Legacy of the Force: Invincible (Star Wars: Legacy of the Force, #9) Legacy of the Force question

Was I the only one that **SPOILER**
Niki Niki Feb 02, 2014 02:38PM
Was I the only one that was devastated when Jacen died? I fully expected him throughout the whole series to either be a "good" sith or come back to the light side. Am I the only one whose favourite character is Jacen? I mean, Anakin and Jaina are okay. Ben is just boring and super annoying.

I am sure you are not. I found it was unexpected from my POV, however I was more devastated when it happen to Anakin and Mara. Personally I disliked Jacen from his attitude toward Anakin in the NJO.

Well I cant say that I was surprised that Jacen died. I was kinda expecting it.
He had the potential to be a good villain but it was not fully realized mostly thanks to Karen Traviss deception as some sort of spoiled brat.

Not sure how I feel about Jacen's death. He was very powerful, probably more so than Vader. A dictatorship is never good.

At the same time, Jacen knew a lot about the Force, and played a big role in the Vong war. It also wasn't fair to the Solos to lose a 2nd son.

NJO did deepen the Star Wars universe and bring darkness, which I really like. I like the planetful of Sith as it re-balances SW. I hope to see more NJO books.

I must admit that I really liked the 1st DotJ book, Into the Void. No light saber, no full comprehension of the Force, only Ashla and Bogan.

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