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Grace (fictionaladventures) | 266 comments December entered her dorm and plopped down on her bed. Her day hadn't been going great so far, and she kind of just wanted it to be over. She laid down and slung her arm over her eyes, but she didn't sleep. She saw Jordan's face behind her eyelids when she closed them, so she kept her eyes open.

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Grace (fictionaladventures) | 266 comments ((I'm assuming the roommates already know each other, right?))

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rimskur ((Yeah they do :) ))

Bella unlocked her dorm room door, walking in with a flustered expression. It was just like her cousin to host a party in her dorm without her permission. She stopped by her bed, releasing a loud groan. And now she would have to explain it all to her roommate.

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Grace (fictionaladventures) | 266 comments "What's wrong?" December asked, sitting up. Bella was one of the few people she didn't mind talking to. Of course she wasn't planning on spilling any secrets or deep seated fears to her anytime soon, but she had a feeling that even if she did tell Bella all of her junk she wouldn't judge her.

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rimskur Bella rolled her neck, turning to face December. "My cousin is planning a party tonight and he's told everyone that it's going to be here in our dorm." Her lips flattened into a straight line, shaking her leg in annoyance.

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Grace (fictionaladventures) | 266 comments "Oh," December said, furrowing her eyebrows. "I'm sorry." She hadn't heard Bella talk of a cousin, so it was strange that she was just mentioning him. He must go here if he was planning to have a party in their dorm. "I'll probably just sneak out before it starts." She wrapped her thin arms around her knees and looked down at her tattoos. She read the one on her arm that said And she loved a little boy very, very much - even more than she loved herself, and felt that same aching in her chest that she did every time she read it. She thought of Sammy and the image of him with the gun to his head flashed in her mind again, like waking up from a fresh nightmare. She shook herself and turned back to her roommate. Suddenly she was thinking about Jordan, but she wasn't sure how to bring him up.

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rimskur Bella leaned forward from her seat on her bed. Adesperate look flashed across her face as she pleadingly looked at December. "Oh, please you have to stay. I can't handle all those people." She begged, holding her pressed hands together in front of her. "The only people I'll know are Jordan and Dawson. Please, oh please, will you stay?"

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Grace (fictionaladventures) | 266 comments Bella had December's full attention now. "Wait, Jordan?" Was she talking about the same Jordan she had met earlier today?

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rimskur "Oh yes!" Bella groaned in remembrance of what her cousin did. She would have to set up the party herself and most likely clean it up too! "That jerk's left me with this party."

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Grace (fictionaladventures) | 266 comments December just started at her roommate. What were the chances that she had just met Bella's cousin? "Bella," she said, putting her hand on her arm. She wasn't sure what to say. "I think I know him."

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rimskur Bella wrinkled her eyebrows in frustration. She had finally gotten a friend and her night was bound to be ruined by her cousin's jock friends. "He would be insulted if you didn't." She shrugged her shoulders with a sigh.

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Grace (fictionaladventures) | 266 comments December pulled her knees up to her chest and wrapped her arms around them. So he was too good to be true. "So he's self absorbed, then?" It made sense, she supposed. I mean, he was just too kind for that to be what he was really like. Gosh, she felt so stupid now.

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rimskur Bella cast a strange look at her roommate, wondering why in the world would she want to know. "Not really but I mean he is infamous for his pranks. It's an insult if you don't know of the Prank King." She rolled her eyes, quoting her cousin with her fingers.

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Grace (fictionaladventures) | 266 comments "Oh," December said, the syllable barely audible. It was fine, she told herself. It wasn't like she expected much from him anyway. She had learned not to expect much from anyone. She pushed herself back against her headboard and leaned against it. The party hadn't even started and already she was regretting promising Bella she would stay.

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rimskur Bella sighed heavily,getting up from her bed. "We should probably clean up here." She pushed her covers under her pillow. "Jordan said he would be here with a friend in a few minutes." She moved her textbooks and her bag into her drawers and in her closet.

