduction, right ok, let me give it a shot

Um, my name's sneha Im part human part bitch XD
I don't like mint or soda
I do like pizza with ranch
I suck at art
Im sarcastic
One of the only mainstream artists I like is Katy Perry other than that I listen to bands that my friends have no idea about

Hi everyone :P

message 8: by sol, ~Marshmallow~ (new)

sol | 273 comments Snehaaaa <3 thanks for joining!!!! Yay lol

 ▌ ▌ ▌Gᴡᴇɴ Sᴛᴀᴄʏ ▌ ▌ ▌ (gwenmaxinestacy) Ahah of course, the group's really interesting so why wouldn't I? ;P
Thanks for inviting me <3 Youre an angel (view spoiler)

message 10: by Emma, ~Nutella~ (new)

Emma | 353 comments Lol hi! And welcome! I listen to lots of weird music too XD

 ▌ ▌ ▌Gᴡᴇɴ Sᴛᴀᴄʏ ▌ ▌ ▌ (gwenmaxinestacy) Hi Emma!! and thank you ;D People with weird music taste are just awesome. Fact. No doubt about it. Like when I talk about bands like: All American Rejects, Boys Like Girls, the cab, the workday release, etc, all I get are weird looks XD

message 12: by Emma, ~Nutella~ (new)

Emma | 353 comments Lol I know. I start singing florence and the machine and people are just like: What is that song. Who are they. Or within temptation? asdfghjkl

 ▌ ▌ ▌Gᴡᴇɴ Sᴛᴀᴄʏ ▌ ▌ ▌ (gwenmaxinestacy) Ohhh I was just litening to Pentatonix's cover of Dog Days are Over XD How do people not know Florence and the Machine?? Really? Is this what America has come to? Rap music, wearing pants to your knees and riding a wrecking ball? Shoot me XD

message 14: by Me, Myself, and I, "Don't be afraid, you're not on your own." <3 (new)

Me, Myself, and I | 285 comments Hi there guise ! C:
Ehm, my name's Sara or, if it's easier to remember, MMI.

This group looks super duper amazing and fhsksjdj, so excited to start making charries ^^

message 16: by sol, ~Marshmallow~ (new)

sol | 273 comments Hi! Thanks for joining!! Omg :D

message 17: by cecilia (new)

cecilia Hi Sara ^_^
I'm cece

message 18: by Emma, ~Nutella~ (new)

Emma | 353 comments I'm sorry to be so rude... Hi everyone! I'm going to gently direct y'all towards the rules topic now? Thanks :) (I'm sorry!)

message 19: by Fenestra (new)

Fenestra | 21 comments This group looks like fun! Thanks for the invite CeCe!

Hi, all. I'm Fen! It looks like I've seen a couple of you around...

 ▌ ▌ ▌Gᴡᴇɴ Sᴛᴀᴄʏ ▌ ▌ ▌ (gwenmaxinestacy) Hey Fen, hair painting girl :P

message 21: by sol, ~Marshmallow~ (new)

sol | 273 comments Hi Fen :D welcome to the group!

message 22: by Fenestra (new)

Fenestra | 21 comments That's what they call me. XD

Thanks! Nice to meet you~

 ▌ ▌ ▌Gᴡᴇɴ Sᴛᴀᴄʏ ▌ ▌ ▌ (gwenmaxinestacy) Fen: Can I just say something?
(view spoiler)

message 24: by sol, ~Marshmallow~ (new)

sol | 273 comments Fen: You too :)

message 25: by Antonia (new)

Antonia (adf7793) Hey there, I'm Antonia.
I know a few of you, and I'm really excited for this group.
Great plot :)

message 27: by Me, Myself, and I, "Don't be afraid, you're not on your own." <3 (new)

Me, Myself, and I | 285 comments Hey Antonia ! :D
I may or may not have saw you comment in this group on the home page thingy, cue me looking into it and deciding to join.
So thank youu ! ♡

Ahhh ! Dean ;-;

message 28: by cecilia (new)

cecilia Hi people ^_^
I'm cece. Queen of geometric hatred

message 29: by sol, ~Marshmallow~ (new)

sol | 273 comments ... DEAN <3
Welcome to the group!

message 30: by Antonia (new)

Antonia (adf7793) @Sara: Hey, how have you been? I haven't spoken to you in a while!
Oh, hahaha, you're welcome!

@Ce-Ce-Lee: Hello darling <3

message 31: by cecilia (new)

cecilia Andi: I haven't talked to you in like three weeks! :o
I finished season seven of spn dude
Bad season

message 32: by cecilia (new)

cecilia Andi: oh noes! Go to a doctor! Now! I command it!
I just got over the flu and a sinus infection at the same time. With costocondritis. Makes life suck, dude
It was the whole leviathan thing

message 33: by Fenestra (new)

Fenestra | 21 comments @Sneha: of course!

 ▌ ▌ ▌Gᴡᴇɴ Sᴛᴀᴄʏ ▌ ▌ ▌ (gwenmaxinestacy) Fen: Oh that was what I wanted to say, that your profile pic reminds me of Diana from the Secret Circle series. Who's the girl in your pic?

message 35: by Fenestra (new)

Fenestra | 21 comments XD Sorry I hadn't updated the page.

Oh, thanks! Lol! That's me.

message 36: by criticaster (new)

criticaster holaaa
Cheryl invited me. :) This looks like a coold group. But I'm bad at groups. But I like the idea. so conflicted.

Anyway, I'm Baa. Baaaa/Bahumbug/Baaaaad girl. . . Call me whatever you want. You could even call me candy corn.

message 37: by sol, ~Marshmallow~ (new)

sol | 273 comments Hey Baa! Welcome to the group and thanks for joining :)

message 38: by criticaster (new)

criticaster Heya! Thanks. :)

message 39: by Antonia (new)

Antonia (adf7793)
Yeah, now I'm forever going to think of you as candy corn...

✯✯ᔕTᗩᖇᖇᒪIᘜᕼT✯✯ baaaaaaaa<3 you joineeeeed<3

i'm cheryl btw
cherry is acceptable too
um yes


message 41: by criticaster (new)

criticaster Antonia: You may call me candy corn. xP

Cheryl: I diiiid <3 for youuuu
Cherry's a cute nickname, haha.

*** *** *** ***

Anyway. . . I'm sort of in the mood for collab(s)?? I kind of want some sort of sibling thing (because I claimed Elle Fanning and I think something cute could be thought up), but I'm down for anything, seriously. Just PM me!

✯✯ᔕTᗩᖇᖇᒪIᘜᕼT✯✯ collab with meeee baaa

yaay i'm glad you joined<3
aha i hated the nickname at first
only a rare few are allowed to call me it actually xD

message 43: by criticaster (new)

criticaster i willllllll, sending the pm right nooowww

Woo! I think it's really cute (and it seems to suit you). Ah, well don't worry about me calling you that, haha. I don't tend to give people nicknames. Only if I've known them for, like, a long time, haha. I'll call them love or darling or whatever, but I usually just call people by their names. A nickname means a lot more to me than it does to probably most people. xD

message 44: by sucre'd fiend (new)

sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 75 comments Hurro~

I must get to fitting my characters with their claims in terms of abilities. I'm kinda iffy about the whole skin tone stereotyping for each of the abilities >.>

message 45: by sol, ~Marshmallow~ (new)

sol | 273 comments Sea! *glomps* thanks for joining ^-^

Iffy as in you need clarification?

message 46: by Emma, ~Nutella~ (new)

Emma | 353 comments Lol sorry. I was like: what's the best way to make sure people have diverse faceclaims that would make sense for the plot?

and then I was just like:

Well if none of them interact with each other
We can assume that people would eventually start to look the same.
Especially if, depending on where they were living, they all started to become immune in the same way. And Angel agreed, so then it was like, cool, we'll do that.

message 47: by sucre'd fiend (new)

sucre'd fiend (sucredfiend) | 75 comments Iffy as in how I feel about

I mean, genetics has a way of wonking up over time, so even with people all being the same, there will be times when one person gets a mutation that sets them apart.

message 48: by sol, ~Marshmallow~ (new)

sol | 273 comments Yes, I know. But I don't think we said everyone looks the same, some people do look different. An Asterian could have brown eyes, be tall, and have olive skin. We said 'most of the mentals have blah blah blah' etc.

message 49: by cecilia (new)

cecilia Tumblr is confusing me... XD

message 50: by sol, ~Marshmallow~ (new)

sol | 273 comments Tumblr <3 Whats confusing you? I can help if ya want xD

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