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Grace (fictionaladventures) | 266 comments December wanted to lay down and pull the covers over her head, but it had been a long time since she believed that made you invisible. She stood and helped Bella around the dorm, and once it was clean, there was a knock on the door.

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rimskur Jordan straightened his shirt as he stood before the door. He assumed there would still be things to do inside her dorm. He knocked warily on the door, unprepared for his cousin's reaction and the scoldings that he was sure to get afterwards.

Bella sighed softly, shoving her feet into her shoes and traveled to the door. She made sure to have an irritated look on her face as she pulled open the door and prepared herself for some major arguments between the two cousins.

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Grace (fictionaladventures) | 266 comments ((I'm assuming Dawson is with Jordan so yup))

December was hardly ready for company so soon, so she braced herself at the knock. "I'll be back in a little bit," she said to Bella before ducking into their bathroom. She would take a breather in there for a bit before coming out.

Dawson was waiting impatiently beside Jordan for the door to open. But, paradoxically, at the same time he a little wary of what would lie beyond it. Maybe Bella wouldn't like meeting him the second time around.

((Other people are there too, right? Do they come now or later?))

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rimskur ((Haha yeah Dawson would be with him. And it doesn't matter really. It could work both ways.))

He heard some muffled voices through the door as he prepared for It to open. Jordan ran a hand nervously through his hair again as the first thing he noticed as the door open was his cousin's school. "Hey." He smiled sheepishly.

Bella was not impressed by her cousin's apologetic expression, doubting tj was genuine anyway. "Don't you 'hey' me! You've moved your stupid party into my dorm." She crossed her arms over her chest, unaware of the second figure.

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Grace (fictionaladventures) | 266 comments December turned on the faucet and splashed water on her face. With a towel to her face to dry off, she pressed an ear against the door. She heard voices, one distinctly male. Surely it was Jordan. But she wanted to wait until more people started showing up to come out herself. Dang, maybe she should have gone out and come back in once the party actually started. That way she wouldn't have to hide out in the bathroom.

Dawson scratched his head. Well, Bella was certainly not seeming as timid as she did when he met her earlier. Maybe this had been a bad idea. She was probably going to be in a bad mood because of Jordan now, and especially seeing Dawson with him wouldn't really put in a good word for him.

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rimskur Jordan dropped his smile, dragging his feet across the floor. "I told you I was sorry!" He apologized again. He glanced back at Dawson for some type of support. His cousin was excruciatingly shy when meeting new people, so he wasn't exactly sure how the two had met.

Bella rolled her eyes, pulling the door open wider so he could come in. It was only then did she notice that there was another figure behind her cousin. "Dawson!" Her cheeks rose to a dark pink color. She hadn't expected him to actually come.

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Grace (fictionaladventures) | 266 comments December decided to brush her teeth, even though it hadn't been long since the last time she did. She just felt like she needed a reason for being in the bathroom this whole time. She wondered if Bella would be wondering what she was doing in there.

Dawson shrugged at Jordan and followed him inside. He kept his hands in his pockets and gave Bella a sort of smile before she noticed him. He was a little startled at her reaction. She had asked him to come, so why did she seem so surprised that he was here? No matter, he was a bit thrilled at how happy she seemed to see him.

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rimskur ((I'm sorry I have to get off! My dad turned off my Internet :( ))

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Grace (fictionaladventures) | 266 comments ((It's okay, I'm getting off too. Just reply when you can!))

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rimskur Jordan heard the rush of water as he entered his cousin's dorm, unable to recall the face of her roommate. What was her name? It was probably the roommate in the bathroom, he decided. Taking a seat on Bella ' s bed, he glanced around the dorm to check if everything was set for the party.

Bella closed the door behind the two, an exciting rush flowing through her. The cute stranger she had met on the streets had actually come! "So, no introductions needed, correct?" She perched against her desk, glancing back and forth in between Dawson and Jordan.

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